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  1. 4 years ago
    Wed Jun 26 06:38:25 2019
    A A Hamburgler posted in Virtual entity not given orders.

    Are those entity’s spawned in by you or are they randomly spawned from ether a civ placement module or a military placement module?

  2. Fri Jun 21 14:49:49 2019

    Roger that ill do that now. Issue also seems to happen regardless if the player is profiled or not. Also trying to take the old vehicle profile and re-registering it will kick everyone except the player out of the vehicle (Including the crew) and again the vehicle profile will almost immediately un-register.

  3. 5 years ago
    Fri Jun 14 02:55:24 2019

    So i have noticed when ever a player enters a vehicle for some reason it Un-Registers the profile which creates issue when you have an AI group and the player group in the vehicle. Not to mention if you try and find the vehicle profile you cannot because it Un-Register. Im wondering whats that reasoning behind this? Any info or help to combat this issue would be amazing.
    Heres an example of what my log says right after i get in any profiled vehicle.

    22:56:51 ALIVE Profile Handler - Un-Register Profile [-vehicle_92]
  4. Thu May 30 21:01:19 2019
    A A Hamburgler posted in Stop profiling for a group?.

    Was for an issue with a beach landing i was having. I wanted to have certain groups not despawn to avoid some issues but i think i ended up doing a good work around.

  5. Tue May 28 12:46:04 2019
    A A Hamburgler posted in Stop profiling for a group?.

    @marceldev89 Set the Virtual AI module to not profile synced groups somewhere in it's module options and sync that group to the module. That's at least one way of doing it.

    No i mean is there a command to stop a group from profiling then i can run the command again to have them profile like normal. Almost like [_profileHash,"busy", true] call ALiVE_fnc_hashSet; Thats command just stops the Commander from taking control of that group.

  6. Sun May 26 06:12:51 2019
    A A Hamburgler started the conversation Stop profiling for a group?.

    Got a quick question. Is it possible to disable a group from profiling/despawning?

  7. Sun May 26 02:43:51 2019

    @SpyderBlack723 Interesting. Will look into it.

    Yes this is correct. It worked at 1100 90% of the time then when i tried anything above 1100 it just always returned 0.

  8. Fri May 24 05:55:32 2019

    Ended up figuring out a work around for it. I could imagine why bug fixing would be so difficult the alive coding is simple but very complex at the same time.

  9. Thu May 23 19:36:28 2019

    @marceldev89 Sure! :)

    [ALIVE_profileHandler, "getProfile", _profileID] call ALIVE_fnc_profileHandler

    Works like a charm thanks. Sorry about the false report haha.

  10. Thu May 23 18:55:51 2019

    @marceldev89 Do you get a hint saying 0 or no hint at all?

    Its saying 0 but what i figured it out. The was the range was too high so after the range passes 11000 it will return 0. Is there a better way to get a profile if you already the profileID? because i was just getting all the profiles on the map then finding the one with the matching ID and returning it. Cleary this method is not too reliable. By the way thanks for taking the time to help.

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