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    Thu Oct 5 18:03:56 2017
    M Moony posted in Isla Duala.

    In your @AliveServer folder (If I think of the same log as Savage)

  2. Thu Oct 5 17:52:56 2017

    Haven't looked too much into the jets pylon stuff...but if there is a script for changing loadout, yes a trigger should work.

  3. Thu Oct 5 11:34:53 2017

    Well not exactly the same Problem. For you its the other way around.

    Are you sure, that you launch the same mission (same mission name)?

  4. Thu Oct 5 00:11:45 2017

    Sorry for the multiple answers here:

    Strange, so it can very well save. I just tried "5 call ALiVE_fnc_AutoSave_PNS" in the console and pushed server to execute. Seem to have worked. Reloading the mission and the building I purposely destroyed was still destroyed. So something is wrong with my ESC-Menu buttons!

  5. Wed Oct 4 23:52:11 2017

    Okay, got something now: Saving in Editor Multiplayer works just fine. (At least I hope) Does the persistent save also save Marker? Because it did not for me!

    Anyway, that obviously means...something is odd with my server, but what could it be?

  6. Wed Oct 4 23:41:45 2017

    Nope did not do the trick aswell.

    New ServerRPT: https://pastebin.com/n1Xqb0Sg

    One thing change though: When I clicked "Save & Exit" before the ESC-Menu closed and nothing happened. This time the ESC-Menu stayed and nothing happened.

  7. Wed Oct 4 15:11:18 2017

    That would be really great. This way I can tell my guys how much they suck at keeping CIVs alive!

  8. Wed Oct 4 13:30:42 2017

    Very interesting... it looks like the War Room related stuff works. At least my mission (With aar and stuff) is appearing in the War Room!

  9. Wed Oct 4 13:06:29 2017
    M Moony started the conversation Problem with persistence not working.

    Hey guys,

    I've already said this on the Discord (Moony here): I have the problem that the on my server the persistent save does not work. I don't really have experience with this so I'm fairly positive that I have done something wrong. Maybe you have an idea.

    To answer some questions:
    Yes, Data module is put down in the mission (set to local)
    Yes, modules are all set to persistence
    Yes, @AliveServer is loaded on the server

    Here you have the two log files:
    ServerRPT: https://pastebin.com/dEkdrTAG
    Aliveplugin: https://pastebin.com/rd6fsdYy

    You guys know better what to look for...
    I'm looking forward to your help.

    Many Greetings

  10. 9 months ago
    Sat Jan 14 16:34:32 2017

    Okay, looks like I'm really dumb xD
    We recently made a subdomain for our server IP. For some reason I used that instead of the IP. God, I amaze myself sometimes.

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