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    Fri Jun 2 17:55:53 2017
    T TNScout posted in True Air Assault?.

    That's exactly what I was hoping to hear. I think I'll keep the group small, maybe 2 helos with 2 squads, so the air doesn't get polluted with circling helos. I'll add an escort gunship to the group and wreck havoc lol.

    BTW, I've d/l'ed many of your mods; great work and they are appreciated. Well, except for the Auburn poster I found (I think in a mission) lol. Throw some Vandy posters up for the rest of us SEC fans ;)

  2. Fri Jun 2 15:44:13 2017
    T TNScout started the conversation True Air Assault?.

    Ok guys, time to pick your brains :)

    SITREP follows;

    I've made an Orbat faction of the 101st Airborne Division. Within this faction, I'd like to create a group under AIR that is comprised of a flight of Blackhawks with assigned infantry. My goal is to use this AIR group for true air assault missions. I use VCOM and had read somewhere (don't remember where) that VCOM can disembark ground troops that are loaded in helicopters (I think) if the helos come under fire.


    Whether editor placed or Commander spawned, would the AI Commander ever use this AIR group as ground troops? I could see a problem with helos not egressing after drop, but I'm wondering if they would ever disembark the boots to begin with? I've tested a little with this and have yet to see it happen. I've scripted missions like this but I'm trying to make it ALiVE dynamic now. Any ideas or experiences with this situation, maybe something I'm missing? Thanks for any input.

  3. Thu May 25 14:59:20 2017
    T TNScout posted in New SP Local Save.

    Thanks for the test, Heroes. I'll stick with Spyder's recruitment and just do saves at base instead of out in the field. This way I can just create my team at start with each new load.

  4. Thu May 25 14:51:05 2017
    T TNScout posted in New SP Local Save.

    This is why you guys are the greatest :) Without ever posting previously, I have learned so much just by reading the forums.

    I'll give this a try shortly and give an update. I should have mentioned that I do use Spyder's addons (great work btw) and only place my player unit in the editor and then use Spyder's recruitment in game to create my team.

  5. Wed May 24 23:40:10 2017
    T TNScout started the conversation New SP Local Save.

    First, let me say that I love you guys! ArmA isn't ArmA without ALiVE! I'm pretty new to ArmA and have spent most of my time learning how to create missions and then I got hooked on ORBAT and everything ALiVE.

    Secondly, thanks so much to HighHead for implementing SP local saves. For the life of me, I never could get my persistence to work in the Warroom. Everything showed clean but it never returned my saved game on reload. Stats and missions appeared in Warroom and my ALiVE profile was in the map section in game as well. I can now save local and all is right in the world.

    Which brings me to my question. Before I report it as a bug, does SP local save include saving your AI teammates? I've done a Player Save with ALiVE Save and I've also done an ALiVE Save without Player Save. In each event, the AI teammates do not reload. This includes with mods and on a clean save.

    Other than the teammates issue or nonissue, everything has worked well so far. Keep up the great work!

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