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    **update** Apologies, apparently I stared at script for too long, I walked away for 30 minutes and it became readily apparent I just needed to change Cursor Target with _vehicle and it worked a charm. So thanks for that code snippet.

    I was hoping you could help me understand the function you're using to delete the object, I'm trying to remove an object in a script. The object is detected in a trigger then I delete it which works fine until I load the mission again and then the vehicle returns. If I can hopefully understand that function I can keep the vehicle from returning when the server is reset.

    Sell_Vehicle = {
    		_lot = vehicles inAreaArray NDSF_Sell_Trigger;	
    		if (count _lot == 0) then {
    		"No vehicle in the shop to be sold." remoteExec ["hint", 0, false];
    		} else {
    		_vehicle = _lot select 0;
    			Switch (true) do {
    				case ((typeOf _vehicle) in ["LOP_AM_OPF_BTR60"]) : {
    				deleteVehicle _vehicle;
    				[west, 1500, false] call acex_fortify_fnc_updateBudget;
    				playSound3D ["ca\buildings\sounds\hydraulic_slide.ogg", BudgetPC];
  2. Tue Aug 21 19:40:31 2018
    TheDragon117 posted in Some objects not restored.

    @dixon13 I appreciate that! I guess I should have kept digging on the forums a bit further thanks so much for your help!

  3. Tue Aug 21 14:20:27 2018
    TheDragon117 posted in Some objects not restored.

    @SpyderBlack723 Sorry to raise up a long dead post but this seems relevant to what I'm looking to try and accomplish. I assumed it would be best practice to not start a new post to consolidate the info. If I could trouble you for some advice, I'm working on a scenerio I'm building would involve the players digging themselves into camps as their base locations, I've made some custom tents with inventory that work fantastically but I found that anything I do using ACEX's fortifications or ace Entrenching does not save. So I was hoping that perhaps if I could understand the code above I could hook onto their listenable events with an event handler to save these into my data base. An example of their listenable events ] here . I was looking at the ALIVE_fnc_logistics on the github but I'm afraid I'm just not sure I fully understand. does this look like it would be possible to save the object to the database and then remove it using this code?

  4. Thu Jul 26 15:08:57 2018
    TheDragon117 posted in Compositions Listenable Events.

    Awesome! Things take time I hope that lots of people will find that as useful as I do. The response is great!

  5. Tue May 22 19:39:58 2018
    TheDragon117 posted in Compositions Listenable Events.

    Thanks Marcel I'll take a look.

  6. Mon May 21 16:04:55 2018
    TheDragon117 posted in Compositions Listenable Events.

    Marcel, thanks for the information, I'll take a look into that file and see if I can't find a way to make that work for me. I'm not sure how to go about making a request on the Github as I've never done that before. usually I just use it to try and understand things better.

  7. Mon May 21 14:26:03 2018
    TheDragon117 started the conversation Compositions Listenable Events.

    Hey guys, I've written a logistics system for the group I play with and I have been trying to find a way to tap into the ALiVE custom compositions. something to the effect of an event handler for if say a weapons depot, recruitment HQ or other ALiVE composition is disabled this will fire off and depending on which type is disabled attribute _X number of points to the team for having completed that objective. I feel there is likely a listenable event for this as when they're disable there is a pop up saying who disabled it, what it was, and where it was but I've just not been able to find it in the repository. Any help would be appreciated thanks.

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    Fri Jun 23 22:43:08 2017
    TheDragon117 posted in A Handful of tweaking questions.

    @JD_Wang really I did not know this can't wait to try that out thanks for that tip that may just make my life a lot easier thank you.

  9. Fri Jun 16 20:53:07 2017
    TheDragon117 posted in A Handful of tweaking questions.

    Fantastic, Thanks so much for the information guys.

  10. Fri Jun 16 18:43:23 2017
    TheDragon117 posted in A Handful of tweaking questions.

    I gathered after I finally got it working. Is there anyway to interact with the inventory of the vehicle for insertion? like a way to set an init for the vehicle that will spawn? Or perhaps eventually a feature that might be implemented as you can use an init on some of the other vehicle modules like CAS I believe. One of the drawbacks of using ACE on almost any mission I make is that all vehicles spawn with medkits and FAKs which don't let my players resupply on any critical equipment lost while in the field.

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