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  1. 4 weeks ago
    Fri Jun 21 19:46:30 2019
    M McNools posted in ORBAT Custom Civilians? *SOLVED*.

    Will give it a test! maybe this weekend, will update this post if it worked or not. :)

    Edit: A little late but I tested it and it does seem to work, I just created a faction with units, no groups etc. and they seem to spawn fine. Will update again if something goes wrong. :)

  2. Thu Jun 20 19:20:20 2019
    M McNools started the conversation ORBAT Custom Civilians? *SOLVED*.

    Hello, I'm going to help a clanmate with making some ALIVE-factions with ORBAT for his campaign, I was wondering if there's any specific way to go about creating custom civilian factions for alive? Can I just create a faction and a few units or is there more I need to do for it to work properly?

  3. 5 months ago
    Mon Feb 4 17:51:17 2019
    M McNools started the conversation Edit starting magazine for unit? .

    Hello, I'm making an ORBAT-faction where I want some autoriflemen who are armed with Ak's with drum mags from the start. Is there any way to decide what magazine they start with in either the ORBAT-editor or in the config afterwards? I would be very grateful for any help.

    Edit: I think I managed to get it working by editing the exported config and replacing the magazines there.

  4. last year
    Sun Oct 22 08:19:03 2017

    Hey, make sure there isn't a space after the faction-classname, happened to me multiple times when copying the classname from the wiki. "CUP_O_TK" rather than "CUP_O_TK " ;). it's almost invisible ingame and causes the modules to spawn vanilla units instead.

  5. Wed Oct 18 15:25:38 2017
    M McNools started the conversation Choose facewear for faction/unit?.

    I tried searching for this but surprisingly nothing came up. I'm trying to find out if there's a way to choose what facewear (glasses, balaclavas etc.) is being randomized for the units of my custom-faction. Right now they just spawn with random facewear from whatever faction I used as a base, and selecting different facewear in the orbat-arsenal doesn't seem to do anything. Is there a way to do this in the orbat tool? or something I can copy into the config that lists the classnames of the facewear?

  6. Sat Oct 7 12:59:41 2017

    Hello, I'm making a mission where my group is looking for a missing patrol, now, I want this patrol to be found dead, but right now the garbage collector cleans away these dead bodies before we can reach them. (I'm giving the units zero health at startup). It's important that they start off as dead since there are scripts depending on blufor being present/not present in their area. I tried adding "this setvariable ["ALiVE_SYS_GC_IGNORE",true]" in their init line but they still seem to despawn, probably because they are dead units and not objects? Anyone know of any workaround here? :)

  7. 2 years ago
    Mon Jul 3 20:00:40 2017

    Ok! thanks! I suppose I'll have to train my trigger-happy friends to conserve their bloody ammo... Haha

  8. Mon Jul 3 06:14:08 2017

    ok! then at least it doesn't break anything else etc.?

  9. Sun Jul 2 20:31:56 2017
    M McNools started the conversation ORBAT-faction empty inventory on dedicated server..

    Hello, I've recently started the finishing touches of a campaign I'm making for my group, I've made a custom-faction for our enemy using the ORBAT-tool. However, when testing the mission on our dedicated server, all the units spawned by alive (not those placed in the editor or spawned by zeus) have completely empty uniforms/vests/bags. They still seem to get ammo and grenades since they reload and keep firing even if I control a unit in zeus and empty their magazine and then stop controlling them.

    When trying the mission in SP/non-dedicated multiplayer (hosting it myself) all units spawned by Alive have their uniforms/vests/bags packed with the correct loadouts.

    Is this some sort of intentional function to reduce server-load or is it a bug? and if so, has anyone had the same problem and know how to fix it?

    Here's a link to the unpacked .pbo with the faction config:

    EDIT: just to be clear, they all spawn with the correct weapons, uniforms, vests etc. It's just that they're all completely empty.

  10. Mon Apr 17 11:30:41 2017
    M McNools posted in ORBAT Vehicle Paint not applying.

    Ah, that's a shame :( thanks for the reply though!

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