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    Wed Jun 7 16:34:52 2017
    E Easy posted in No debug console.

    Would you look at that!


  2. Wed Jun 7 11:37:56 2017
    E Easy started the conversation No debug console.

    Hey all, long time no see. Hope you've all been good. So I'm back after some away time and recently ran into a problem. I can't seem to open the Alive debug console window.
    What happens when I go to Alive Menu>Admin Actions>Debug Console is that all GUI elements dissapear and it's only the game on pause showing.
    If I press escape it's back to the game unpaused again.

    This only shows up when running a SP scenario, not when previewing the mission from the editor.

    Any thoughts?


  3. 8 months ago
    Mon Oct 24 08:28:44 2016
    E Easy started the conversation AI mark discovered assym. locations?.

    So I like going house-to-house looking for bad guys and assymetric installations with my AI geoup members.

    I use a house clearing functions that send them into a house, go through all rooms and then come back out. If they stumble on baddies they will of course engage them, but if they go in to a house that is an Alive assymetric installation, I have no way of knowing what they find unless I tag along.

    Is there any way to make the AI report any findings? Either through text notification or map markers?

    If not -- consider this a request :)

  4. Fri Oct 21 19:42:44 2016
    E Easy posted in Arma 3 2016-2017 Roadmap.

    Yeah, it says gradually, but still. Tanoa is on hold for me until they fix this. I can't believe they released it without it.

  5. Fri Oct 21 19:40:18 2016
    E Easy posted in ORBAT Creator General FAQ.

    He's such a bro!

  6. Sun Oct 16 17:43:54 2016
    E Easy posted in ALiVE Singleplayer.

    Yeah, just Alive and CBA.

    I'm not looking for a playthrough experience, just something where persistance works so I know if I have a mission problem or back end problem.

  7. Sun Oct 16 16:24:25 2016
    E Easy posted in ALiVE Singleplayer.

    Yeah, persistance is unchecked.

    Here's a mission: https://www.dropbox.com/s/d1bmhek5fp7uwlg/Dual_Factions_Example.RAR?dl=0

    If you could be bothered, could you make a mission that has working persistance for you (vanilla Arma)?

  8. Sat Oct 15 08:41:58 2016
    E Easy posted in ALiVE Singleplayer.

    So I can't get player persistance to work.

    If Alive Markers and Mission time is saved between sessions, does that mean I've set the server up properly and it's a mission/other problem, or could I have botched something in the process?

  9. Fri Oct 14 20:09:35 2016
    E Easy posted in ALiVE Singleplayer.

    Should player persistance (position) work on Spyders Insurgency (Altis) mission? Because I can't get it to fly, so I'm starting to think I'm doing something wrong on some other end.

  10. Fri Oct 14 17:53:22 2016
    E Easy posted in ALiVE Singleplayer.

    That gave me an error message.

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