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    Sat Sep 30 15:14:33 2017

    Just out of curiosity, has there been an update in the features of ALiVE that might have enabled this option as of today? Does the virtual AI now have the capability to capture sectors?

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    Mon Oct 24 09:54:32 2016
    J JayS_NL started the conversation Let Virtual AI capture sector control .


    The idea is to have the Virtual AI to be taking over sector control zones on a map, which are tied to respawnsectors. The zones are set up at objective points where the AI goes to automatically, tasked by OpCom, but it's annoying seeing nothing change outside of the spawn range of the player, even though they're at the capture spot.

    Who here has any idea how we can get virtual AI to trigger a capture zone? Using the codesnippet:

    ((count ([getposATL thisTrigger, 50, ["EAST","entity"]] call ALIVE_fnc_getNearProfiles)) >= 3) || ((count ([getposATL thisTrigger, 50, ["WEST","entity"]] call ALIVE_fnc_getNearProfiles)) >= 3);

    in a trigger works fine to detect them, but they do not set off the sector control to change, based on positioning, even when synced to the Sector Control zone. It does work with spawned units, which makes me think it (arma) does not see the virtual units.

  3. Mon Oct 24 09:42:10 2016
    J JayS_NL posted in How To Setup a Headless Client.

    @Whigital My bad, made some last minute changes and didnt try it.

    Change line 32 params ["_interval", 30]; to params [["_interval", 30]]; and it should be fine.

    Works like a treat, you da man!

  4. Sun Oct 23 02:07:46 2016
    J JayS_NL posted in How To Setup a Headless Client.

    Yeah, that fixes the errors, but;

    3:06:54 Error in expression <Distributor = [_check_interval] spawn
    params ["_interval", 30];
    private ["_cu>
     3:06:54   Error position: <params ["_interval", 30];
    private ["_cu>
     3:06:54   Error Type Number, expected Array,String
     3:06:54 File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Kunduz\scripts\HC_distributor.sqf, line 32
     3:07:02 Error in expression <Distributor = [_check_interval] spawn
    params ["_interval", 30];
    private ["_cu>
  5. Sat Oct 22 16:01:42 2016
    J JayS_NL posted in How To Setup a Headless Client.

    @Whigital, correct. As soon as i remove it, i'm not seeing any of that anymore.
    The sys_stats does pop up when first connecting the HC's, but w/o the script, it's all fine. I can run it once and post you an RPT if you like?

  6. Fri Oct 21 18:52:34 2016
    J JayS_NL posted in How To Setup a Headless Client.

    @Whigital commented those lines out:

    19:52:05 Wrong player index passed to NetworkObjectInfo::GetPlayerObjectInfo - max=3, received=4

    the last line keeps spamming..

  7. Thu Oct 20 21:44:55 2016
    J JayS_NL posted in How To Setup a Headless Client.


    running your script:

    21:46:46 Error Undefined variable in expression: ff7_fnc_debuglog 21:46:46 File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Kunduz\scripts\HC_distributor.sqf, line 69 21:46:49 Error in expression <unt (units _x)), (name _currHC)])] call FF7_fnc_debugLog; }; }; sleep 1; } for> 21:46:49 Error position: <FF7_fnc_debugLog; }; }; sleep 1; } for>

  8. Thu Oct 20 18:59:37 2016

    So is there any way to just completely - or temporarily - block them from spawning at all?

  9. Thu Oct 20 15:42:53 2016
    J JayS_NL started the conversation AI Logistics: Helicopter insertion.

    So, i'm trying to figure out if it's a bug, issue or that i'm doing something wrong.

    For my BLU_F side i've set the logistics so that it disabled the helicopter insertion/reïnforcements. Logically, you would expect the OPCOM not to drop in support/reïnforcements w/ heli's, yet they do. At times even with a group of 5, 6, which would cause them to freeze up, hang in the air and wait for a free area to drop if the area's too crowded.

    Any idea's on how to fix this? I've already read something about possibly blacklisting them in staticdata?


  10. Thu Oct 20 15:38:05 2016
    J JayS_NL posted in How To Setup a Headless Client.

    @SavageCDN yeah, i got it fixed by waiting for all HC's to connect and load prior to launching the actual mission, but with @Whigital 's solution that would be way nicer so they can actually just connect whenever, will try it later when i get home.

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