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    Fri Jul 14 06:44:01 2017

    Apologies for the delay. Been busy over here.

    Here is a repro mission for both issues on Altis running nothing but ALiVE and CBA.

    Download repro mission here

    Additionally, here is a screenshot of the issue.


    Also created issue report on the Github.

  2. 2 weeks ago
    Mon Jul 10 04:41:15 2017
    Vegas started the conversation Saving Error - CQB and Player Logistics (Logs).

    Hello all,

    Been having some difficulty recently with saving CQB systems and Player Logistics.

    Just to provide a little more information, I actually have Player Logistics Persistence turned off. Logistics (move, carry etc) are still enabled, but persistence is off for this module. However, it still appears to be trying to save this on mission exit, and hangs up forever without finishing. That's random issue number one.

    Second issue I seem to be experiencing is with CQB systems. Obviously I have persistence enabled for CQB, however is does not appear to be saving. After hitting Server Save & Exit, it runs through the save, I see the log entry for CQB, returns OK value, however it always says "saving 1 CQB installation" whatever and never more than 1. After reloading the mission, all CQB is reset and everything is occupied by enemies again.

    Steps I've taken:

    • Reproduced with just ALiVE and CBA and map of course
    • Deleted all mission modules and replaced from scratch
    • Tried switching version to latest Pre-Release build... still happens
    • Enabled Data Debug to capture more complete logs (attached)

    If anyone wants to check out my logs who has a better understanding of them, please feel free.

    Download Log here

  3. 4 months ago
    Mon Mar 6 01:48:10 2017
    Vegas posted in Save Only Specific Item(s).

    @SpyderBlack723 Thanks for the reply! Great to see how these functions can be utilized.

    Question regarding the blacklist field, are you referring to the field inside the Player Logistics (Disable) module?

  4. Sun Mar 5 20:06:08 2017
    Vegas posted in Save Only Specific Item(s).

    ["My Custom Variable", _value] call ALiVE_fnc_setData
    _value = ["My Custom Variable"] call ALiVE_fnc_getData

  5. Sun Mar 5 19:48:09 2017
    Vegas posted in Save Only Specific Item(s).

    A little more on this topic - essentially I need whitelist.

    I want to have ALiVE persistence (logistics) to only save one specific item: "Land_Cargo20_red_F". I don't want it to save any other objects to the database. Just that one container.

    Perhaps there is a way to do this by defining custom save data with ALIVE_fnc_setData?

  6. Sun Mar 5 00:57:41 2017
    Vegas started the conversation Save Only Specific Item(s).

    Is there a way to tell ALiVE to ONLY save a specific item while blacklisting literally everything else?

  7. 10 months ago
    Sun Sep 11 06:41:05 2016


  8. Sat Sep 10 07:16:32 2016


    I am getting some strange results when trying to save items inside boxes with player persistence and logistics enabled.

    Oddly enough, it seems to work fine with only a few people. When we push the player count to 10+, it only appears to be retaining player data, no boxes or object positions.

    I have attached my plugin log, any help would be greatly appreciated. This one has me scratching my head.

    Download my log here

  9. last year
    Thu Jun 9 06:28:49 2016
    Vegas started the conversation Sector Data Error Since 1.60.

    Been getting this error since 1.60 went live on some of the G.O.S. maps like Gunkizli and N'Ziwasogo. Any help would be appreciated.


  10. Sun Jun 5 05:48:05 2016
    Vegas started the conversation Feature Request - Update AI Skill Module.

    There have been several updates to the way AI is handled in Arma 3, and the ALiVE AI skill module lacks some of the new functionality and format.

    For example, we now have "Suppression" and "Fleeing Coefficient" settings among others that are missing from the module. Might also be worth looking into that the format may have changed from actual numeric values (0.9, 0.5) to percents.

    Seems there is also no way to change it across the board per faction as far as I know. Would be a great feature to expand because ALiVE already has a module for this specific reason.

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