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    Wed May 17 04:03:28 2017
    D Docbuck posted in Lythium Index.

    Understood. These are questions Dev's hate so pls forgive me... is there a timeline for release to stable, or is the RC pretty much as usable as stable? I understand you can't promise anything on a dev version... just curious if it's like got any major broken systems at the moment.

  2. Sun May 14 18:38:56 2017
    D Docbuck started the conversation Lythium Index.

    My unit is going to be running a deployment on this map in about two weeks. I see on github the index is complete for FFAA Lythium, but I'm not sure where to find the actual files. Can someone direct me or link?

  3. 7 years ago
    Fri Apr 14 07:42:10 2017

    You can also download Eden enhanced if you want. It will let you right click a unit and copy the faction class, among other useful things.

  4. Fri Apr 14 07:35:26 2017
    D Docbuck started the conversation RHS side issue (maybe?).

    Ok. So with the latest rhs update I've been working on a Tanoa mission... set up dozens of ALiVE missions and am very aware of how to set up logistics... but for the life of me could not get it to work this last week+. It just... stopped.
    Made a completely new mission, reinstalled the mod, checked everything a dozen times... settings are correct. Then I noticed Intel wasn't working on c2istar... THEN I saw a dead marine drop an Intel pack (I have them set to none). When I read the pack, it showed opcom east asymmetric locations.
    So I turned on a bunch of debug stuff, and my opcom was showing EAST objectives on debug. EAST 1, 2 etc
    I reverted to vanilla, and all worked perfectly... switched it all back to rhs_faction_usmc_wd, problem reappeared. Tried desert variant.. appeared again.

    It seems in some ways the c2 module, and the logistics module, and possibly the opcom module, are registering these RHS factions as OPFOR. Any idea what could cause that?

    I will post my files if people haven't heard of the problem before... but not at pc at the moment.

  5. Fri Apr 14 04:40:15 2017
    D Docbuck posted in Another Helicopter Discussion.

    Perhaps, but see BI note in the command description. Was supposed to get new functionality in 1.68

  6. Wed Apr 12 14:11:49 2017
    D Docbuck posted in Another Helicopter Discussion.

    I gotcha. Can't seem to get that landAt to do what I want anyway with rotary.

  7. Wed Apr 12 06:19:38 2017
    D Docbuck posted in Another Helicopter Discussion.

    "Since Arma 3 v1.68 it is possible to order a helicopter to land on designated helipad." <- using landAt

  8. Tue Apr 11 23:38:20 2017
    D Docbuck posted in Another Helicopter Discussion.

    I meant landAt for planes, the one where you can tell a plane to go to an airport... you can now tell a helo to go to a specific named variable helipad. As of 1.68. Could clean things up. Haven't looked at the current function myself, just lookin out.


  9. Tue Apr 11 22:51:58 2017
    D Docbuck started the conversation Another Helicopter Discussion.

    I made a video of some of my work the other night, see here.

    Anyway... at about 6:39 a helicopter does something awesome, and it generated a feature request for me. Two actually.

    First... if the new landAt addition works, could potentially use that for good point landings. Worth looking at.

    Second... could the insertion options be extended a bit? For example I know from testing that flyInHeight -0.8 is the perfect height to drive a crrc into a ch-53, but I'm stuck at a floor of 2, and can't use decimal places... could we make a field for exact alt? Or a better slider? Could we also have the option to set a timer on the Wp? So that... after 1:00 or what not, the bird rtbs. Another idea was to let us string together a "flight plan" by adding additional commands to the bird... that stack similar to waypoints.

    Just ideas. Thoughts?

  10. Sun Feb 5 17:05:55 2017

    but the areas are objectives. will blacklisting keep them from pushing on them?

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