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    Mon Nov 4 14:24:36 2019
    E EaTMyDmG started the conversation Problem whit civillian Module on Porquerolles (Map).

    Hey! So i got this problem im currently making a mission on Porquerolles but i cant get the civillian Modules to work, i tried whit the Map indexer and a few other things, i dont even know if the faction name im using is right currently im using CUP_C_CHERNAURUS but i tried CUP_C_C and CIV_F too, im pretty desperate and dont know what too do :P
    Sry for my broken English

  2. 4 years ago
    Thu Jul 28 21:47:18 2016
    E EaTMyDmG posted in Persistence and unit problem.

    CUP and RHS

  3. Thu Jul 28 21:40:14 2016
    E EaTMyDmG posted in Persistence and unit problem.

    Hey i solved my Problems but now theres even a new one! When a Group of enemys spawn the whole Group dyes exept the Teamleader!?

  4. Thu Jul 28 21:06:51 2016
    E EaTMyDmG posted in Persistence and unit problem.

    Thanks! and how to i cange the persitence?

  5. Thu Jul 28 19:26:32 2016
    E EaTMyDmG started the conversation Persistence and unit problem.

    So i got the Problem that where ever i go there spawn Allied Troops. I want that there 2 sides that fight each other. Taliban is the Defender and the USMC attacks it works fine but as soon ill for example fly behind enemy lines there spawn enemys (what i want to) but also friendlys but i want that the USMC only attacks and dont spawn where i am.
    P.s. I want also that the troops stay persistent and not despawn when i go out of the Zone.

    Plsease can you help me :) Sry for my bad English im Italian.

  6. Mon Mar 28 00:22:46 2016

    I loe you guys! (nohomo) rly thanks alot helped

  7. Fri Mar 25 12:49:14 2016

    Yeah i tried that but the when i preview the Mission the units are on the ground of the building ... when i remove all modules it works!? IDK what i should do...

  8. Fri Mar 25 12:08:20 2016

    yes but for example i want to make a custom start base and the start base got 4 Military guard Towers i want to place a mg and one soldier on them but it doesent work ...

  9. Fri Mar 25 11:47:09 2016
    E EaTMyDmG started the conversation Place units on buildings dont works....

    I need help! I made a simple Alive Mission but if i want to place custom units like a rifle-man on top of a guard tower he spawns at the ground ... same whit buildings :/ I am using eden editor

  10. Fri Mar 25 11:41:49 2016
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