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  1. 9 months ago
    Mon Nov 4 12:51:26 2019

    Revenant, most modules (including military logistics) should have a persistence toggle in the module options. Force pool should save if you set them to persistent.

  2. Mon Nov 4 12:41:41 2019
    G Goon started the conversation Roadblocks.

    Hello, my group has recently got back into ALiVE, however we no longer have a space bar function to destroy the roadblocks. Is there a fix for this?

  3. 3 years ago
    Tue Jun 13 21:33:09 2017

    I've tried this multiple times today, and in no way can I get it to initialize in game. Ive added this

    setvariable ["CS_TYPE","CAS"]; et al (Altitude, callsign etc) to inti, synced it to the module and nothing.

    I can see the callsign in the CS Tablet, however there is no taskings available for the bird, nor is there a helicopter outline next to the callsign.

  4. Tue Jun 13 15:05:16 2017

    Where do I run this command?

  5. Mon Jun 12 13:06:00 2017

    I've narrowed it down to SMA weapons and equipment, if that helps.

  6. Wed Jun 7 04:18:09 2017
    G Goon started the conversation Wrong weapon names and group overview stats.

    Hello all, relatively new to the world of Alive campaign/mission creation and just have a few questions.

    1. Nearly every kill in my group is being registered with a Glock 17 and the occasional laser designator. Now, although I can confirm we've had maybe 10-15 Glock kills, we certainly haven't had the over 100 ALiVE is reporting.

    2. My group overview stats all says "NaN" as far as group KD, mission time, etc.

    Below are what I think are relevant logs. Please advise if more are needed. Thank you.

    Alive log
    Server Log

    Group name on alive is TaskForce57

  7. Tue Jun 6 16:51:41 2017
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