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    Mon Mar 12 05:26:35 2018
    O olanguedoc posted in Alive Helicopter Taskings.

    Yeah that would be great since most Helo pilots wait for 1-2hours during an op... Slingload cargo from a friendly fob to another fob or unit in the field would be great... or insert blufor ai troop etc.

  2. Sun Mar 11 13:34:17 2018
    O olanguedoc posted in Crash 1.0.2 (Out of memory maybe?).

    We are experiencing that issue also. It takes 24 hours for my dedicated + 3 HC running ACE, Tfar and AlIve to go out of memory and crash the box. 32g Ram on it. ... pretty bad....

    It starts at 11500gb. Current test I am running.. 14 hours IN i am at 22719gb In use, 5265 modified and 4655 Free. No one is on the server except 5-10 ai. Alive is on pause also since there is no player present. It shoudl crash in the next couple of hours. Removing some HC slow the process.

  3. 3 years ago
    Fri Jan 6 22:01:54 2017
    O olanguedoc posted in Player Logistics Future.

    We use ARES for Zeus extension. You can select a location on the map and save everyting in a specified radius. It goes to your clipboard. But you CANT load in while in EDEN to modify your mission file. That would also have been an alternative.

    What about an Alive module where you sync objects (sand bag, Lights , Fences, gates, Tent, fortification,flower pot etc....) to it in 3den and then on mission start those objects are deleted but their classname are added to a list of objects to be persisted on ALIVE SERVER EXIT at the end. So everybody with any mod can decide what custom objects are persisted or not... and prevent compatibility issue. Move the box with Alive or ACE or R3F.... if its in the list it gets persisted.

    I saw something similar with LoadoutTransfer2 mod. You can edit your characters in 3DEN with the arsenal sync them to the module... and those loadout are added in-game but their placeholder characters are deleted.

  4. Fri Jan 6 20:39:32 2017
    O olanguedoc posted in Player Logistics Future.

    Didnt know that. I'll try it tonight!

  5. Fri Jan 6 18:59:20 2017
    O olanguedoc posted in Player Logistics Future.


    I totally understand. My issue with the current logistic request, is that if I call a logistic drop for exemple with bunkers... i cannot decide where the bunkers will go... it pops out of the box somewhere and thats it.


    • Access Vehicle Cargo inventory. different storage capacity depending of the vehicle. Cargo is persisted in the vehicle.
    • Persistent crate inventory

    These can already be done using ALiVE's own player logistics support tools,


    You say we can load a crate in a vehicle/crate with player logistic? I never saw that option anywhere.


    I dont mean that i want Alive to be dependant on another mod or script. But maybe that ACE per exemple could add the scripting to their system so their cargo system and box movement becomes persisted.

    I would love to only run ACE & Alive Only.

  6. Tue Jan 3 22:07:13 2017
    O olanguedoc started the conversation Player Logistics Future.

    Hi everyone.

    HAppy New Year!

    We are new to using ALIVE Persistence and we see an enormous potential for new kind of multi-day operations in our community. Our problem is that its not everything that gets persistence. We are using R3F Logistics to build patrol outpost but they dont get persisted, we use a mix of ACE and R3F for vehicle cargo management depending on the object these dont get persisted either. We tried with the R3F Code in the ALive Wiki without success. I think that persistence brings a lot of possibility for mission maker specially in two area. Warfare because there is an evolution in the fight over long period of time that you can't see in an hour of playtime but you can while fighting the same war over many weeks... and Logistics. It creates a or deeper immersion, another layer. At any point in time, is the Alive team thinking about adding functionality to the Player Logistics action that are compatible with persistence.

    Exemple :

    • Load Object in vehicle
    • Access Vehicle Cargo inventory. different storage capacity depending of the vehicle. Cargo is persisted in the vehicle.
    • More move object options (lower, rise, rotate)
    • Paradrop for Vehicles inventory
    • Persistent crate inventory
    • Warehouse object where you can spawn Crates, COntainers, Fortification, Lights,boxes, Static Weapons, etc.
    • Etc...

    Basically let us move more stuff and store more stuff everywhere. Maybe a talk with the ACE Team would also help? They have already developed the Cargo functionality ( alive_ace_Compat.pbo ? ).

    Our dream workflow during our Op would be something like this.

    Grab a truck. Spawn some empty crates. Put stuff in the empty crates vanilla inventory. Load the crates in the truck. Spawn some sand bag wall... put them in the truck. Drive to the location. Unload, setup perimeter with the sand bags. At base Spawn a container, load it with concrete wall, concertina fence, a bunker (yeah in a container), but some more ammobox and mounted weapons, some lights). SlingLoad the container to the outpost. Finish the outpost. The container is left there with stuff that isn't used in it. Disconnect... ShutDown the mission. Come back 2 days later! Load mIssion and everything is there! ;)

    Maybe I am dreaming, but Alive is a game changer in the Armaverse, and I am sure that you already have thought about variants of what i am imagining also. I am sure that am not the only one dreaming about this.

    Thx for everything and continue your amazing work. Please dont take this post has a complaint.

    Take care.

  7. Sun Dec 11 14:11:06 2016
    O olanguedoc started the conversation 2 Alive server on the same machine .

    Hi everyone,
    We managed to setup our first alive server on our dedicated box. We want to have a second one on the same box. Will the War Room see the difference between the 2 server instance running at the same times on the same box? We want to have one for testing and for official ops.

  8. Mon Dec 5 20:49:19 2016
    O olanguedoc posted in 1.2.3 Released.

    Tupolov just dropped the mike and walked away .... ;) Good job

  9. Mon Dec 5 04:57:32 2016

    Not working for us. No bullets count or killcount... http://alivemod.com/war-room/showorbat/3109

  10. Mon Dec 5 04:52:04 2016
    O olanguedoc posted in Task module.

    Thx Guys.

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