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    Thu Jul 26 15:08:57 2018
    TheDragon117 posted in Compositions Listenable Events.

    Awesome! Things take time I hope that lots of people will find that as useful as I do. The response is great!

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    Tue May 22 19:39:58 2018
    TheDragon117 posted in Compositions Listenable Events.

    Thanks Marcel I'll take a look.

  3. 3 months ago
    Mon May 21 16:04:55 2018
    TheDragon117 posted in Compositions Listenable Events.

    Marcel, thanks for the information, I'll take a look into that file and see if I can't find a way to make that work for me. I'm not sure how to go about making a request on the Github as I've never done that before. usually I just use it to try and understand things better.

  4. Mon May 21 14:26:03 2018
    TheDragon117 started the conversation Compositions Listenable Events.

    Hey guys, I've written a logistics system for the group I play with and I have been trying to find a way to tap into the ALiVE custom compositions. something to the effect of an event handler for if say a weapons depot, recruitment HQ or other ALiVE composition is disabled this will fire off and depending on which type is disabled attribute _X number of points to the team for having completed that objective. I feel there is likely a listenable event for this as when they're disable there is a pop up saying who disabled it, what it was, and where it was but I've just not been able to find it in the repository. Any help would be appreciated thanks.

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    Fri Jun 23 22:43:08 2017
    TheDragon117 posted in A Handful of tweaking questions.

    @JD_Wang really I did not know this can't wait to try that out thanks for that tip that may just make my life a lot easier thank you.

  6. Fri Jun 16 20:53:07 2017
    TheDragon117 posted in A Handful of tweaking questions.

    Fantastic, Thanks so much for the information guys.

  7. Fri Jun 16 18:43:23 2017
    TheDragon117 posted in A Handful of tweaking questions.

    I gathered after I finally got it working. Is there anyway to interact with the inventory of the vehicle for insertion? like a way to set an init for the vehicle that will spawn? Or perhaps eventually a feature that might be implemented as you can use an init on some of the other vehicle modules like CAS I believe. One of the drawbacks of using ACE on almost any mission I make is that all vehicles spawn with medkits and FAKs which don't let my players resupply on any critical equipment lost while in the field.

  8. Fri Jun 16 16:40:54 2017
    TheDragon117 posted in RHS and LOP factions not working.

    I usually place a unit down from the faction that I want, open it in config viewer find faction, copy and the past directly where I need it, I find it keeps me from mistyping anything while putting it into the modules.

  9. Fri Jun 16 14:54:09 2017
    TheDragon117 posted in A Handful of tweaking questions.

    Just a correction, mostly for the benefit of anyone who might come across this looking for similar information. Syncing does work on the multi-spawn insertion vehicle, upon closer inspection I realized that I had placed a vehicle that has 2 versions in 2 different factions and apparently used the wrong one.

    Though it appears it does not use the inventory given to the vehicle but instead reverts back to the default inventory for the class name.

  10. Fri Jun 16 13:51:17 2017
    TheDragon117 posted in A Handful of tweaking questions.

    Thanks for the additional information there, I'll give that a shot. If I could trouble you for another piece of advice, since a large portion of these things are server only, would the initserver.sqf be an acceptable place to put a fair amount of this? or would the standard init.sqf be more appropriate. I've only played with init.sqf and initplayerlocal.sqf's previously, but it seemed it might be a way to make sure things are executed on the server only. If I understand it properly init.sqf would be running unnecessarily on the client as well?

    @SpyderBlack723 It seems it is possible to create an advanced marker via script, but it is very unfriendly and convoluted

    I appreciate you taking the time to look at that, it definitely sounds like something that's probably outside of my skill set at the moment, maybe I'll try give that a shot when I'm a bit more experienced unless I've found another clever method before then. On a related note, I can test it out and see if its not something you know off of the top of your head, but would a diary entry be saved by AliVE by default or would I need to use the other method you've given me examples for to try and capture that through a script?

    I appreciate your explanation of the tools above and look forward to trying to make something with them thanks for your help.

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