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  1. 2 months ago
    Mon Nov 11 13:13:59 2019
    C Carmine39 posted in No logistics insertion point?.

    bump? Still a persistent problem.

  2. Fri Nov 8 09:51:01 2019
    C Carmine39 started the conversation No logistics insertion point?.

    Hello all. OPCOM doesn't have any placements except a custom set to 9999 priority, it does have 1 infantry allowed to place as well as a group virtualized so it can assign groups to the objective. Funnily enough in single player it works, but when put on a dedicated server it's a no go. I've also deleted and replaced all of the modules and made sure they're synced properly. Map is Chernarus Summer using CUP and I'm using the Krasnostav AF for my ATO and base. What's going on here? I have a feeling Chernarus Summer isn't indexed properly.

  3. last year
    Sun Dec 30 20:56:23 2018

    I'll attempt to. Seems like the error that wants to pop up everytime OPCOM requests replacements is: ALiVE SYS PROFILE Warning: ALIVE_fnc_waypointsToProfileWaypoints has wrong inputs! Never seen this before. Any idea on what might spring this? I've noticed that if I save the mission and load it back up, about 3 or 4 units will then be asked to reinforce the objective/area and actually come. But after that, it stops working.

  4. Sun Dec 30 06:25:26 2018
    C Carmine39 started the conversation Military Logistics replacements not moving to waypoints.

    Hello everyone. I have created an UNSUNG Vietnam ALiVE mission using a custom faction through the ORBAT creator. I have made sure to configure it correctly, and everything seems to be working flawlessly, except when the OPCOM requests replacements for objectives or attacking enemy units. I turned on profiles debug and saw that while new profiles have been spawned for replacement and they have a waypoint to the AO, they do not move, as if stuck. I have waited and nothing happens. Meanwhile we take objectives with moderate resistance but no reinforcement. We are running VCOM AI, but throughout making many ALiVE missions, I've never ran into this. We're on the map CSJ_SEA, which seems to be working fine for placement modules. Any ideas?

  5. Sun Feb 18 23:43:03 2018
    C Carmine39 posted in VCom and ALiVE.

    How would I happen to do that? Also, I noticed when using custom objectives, there are units "on reserve", meaning that they don't have any move or cycle waypoints, and can respond to things like seeing units from away or hearing gunshots. Other than that, units that are in the obj. and have cycle and move waypoints don't respond really to anything, I can get close and they won't react to me or my fire. It's odd. No HC is being run.

  6. Sun Feb 18 20:06:03 2018
    C Carmine39 posted in VCom and ALiVE.

    I'd love to get in touch with him. Any idea how that would happen? And are you suggesting that VCOM is no longer supported/compatible, or something on my mod list is messing it up? Appreciate the reply.

  7. Sun Feb 18 09:42:01 2018
    C Carmine39 posted in VCom and ALiVE.

    A really big thing that is a game-breaker while using VCOM is that the OPCOM ignores all of the warning features that come from VCOM (hearing gunshots, vehicles, far off detection) and continues using stupid move and cycle waypoints in the objective. This results in other AI in the objective that aren't involved in combat to just not do anything. The group in combat doesn't use flanking maneuvers or anything, and they never get reinforced like VCOM should allow. Players end up having to seek out the remaining combatants to clear them completely out of the objective, which gets tiring. As virtualized reinforcements come in per the OPCOM's request, the same thing happens, they're just mindlessly stuck to their move waypoint. There is no cooperation, which VCOM should allow.

  8. Fri Feb 16 03:55:51 2018
    C Carmine39 started the conversation VCOM AI don't help each other?.

    Hello all. Recently ran into an issue with VCOM and ALiVE that is really bugging me. Without ALiVE, VCOM seems to function fully with headless client, hearing gunshots from quite a distance, and asking each other for help when in a firefight. When used with ALiVE, all of this goes out the window, and the AI act somewhat smart on a local level, but they never do anything else. Friendly groups can be 300 meters away and they will act like nothing is happening. What is going on here?

  9. 2 years ago
    Wed Jan 25 23:03:03 2017
    C Carmine39 posted in How to get more units spawning?.

    Well thanks for everything you've given me so far. I've learned alot that I previously was clueless about. Hopefully AUTigerGrad can help me out here further so me and my group can have a good time. I'll prevail eventually lol.

  10. Wed Jan 25 22:51:35 2017
    C Carmine39 posted in How to get more units spawning?.

    That's understandable. So ALiVE is a better experience if you're on the move is what you're saying? And I'm not asking for an extreme firefight with a whole army after us, but just for a little drawn out firefight is all. I was probably doing it wrong but in all my ALiVE missions, a squad and a half would spawn on an objective, we'd fight, and that would be it after like 5 minutes and I'd never see another AI at that objective again unless we restarted the server. I thought AI would reinforce and support a objective, but I guess I'm just lost on how to actually use ALiVE as a tool against the player. I just remember MSO and how that was back in the day, and my mission really is just to recreate that, just alittle more chaotic.

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