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  1. 10 months ago
    Sun Jan 7 02:54:04 2018
    P patpowercat posted in ORBAT Trouble.

    Not as far as I’m aware.

  2. 11 months ago
    Wed Dec 6 09:44:59 2017
    P patpowercat started the conversation Compromised Airbase.

    So something new I noticed, not sure if new release or perhaps it's something I did without noticing. However, seemingly randomly, the MACC sets up successfully, spawns pilots, then states that forward airbase has been compromised, and does not launch any aircraft. Anyone seen this or why it occurs?

  3. Thu Nov 23 04:34:47 2017
    P patpowercat posted in Combat support lights.

    Mmmkay. So if it is NOT virtualized I can make a script with this:

    private _pylons =["PylonRack_Missile_JS_F18_AIM9X_x1","PylonRack_Missile_JS_F18_AIM9X_x1","PylonRack_Missile_AMRAAM_D_x1","PylonRack_Missile_AMRAAM_D_x1","PylonRack_2Rnd_BombCluster_01_F","PylonRack_2Rnd_BombCluster_01_F","PylonRack_Bomb_JS_FA18_GBU12_x1","PylonRack_Bomb_JS_FA18_GBU12_x1","PylonRack_Missile_AMRAAM_D_x1","PylonRack_Missile_AMRAAM_D_x1","js_m_fa18_wing_tank_x1"];
    private _pylonPaths = (configProperties [configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> typeOf JS_JC_FA18E >> "Components" >> "TransportPylonsComponent" >> "Pylons", "isClass _x"]) apply {getArray (_x >> "turret")};
    { t removeWeaponGlobal getText (configFile >> "CfgMagazines" >> _x >> "pylonWeapon") } forEach getPylonMagazines JS_JC_FA18E;
    { JS_JC_FA18E setPylonLoadOut [_forEachIndex + 1, _x, true, _pylonPaths select _forEachIndex] } forEach _pylons;

    Running this will make an editor placed plane named JS_JC_FA18E take the given loadout. But not for the class on spawn from virtualized AI system.

  4. Thu Nov 23 03:47:40 2017
    P patpowercat posted in Combat support lights.

    Also, anyone know how to set the pylon loadout of aircraft? I've been looking around BIS forums and I'm just super confused. Want to use John Spartan's F/A-18 with a custom loadout for MACC.

  5. Thu Nov 23 02:50:41 2017
    P patpowercat posted in Combat support lights.

    I have tried:

    this action ["CollisionLightOff", vehicle this];

    as well as

    this action ["CollisionLightOff", this];

    in the code of the Player combat support transport module, neither of them seem to work for me.

  6. Thu Nov 23 02:42:39 2017
    P patpowercat started the conversation Combat support lights.

    I'm hoping this is a relatively simple question. Does anyone know how to turn off the lights on a player transport helicopter? Using RHS, just have helicopter spawning with module currently. The collision lights are always on, which are a bit immersion breaking when doing a stealth infiltration/extraction.

  7. Tue Nov 14 22:21:51 2017
    P patpowercat started the conversation Rearm MACC aircraft.

    Perhaps I just have things set up wrong, but I'm having some trouble with MACC and RHS aircraft. I have the module set up with the faction rhs_faction_usaf, with manually placed aircraft synced to virtual AI, as the MACC won't seem to spawn RHS aircraft on its own. The planes are tasked appropriately, however after a few sorties when the aircraft are winchester, I get the no aircraft available error. Is there a way to have the AI rearm the aircraft? Is this something that would be happening already if using vanilla assets?


  8. Tue Nov 14 00:19:05 2017
    P patpowercat started the conversation Blacklist MACC.

    Dunno if this is possible, but figured I'd ask. Is there a way to blacklist certain aircraft from MACC. I know only profiled aircraft will be included, but what I'm wondering is if I tell the MACC to spawn air units, is there a way to exclude a specific type of aircraft?

    Thanks in advance!

  9. last year
    Sat Nov 11 02:39:35 2017
    P patpowercat posted in Placing of ALiVE Modules.

    Where you place the Military AI commander determines OPCOM's objective numbers which (in my understanding) effects prioritization of objectives. Closer to AI module = higher objective number.

  10. Sun Aug 27 10:51:07 2017
    P patpowercat posted in Oh look another Artillery question..

    If you select the driver of the vehicle and disable move for that soldier it's worked for me in the past.

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