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    Tue Apr 11 23:21:21 2017
    uncreatedlemon posted in get/setData usage.

    Would that require naming each player controlled unit in the editor?

    not too sure how I would utilize that array...Sorry, still learning this stuff lol


    Something similar to this perhaps?

    _playerName = name _caller;
    _player_rank = rank _caller;
    _playerRanksArray = [];
    _playerRanksArray pushback [_playerName,_playerRank];
    [_playerRanksArray] remoteExec ["ALiVE_fnc_setData", _caller]];

    _caller is the player with the interface (all this is done through a dialog)

  2. Tue Apr 11 20:53:48 2017
    uncreatedlemon posted in get/setData usage.

    Ugh, I don't know why, but remoteExec really screws with my mind on how to structure it xD

    Any chance of a script snippet or critique on this?:

    ["Player_Rank","Airman Basic"] remoteExec ["ALiVE_fnc_setData", *Target goes here* , false];
  3. Tue Apr 11 00:09:48 2017
    uncreatedlemon posted in get/setData usage.

    So running it with the if (isDedicated) command will still save that player to that faction in your opinion?

  4. Mon Apr 10 23:35:24 2017
    uncreatedlemon started the conversation get/setData usage.

    Hey all,

    Was looking into how to setup a database for my mission when I noticed that the inbuilt ALiVE saving can do custom variables .
    So i gave it a try but for some reason I can't get it to 'stick', attempting to create persistent 'factions' for my players, so when they join a faction via dialog, it gives them a loadout but then also ["Player_Rank", "Airman Basic"] call ALiVE_fnc_setData; ["Player_Faction", "United States Airforce"] call ALiVE_fnc_setData; .

    When a player dies, I want them to respawn at a faction specific place, so I have this in place;


    getFaction = ["Player_Faction"] call ALiVE_fnc_getData;
    getRank = ["Player_Rank"] call ALiVE_fnc_getData;
    if (getFaction == "United States Air Force") then {
    	Player setPos (getMarkerPos "AviationSpawn");
    	comment "Remove existing items";
    removeAllWeapons player;
    removeAllItems player;
    removeAllAssignedItems player;
    removeUniform player;
    removeVest player;
    removeBackpack player;
    removeHeadgear player;
    removeGoggles player;
    comment "Add containers";
    player forceAddUniform "rhs_uniform_cu_ucp";
    player addHeadgear "rhsusf_patrolcap_ucp";
    comment "Add weapons";
    comment "Add items";
    player linkItem "ItemMap";
    player linkItem "ItemCompass";
    player linkItem "ItemWatch";

    Am I using this wrong or is there something else at fault here perhaps?

    Thanks in advance (again)!

  5. Sat Mar 4 21:48:56 2017
    uncreatedlemon posted in Getting a weird error FIXED.

    stop making so much sense heroes :P
    I'll be adding an issue to their tracker later today, will post link here for anyone interested in the follow up :)

  6. Sat Mar 4 21:37:58 2017
    uncreatedlemon posted in Insurgency Confusion.

    Yup, although i think that if you put the CQB style to "Dominant" it gets the dominant faction nearby anyway, meaning you don't need to add any faction class names to the module.

    Take all this with a pinch of salt too, as i'm still learning this stuff as well haha

  7. Sat Mar 4 21:32:55 2017
    uncreatedlemon posted in Getting a weird error FIXED.

    the RHS crates

  8. Sat Mar 4 20:22:13 2017
    uncreatedlemon posted in Insurgency Confusion.

    Hey there!

    1. not sure about this one, but if you sync up the Security Forces to a civilian objective module(as objectives only, not to place units), you should see them head down there from time to time.

    2. Usually people seem to put security forces on Military Installations, this is likely because of point 1.

    3. I like to leave mine unsynced so that CQB is everywhere, however I believe if you sync it to a civilian / military objective then it'll work only for those TAORs

    Point 2 would also likely depend on where those objectives are based, what map are you doing your Insurgency on?

  9. Sat Mar 4 20:02:18 2017
    uncreatedlemon posted in Getting a weird error FIXED.

    Yeah, without them it seems to work fine, probably an RHS issue.

    Thanks for the feedback though! I didn't think it was an ALiVE issue, i'm just more comfortable with this crowd then other forums / mod communities ^^

  10. Sat Mar 4 05:34:03 2017
    uncreatedlemon started the conversation Getting a weird error FIXED.

    Hey all,

    Been playing fine the last few days on my dedi server. However tonight we found a bit of an issue. I don't think it is ALiVE issue per se, but i know there are some very knowledgeable people here who might be able to steer me in the right direction. Tried googling it, but not really getting any results.

    Here is my error code in the .rpt;

    6:29:14 Server: Object info 4:129 not found.
    6:29:14 Can't change owner from 0 to 983643064

    and it is spammed a LOT, sometimes causing desync on the server.

    Any and all ideas are very much appreciated, thank you!

    UPDATE: Seems like it's doing it when people open up the RHS boxes for gear

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