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    Thu Jul 13 22:01:18 2017
    JChamberlain posted in Extend Multispawn distance?.

    So the starting position is based on the object I have synced to it? I'll try that out tonight as that makes sense.

  2. Wed Jul 12 14:46:55 2017
    JChamberlain started the conversation Extend Multispawn distance?.

    Is there a way, with the multispawn module that if Air-reinsert is selected you can extend the distance away that the vehicle spawns & despawns?

    The module itself is wicked, especially for immersive campaigns, but it's always awkward when after dropping off players, the heli (or whatever is synced for that mission) lifts off, flies about 300m and then disappears completely.

  3. Wed Jun 28 14:39:53 2017

    I have always opted to have @aliveserver alone on the -servermod line and everything else attached to -mod

    Never had an issue running the two together this way.

  4. Wed Feb 15 18:33:18 2017
    JChamberlain posted in Embed Battlefeed externally?.

    Fair enough. Thanks for the help @marceldev89 !

  5. Wed Feb 15 15:35:27 2017
    JChamberlain posted in Embed Battlefeed externally?.

    Out of curiosity, is there a place where I can see what is available/not-available from the api?

  6. Wed Feb 15 15:34:38 2017
    JChamberlain posted in Embed Battlefeed externally?.

    Perfect! I can totally work with that!

  7. Wed Feb 15 15:31:56 2017
    JChamberlain posted in status.alivemod.com.


  8. Tue Feb 14 19:49:16 2017
    JChamberlain started the conversation Embed Battlefeed externally?.

    I'm just curious if it would be possible, or even feasible to have the live battle feed of a group embedded outside of the war-room?

    Since the maps my group plays on so far hasn't been tiled yet for the AAR option, I had thought that maybe if the battlefeed data (just the who killed what ai and who went kia) could be linked to (iframe or otherwise) I might be able to keep that data on our website.

    I had tried setting up an iframe once before but it always showed the login screen.

    So in short, this is purely a question out of brainstorming.

  9. Tue Dec 20 18:49:55 2016
    JChamberlain started the conversation Tracking AI KIA.

    Just curious if there's a way to track friendly AI casualties in the json?

    When looking through, there's one entry that stands out to me: "alldead", but I'm not exactly sure what that is (especially since that number changes at times throughout the logged file).

    Any thoughts or ideas would be great. I know its a weird request, but for story/logistics purposes in my group I'd like to try and figure out that information.


  10. Thu Dec 8 14:40:09 2016
    JChamberlain posted in User Registration.


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