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    Sun Nov 19 13:06:05 2017
    T thebgpikester started the conversation ME units for ALiVE (again).

    Hi, looking for experience and consensus on which unit addons are best to use for an insurgency in the Middle East. There's many posts on it and not a real consensus that I can see.

    Requirements in order of importance :)

    • Factions work with ALiVE of course for an Insurgency type map!
    • Must have both Opfor and Civilian factions in the same mod! (Damn if this isn't something many overlook)
    • Civilian and Opfor factions should look similar! (It woudl be best for insurgency if you can't tell who is who easily)
    • As few dependencies as possible, but RHS may be assumed available.
    • Angry rock throwing would be a bonus, low tech is important
    • Active dev and supported
    • If all the above are roughly equal, the winner is the combination of smallest total mod size, least issues and highest detail.

    I hope i'm not asking too much, I'm really looking for opinions from people who have spent way too long pondering this very issue (looking at you HeroesandvilliansOS) :)

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    Sat Nov 18 11:50:21 2017
    T thebgpikester started the conversation Persistence with respawning vehicles.

    I need a mission solution. Persistence works, but I seem to lose vehicles that are set to respawn at the starting area of my mission. Presume it's because at the time they hadn't had their respawn timer come up, but I don't exactly know the mechanics. Could someone give me pointers to having a reliable respawning vehicle that survives persistences pleasE?

  3. Sat Nov 18 11:22:57 2017
    T thebgpikester posted in VCom and ALiVE.

    i'm still playtesting it on dedicated, I really can't say that either are conflicting. VCOM definitely runs, since the GTA vehicle theft, is often hilarious (one enemy guy stole a humvee 10m behind me, quite the genius) Vehicle theft is like ACE medical, great idea until you realise its changing the entire game. I've not seen any gamebreaking unplanned features though, so it's staying in, but I'll remove vehicle theft.

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    Thu Nov 16 10:00:16 2017
    T thebgpikester started the conversation sector clearance and tasking alternative.

    Hi. In working with tasks from C2iSTAR i've addictionally tweaked it but find invariably it's a bit random and more aimed at side missions.

    I read up on:

    ... in advanced ALiVE scripts and was thinking of putting together a script that looks at clearing sectors on a map for an invasion, to make it more structured. I find players often like the TRACE system as its a type of "progress", I think it makes sense to have a tasking system aligned to this, to defend or attack areas on the map in a logical fashion, not leapfrogging through front lines.

    Has anyone done something similar?

  5. Wed Nov 15 13:47:37 2017
    T thebgpikester posted in Headless clients and Virtuality.

    Hc doubled my server perf fps. Im nearly capped on a 2300m virtual bubble. Howevr i parked it on my cores 3 and 4 of my client so i didnt get too much client perf benefit. But 25fps is good given theres a tonne of things going on.

    Ive got a full alive experience on a modded game. Warroom and local db much better performance than a year ago. Im quite blown away by what you guys have achieved. All works. Pretty amazing tech. Gj team!

  6. Tue Nov 14 15:58:12 2017
    T thebgpikester started the conversation Headless clients and Virtuality.

    Hi, i'm considering a HC since i have dedicated FPS around 20-25 in a particular, heavy mission. My question is, if my ALiVE setup virtualises quite aggressively, does this diminish the benefit of HC since it's only controlling AI (well this is my assumption), BUT BUT BUT, if I don't virtualise as aggressively, does this not pour the AI control to the HC AND reduce the Virtual AI giving a net gain? Does that make sense?

    So add HC, increase AI virtualised bubble, slightly better as servers net change is a loss in managing virtual ai?

    OR, is the virtual AI nothing to worry about?

    I have another question on the in Eden editor virtualisation, does it clash with ALiVE virtualisation and what happens by runnign both of them?

  7. Tue Nov 14 15:52:39 2017
    T thebgpikester posted in VCom and ALiVE.

    I'm using VCOM 2.92 on dedicated as a script with the fix in the forums. It's very much the same as reported, lots of vehicle theft etc, also tend to notice AI pathing seems to be wierd: the group leader rmeains still, the section patrols around him, along with errors about cycling waypoints on no waypoints or WP 0. Difficult to see if it's vcom or alive or what, just watching the thread.

  8. Sun Nov 12 10:23:55 2017
    T thebgpikester posted in returning player.

    Thanks for the clarification on Asymmetric and for the response :). If anyone ever thinks it's a good idea for a bluefor integration for it, consider this a wishlist item :)

    I'm using a dedicated server in autoinit mode, so its on without anyone there and starts automatically. The Server "Save and exit" button - Last time I pressed it, didn't exit, is it designed to work in dedicated persistent mode? Or is it only going to work if it actually exits the mission? Presume logged in as admin too. I saw someone had added some code to run saving from a script for server (not player), has anyone designed a scheduler for this or do we think saving server mission progress is not a good design to be automated?

    Thank you for your response :)

  9. Sat Nov 11 18:33:56 2017
    T thebgpikester started the conversation returning player.

    Hi folks, been in Arma3 Hiatus and noticed some changes, looking to come up to speed on ALiVE.

    Question...I see an option for 'local database', but nothing on how to set it up, or if even you do. Could someone just outline the changes around persistence in the last 12-18 months, please?

    Also, Asymetric warfare. Seems designed to be as an opfor, since I get tasks to destroy caches my side made and they appear as red and i get options to destroy a recruitment centre on my own side.. Is this by design or can the game be played as supporting the Insurgents? It might have been in the setup.

    Good work on the Orbat thing, getting factions to work with Alive can be troublesome. It doesn't seem easy, but has to be better than getting another mod to cover something silly like a blue based opfor or some other silly limitation. The video was farily quick and needed a little explanation extra.

    Nice to see ALiVE is...still kicking :)

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    Fri Sep 16 08:38:49 2016
    T thebgpikester posted in No War Room - Local Database Script.

    Looking forward to this, I always wanted Alive to work locally. I gave up somewhat with Alive as it's use case was slightly different from what i thought it was at first. I was hoping (and don't get me wrong, ALive still is my favourite all time mod for Arma and I thank the team) that it would support JIP play on a 24/7 persistent server that was capable of restarts.

    So a bit like what the RP servers have with iniDB and their alternatives. A such, Alive is an Admin only save function which means sessions have to be attended by an admin to be saved and thats a huge limitation on server administration capability.

    The (my) end goal would be to run ALiVE, save units, do its awesome virtual saving thing without me having to be online. Thus we could get campaigns that lasted for days running.

    If this manages that, i think we have Nirvana.

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