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    Wed Jun 13 17:08:06 2018
    W warhawk373 posted in Any way to make transport fly higher?.

    Yeah. It seems like it would be as simple as changing a variable in the combat support transport module .sqf but its all coded of course, so we would have to get a line of code to put in the init line of the vehicle in the editor that would overwrite the variable in the code. Which would have to be made by someone who has access to the decoded version of the scripts.

    I'm not very experienced with scripting but that is just my guess as to how it would be achieved.

    So I found where the code probably needs to be changed but I'm not 100% sure.

    It may be in sup_combatsupport\scripts\NEO_radio\functions\misc\fn_setFlyInHeight.sqf

    Since it's all coded I can't really tell if its as simple as changing a number in that .sqf or not. If an ALIVE admin just saw this they could probably answer this in 5 seconds ):

    Edit: Sorry, when I say it's coded I meant binarized, I was just blanking on the terminology

  2. Sat Jun 2 19:40:28 2018
    W warhawk373 started the conversation Any way to make transport fly higher?.

    When transporting using the combat support module there is an option for high, medium, and low altitude. Is there any way to make them fly even higher? The module works great for landing and fast-roping but I was hoping to be able to do a HALO insertion.

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    Sat May 27 01:14:11 2017
    W warhawk373 posted in Enemies keep reoccupying areas .

    Fixed: My CQB persistence wasn't on

  4. Fri May 26 22:33:14 2017
    W warhawk373 started the conversation Enemies keep reoccupying areas .

    I go through and kill all the units in an area then go back to base and save an exit. The AI keeps reoccupying every area though. The AI persistence is on so they are being saved. It's always a different composition of enemies, like sometimes there are vehicles and sometimes there aren't. How do you prevent them from moving in? I don't want to be pushed halfway across the map then not be able to get back to base because the enemy fortified everywhere behind me.

  5. Wed May 24 16:13:31 2017
    W warhawk373 posted in Little things aren't saving.

    @HeroesandvillainsOS That's the correct process, if you're admin and playing alone. Player exit is for the non-server host/nom-admin players, that want their stats saved to ALiVE War Room.

    When the admin server saves and exits, the player data for the admin is saved as well.

    Okay, thanks. Regarding my first post, I didn't know designator batteries were consumed (800 hours in Arma 3 and still learning new things), I can deal with ACE cargo not saving it wasn't a necessity, and as for the ACOG: I just experienced a glitch were putting my gun in my backpack made the scope disappear. I now recall putting my gun in my pack earlier before I posted this, I just must have not noticed my ACOG missing until I loaded back in. Thanks for the help though, now I can finally start my MSO without worrying about whether or not all my progress will be corrupted or deleted.

  6. Wed May 24 15:39:20 2017
    W warhawk373 posted in Little things aren't saving.

    Well the server is on my computer and I can't keep it running all the time so I can't player exit or else I won't be able to server save and exit (I think, correct me if I'm wrong). So I go into the ALiVE menu and click save player data then esc and press server save and exit, wait for it to save everything and end the mission, then shutdown the server. Is that the correct process?

  7. Wed May 24 04:38:35 2017
    W warhawk373 started the conversation Little things aren't saving.

    Random stuff doesn't save on my ALiVE server. Like one time when I loaded in my ACOG sight disappeared from my gun. Also the laser designation batteries never stay in my inventory. The last thing I noticed is the ACE cargo system. If I put an ammo box into the ACE cargo of a vehicle, it always spawns where it was before it was loaded. None of this stuff makes the game unplayable, but if there's a fix for it then I definitely want to know

  8. Wed May 24 00:36:18 2017

    Oh, after I placed the ALiVE data module, I moved the .pbo into my arma 3 mpmissions, not the servers mpmissions, so it didn't update it. Plus I had to unblock the .cfg and my IP was wrong on the server setup thing on the ALiVE website. Lol, thanks though

  9. Tue May 23 05:46:04 2017
    W warhawk373 started the conversation Can't get my mission to connect to ALiVE [SOLVED].

    The mission works, I placed the ALiVE data module, I followed the exect instructions for setting it up on a dedicated server, but when I start the mission on the server I can't save anything. I can't save my player or when I login to admin I can't save the server.

    The only thing I was unsure about was where to put the alive.cfg

    It said to put it into the appdata\local\ALiVE on the dedicated server, but my server is on the same machine as my client. So do I put it in my server directory or in the appdata directory? I mean I put it in both and it didn't work so I assume that wasn't the problem, but still.

    Please help lol. I have been trying to set up an ALiVE server for me and my buddy to play for so long and there are 0 good tutorials on the subject. There's topics and a video that briefly cover setting up the server but they are all kind of like saying "add potatoes, water, and cheese to make potato soup" they don't cover any of the specifics.

  10. Tue May 23 05:37:45 2017
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