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    Wed May 30 09:24:00 2018

    I think something like this help you.

    killed_hvt_1 = "killed_hvt_1" call ALiVE_fnc_ProfileNameSpaceLoad;
    if !(isnil "killed_hvt_1") then {
    hvt_1 setdamage 1;    
    deleteVehicle hvt_1;

    Variable dont knows what you refer when you save it with killed_hvt_1. You must define at mission start what to do if is true or false. In example if variable is defined as true, it kills hvt and deletebody at mission start. Your task module set task to succeeded when check if hvt_1 is alive.

  2. Wed May 30 09:13:07 2018
    Sanchez_ESUS started the conversation Saving more than one array on profilenamespace.

    Hi, im using function to save an array of markers and in second instance an array of map objects to ProfileNameSpace with function ALiVE_fnc_ProfileNameSpaceLoad/Save. I made it with different scripts executed on mission start. Both work separately but if i exec both have an script error when i check if second variable exists.

    Thats the way i used to exec scripts via initserver.sqf.

    -_cache_spawn create boxes on array of markers, if markers are not defined in profile name space it defines. When a box is destroyed, marker is deleted of array and save to profilename space. Next time mission starts only create box at markers array without markers where you destroyed a cache.

    -_ant_task select antennas of a classname on map, save to an array and when you destroy one of this, eventhandler deletes from this array an pass to a destroyed antennas array. Next time mission start, script destroy antennas of this array at mission start.

    _cache_spawn = execVM "scripts\cache.sqf";
    waitUntil {scriptDone _cache_spawn};
    _ant_task = execVM "scripts\ant.sqf";
    waitUntil {scriptDone _ant_task};

    Both scripts works perfect separately and both script works if i call it first than the other.

    _cache_spawn, this the way i check if array exist at profilenamespace and if not define it.

    cacheMkr = "cacheMkr" call ALiVE_fnc_ProfileNameSpaceLoad;  
    sleep 10;
    if !(cacheMkr isEqualType []) then { 
    cacheMkr = [
    ["cacheMkr", cacheMkr] call ALiVE_fnc_ProfileNameSpaceSave;

    _ant_task, this the way i check if array exist at profilenamespace and if not define it.

    ant_array = "ant_array" call ALiVE_fnc_ProfileNameSpaceLoad;
    sleep 10;
    if !(ant_array isEqualType []) then { 
    	ant_array = nearestTerrainObjects [center, ["TRANSMITTER"], 9999, false, true];
    	_class = "Land_TTowerBig_1_F","Land_TTowerBig_2_F";
    			if !(typeOf _x == _class) then {ant_array = ant_array - [_x]}; 
    	} foreach ant_array;
    	publicVariable "ant_array"; 
    	["ant_array", ant_array] call ALiVE_fnc_ProfileNameSpaceSave;
    			 des_ant_array = [];
    			 publicVariable "des_ant_array";
    			 ["des_ant_array", des_ant_array] call ALiVE_fnc_ProfileNameSpaceSave;
    des_ant_array = "des_ant_array" call ALiVE_fnc_ProfileNameSpaceLoad;
    sleep 10;
    	if (count des_ant_array > 0) then {
    			_x setDamage 1;
    				} foreach des_ant_array;

    Both scripts have more lines, but i only post code when i check if array exist in profilenamespace because i understand problem is there.

    I know example you give in wiki but i understand this is only for a boolean (true/false) variable, it gives always error for this case:

    _scriptStarted = "ScriptStarted" call ALiVE_fnc_ProfileNameSpaceLoad;
    if (isnil "_scriptStarted" || {!_scriptStarted}) then {
        // start script
        ["ScriptStarted", true] call ALiVE_fnc_ProfileNameSpaceSave;

    Was difficult to explain this in this post, i wish you can understand and help me.

    Thanks and great job with alive!!

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    Mon May 7 20:32:16 2018
    Sanchez_ESUS posted in C2iSTAR Custom Task Template.


    it is possible to define this task at mission folder an C2ISTAR autotask use it defined at staticdata.sqf?


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    Sun Apr 12 08:12:35 2015
    Sanchez_ESUS posted in VIDEO TUTORIALES ALIVE en español.

    Added one more. In this case IED module.

  5. Thu Apr 9 20:05:57 2015
    Sanchez_ESUS posted in VIDEO TUTORIALES ALIVE en español.

    New video!!!

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    Tue Dec 30 09:48:58 2014
    Sanchez_ESUS posted in Esbekistan Map.

    Hi, i talked with greenberet by youtube and he told me FFAA team is working to port esbekistan and other maps to Arma 3 and release with next FFAA mod version. If you walk in ground theres no problem in esbekistan, but try fliying a helicopter and look for mountain textures out of position.

    I think alive team is waiting for this fix. Esbekistan in arma 3 will be one of best maps.


  7. Sun Dec 28 12:05:36 2014
    Sanchez_ESUS posted in Alive Saboage mission.


  8. Sun Dec 28 12:04:19 2014
    Sanchez_ESUS posted in VIDEO TUTORIALES ALIVE en español.

    Of course, it will be a pleasure for me to colaborate with Alive mod.

  9. Fri Dec 26 17:29:15 2014
    Sanchez_ESUS posted in ALiVE Persistence - Loading too fast.

    Nice, im having problems with this.


  10. Fri Dec 26 17:06:51 2014
    Sanchez_ESUS posted in create HQ area.

    Hi friznit.

    drawing we are talking about HQ. What happen if destroy HQ building? Virtual commander lost reinforments or...???

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