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    Mon Mar 12 22:15:38 2018

    Jumping in here and saying I'm also experiencing this. Either the commander never assigns objectives and things stay white and yellow, or he will assign objectives initially, but the red objectives eventually turn white.

  2. 4 months ago
    Sat Nov 18 17:36:24 2017
    P Pokey posted in FOB building and mission help.

    Got another issue here, although not quite an ALiVE issue.

    I'm trying to set up a headless client, but my headless client just will not load the necessary mods. My pathing looks correct, I've removed spaces in mod names, replaced them with underscores, but I still get missing mod errors when the HC starts up and tries to connect. In particular, I see missing ACE and ALiVE errors.

    Here's my HC .bat file, I'm probably making some sort of obvious mistake. Any help would be appreciated!


    Also, if anybody has any insight into how insurgent armed cells are actually generated or reinforced, please let me know. I've got a decent thing going in the mission, just curious about what's happening behind the curtain.

  3. Wed Nov 15 05:33:18 2017
    P Pokey posted in FOB building and mission help.

    Quick update, I did a quick experiment trying to use just custom objective modules, no mil or civ placement. Also fewer units placed overall, was just trying to gain a little more control over the flow of forces across the map, being selective about which custom objective modules got synced and such. Started it this morning and let it cook throughout the day, came home from work and my units did not seem to have moved off the map.

    Before, when the groups were moving off-map, I had free scanning civ and mil placement modules, meaning no specified TAORs or blacklisted areas. No idea if that's the cause, though, just a correlation.

    But I also couldn't really find that many insurgency units. I have civilians being spawned, their roles selected and such. I did see some new installations though. This all sparked a few questions concerning the details about how an asymmetrical commander goes about things -

    What does a civilian being recruited actually look like? If I were to follow one as it happened, what would I see? I know the insurgency doesn't use the normal reinforcement methods of the occupation or invasion commanders, that they replenish their ranks via recruitment. But do all recruited civilians just become single civilian insurgents as indicated in the wiki? And if so, how does the insurgency gain new actual fighting groups and not just civilian insurgents?

  4. Sun Nov 12 19:40:56 2017
    P Pokey posted in FOB building and mission help.

    Hm, well I played for for most of the night last night, never got a single tasking, not even an assault task. Server was running and player was logged in for more than a couple hours

    Good to know the profiles jumping ship is being looked at. Doesn’t quite kill the mission, but definitely leads to a drop in intensity

  5. Sun Nov 12 19:00:01 2017
    P Pokey started the conversation Trigger MACC on.

    Hey guys, just have an idea for a cool way to start my campaign kicking around in my noggin and wanted to put it out there to get a feel for what it would take to pull off.

    The idea is the player starts at night on an aircraft carrier and has to infiltrate the island and destroy/disable some AA emplacements and such in order to enable friendly air power to support the operation. What this means behind the curtain, so to speak, is that I need have the mission start with the MACC paused and then tie its un-pausing to the destruction of several vehicles or objects.

    This just noses me over into a level of difficulty with mission building that I haven't attempted before. I took a look at the script snippets and saw the pausing and un-pausing of modules, but don't know how to tie that to the destruction of objects or vehicles. Is my thinking correct on the strategy? Any ideas how to make it work?

  6. Sun Nov 12 18:31:44 2017
    P Pokey posted in FOB building and mission help.

    Hey guys, thanks for the help so far, everything's running pretty smoothly. Next step, get a headless client running!

    I have noticed an odd thing about the mission though. It seems that after a certain amount of time, lots of AI profiled units start moving off the map and into the great beyond. I looked around at similar issues, and the best reasoning I read out there is that it has something to do with the map index. I'm playing on Altis, however...

    Any thoughts?

    Also, may or may not be appropriate because it's a dev version question, but I was super interested in the strategic tasking, so I downloaded the latest test build and gave it a whirl. It doesn't seem that I'm receiving any tasking, however. I double checked my C2ISTAR module and made sure it's set to automatically generate tasks for me and that it's set to strategic, that my factions are correct (just leaving them vanilla, BLU_F friendly, OPF_F enemy), but no dice. Am I missing something?

  7. Sat Nov 11 20:30:45 2017
    P Pokey posted in Placing of ALiVE Modules.

    In what way would placement affect an assymmetric commander?

  8. Sat Nov 11 20:29:50 2017
    P Pokey started the conversation MACC aircraft bombing themselves.

    Hey guys, I've been noticing this happening a lot, where the MACC will send an aircraft on a strike sortie, but the aircraft flies in entirely too low and slow and ends up damaging itself with its own bomb, pilot ejects and the aircraft is lost. Any way to get the fly in height and speed to be a little greater? Reproducing this on a vanilla test environment, CBA and ALiVE only.

  9. Sat Nov 11 20:09:41 2017
    P Pokey posted in VCom and ALiVE.

    VCOM seems a little busted and broken with the latest release. AI instant detection issues, annoying grand theft auto tendencies with vehicles, stuck AI. I noticed in the notes for the last ALiVE release that VCOM compatibility is mentioned, but CAS and transport vehicles still fly away. Anybody else having these issues?

    Currently having better luck with ASR, but I do miss the platoon level AI strategy that VCOM brings, as well as the IDF abilities, better vehicle driving, and other things. Kind of waiting around for the next release to fix a lot of these issues, although I'm not sure when that's coming as I seem to recall him saying it might be that last release for a bit :/

  10. Tue Oct 31 18:37:22 2017
    P Pokey posted in FOB building and mission help.

    Ah, well, renamed the markers and it seemed to fix it. Just started another test, gonna let it cook throughout the day and hopefully I'll be looking at a potent insurgency when I come home later.

    A few more things I've noticed -

    MACC aircraft on "strike" sorties seem to be bombing empty buildings and such (double checked, they are not insurgent installations). What's the logic behind assigning strike missions to MACC aircraft?

    Also, while on these strike missions, oftentimes the aircraft flys in very low and ends up bombing itself with the splash. Any ideas how to deal with that?

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