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    Sun May 16 13:40:55 2021
    S S.Newbould started the conversation RHS A10 CAS Issues.

    Hey guys,

    Long time no speak! Having issues with the CAS module trying to get the A10 (or anything) to drop bombs using the CAS module + Laser Designator but just isn't working.

    Using the default khaki laser designator set the support to SAD medium height and it flys over the target circles a little bit then flys off.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  2. 4 years ago
    Thu Nov 8 11:37:47 2018

    Hey guys,

    Recently added two new videos to my tutorial series go check them out!

  3. Mon Oct 22 16:49:17 2018
    S S.Newbould started the conversation Best way to blacklist AA?.

    Hi all,

    Was wondering whats the best way to blacklist AA? Is there just one command I can use. I know there is one to use on wiki but to me it doesn't seem to work.


  4. 5 years ago
    Sat Aug 18 14:53:41 2018

    @Riley While they may not have a limit to how many mods you can use, there may be a limit as to how many characters can be used in the command line.

    Is this for the -mod startup parameter?

  5. Sat Aug 18 10:53:37 2018
    S S.Newbould started the conversation Dedicated Server Issue "Server Can Not Transmit All Data".

    Hey guys,

    I know this isnt ALiVE related but hoping someone might be able to solve my issue!

    I rent a dedicated server from a company for me and my friends to play Co-Op/PvP missions on using mods. I am getting an issue with the server currently as I am getting the following error "Server cant transmit all data: some mods might be missing or their signatures can not be recognised" .

    Things I have tried:

    • Loading mods 1 by 1 to see if any of them are broken/outdated
    • Checked keys folder for any missing keys in relation to their mods
    • Checked mod line to see if there is any typos

    It seems to me that if I have a set number of mods it works but if I go over that number it seems to break the server and as far as I am aware my service provider is not imposing any restrictions on how many mods I can use (if its even possible). Could really do with some help with this one guys as I have been at it now for over a week its driving me insane!

    Thanks in advanced

  6. Mon Jul 23 15:43:33 2018

    Hey guys second video of my tutorial series is now up go give it a watch and share with others!

  7. Wed Jul 18 20:54:45 2018
    S S.Newbould posted in Spyder Incognito .

    Thanks mate this works!

  8. Wed Jul 18 19:44:21 2018
    S S.Newbould posted in Spyder Incognito .

    Hey all,

    Im trying to use the incognito module and for me it seems to not work? Or I am definitely not doing something right. Can someone give me a run down how to use the module?


  9. Tue Jul 17 14:50:22 2018
    S S.Newbould started the conversation ALiVE explained - A new video tutorial series!.

    Hey guys Mannimal here,

    I have took it upon myself to start making some fresh tutorial videos for ALiVE. As I explained in the video I feel like most of the tutorials available on youtube are either outdated or incomplete and for me to learn the ins and outs of this mod I have had to combine multiple bits of information to get where I am at today. I am going to start off with the basics and move onto more advanced stuff in later videos.

    I would appreciate some feedback as this is my first video/guide I have ever uploaded! I would also appreciate some support to!


  10. Fri Jun 15 13:01:31 2018
    S S.Newbould posted in Stuck!.

    Do they need to be custom objectives? At the minute the modulus are civilian military objectives. I tried syncing them before but they had weird prioritization on objectives but will try again!

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