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    Sat Jul 4 00:58:36 2020
    R Rayjgamer started the conversation Dynamic Alive Patrols.

    Sup peeps. This has probably already been answered. I am looking to create a SP scenario with use of the ALIVE modules. My primary goal is to create a realistic dynamic patrol mission...I am seeking asymmetric style OPFPOR. I would like:

    1. Blufor occupying the island

    2. random AI blufor patrols and QRF

    3. random player led patrol...some encountering opposition...some quiet and boring. Such as patroling for days without contact or encountering contact after 5 mins.

    4. Opfor carrying out small and large operation

    I know this is entirely possible...Just not exactly sure how to accomplish it. Thanks in advance.

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    Sun Mar 5 04:39:30 2017
    R Rayjgamer posted in Insurgency Confusion.

    @SpyderBlack723 Maybe 500m, 800 for veh. This radius might be extended when towns are nearby, wouldn't know without looking.

    interesting, I'm loading up to implement this process. Sounds amazing.

  3. Sun Mar 5 03:06:51 2017
    R Rayjgamer posted in Insurgency Confusion.

    @SpyderBlack723 Yes, idle units automatically patrol their nearby area, specifically near towns of they are within range. Having a base in an area basically guarantees that patrols will pass through the town.

    What's the general range? Speaking of in meters if you happen to know by any chance.

  4. Sun Mar 5 01:12:40 2017
    R Rayjgamer posted in Insurgency Confusion.

    @SpyderBlack723 1. They do this automatically when stationed at objectives near towns, but you can use the C2ISTAR operations tablet feature to manually control AI groups.

    2. Both, you will need to decide how to stretch your forces and which objectives hold a bigger strategic value.

    3. Include both factions in the module and set the option to Dominant.

    That's amazing, I had no idea they would patrol and go back to base. So realistic. So basically, if there's a military outpost within a short range of a town, they would move to check it out even without an objective? I'm starting to understand this finally.

  5. Sat Mar 4 21:41:07 2017
    R Rayjgamer posted in Insurgency Confusion.

    @uncreatedlemon Yup, although i think that if you put the CQB style to "Dominant" it gets the dominant faction nearby anyway, meaning you don't need to add any faction class names to the module.

    Take all this with a pinch of salt too, as i'm still learning this stuff as well haha

    Haha thanks. You've been extremely helpful.

  6. Sat Mar 4 20:31:55 2017
    R Rayjgamer posted in Insurgency Confusion.

    @uncreatedlemon Hey there!

    1. not sure about this one, but if you sync up the Security Forces to a civilian objective module(as objectives only, not to place units), you should see them head down there from time to time.

    2. Usually people seem to put security forces on Military Installations, this is likely because of point 1.

    3. I like to leave mine unsynced so that CQB is everywhere, however I believe if you sync it to a civilian / military objective then it'll work only for those TAORs

    Point 2 would also likely depend on where those objectives are based, what map are you doing your Insurgency on?

    Thank you that makes a lot of sense, I'm currently experimenting with multiple maps main Ones being takistan and altis. Leaving the cqb module unsynced, I would just enter both the blufor faction and the insurgents or just the insurgents?

  7. Sat Mar 4 19:54:45 2017
    R Rayjgamer posted in Insurgency Confusion.

    Anyone there to shed some graceful light for me?

  8. Fri Mar 3 18:51:04 2017
    R Rayjgamer started the conversation Insurgency Confusion.

    Hey guys and gals, just seeking some clarification on insurgency. Forgive me if this has already been answered... and I probably should note, I do most single player so I depend a lot on the AI

    1st - the wiki states keeping regurlar patrols, will reduce hostility and improve civilian relationships. Is there a way for the AI to do patrols through towns and return to base? If not, how is it accomplished?

    2nd - should security forces be deployed to towns or military installations?

    3rd - with the CQB module, should I leave it unsynced so that both security forces as well as insurgents are able to garrison buildings?

    Thank for helping me out.

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