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    Fri Jun 23 06:30:43 2017
    J jettfiremachine posted in Spawn and sync artillery.

    Hey @Friznit so I've been playing around with the code but Im stuck at something...

    fn_supportAdd line 227 it says:

    [_battery,_grp,_units, units _grp] spawn _code;

    And that is giving me a generic error in expression which means it is getting an unexpected type of data... So: whats the purpose of this line? why you send those attributes? is it important even when a user can send _code as an empty string?

    Thanks for your support! :)

  2. Mon Jun 19 01:03:43 2017
    J jettfiremachine posted in Spawn and sync artillery.

    Ok glas to hear that! I will test that right away and let you know if it works.

    What would happen if I want to integrate ALiVE to Liberation official mission which is on Steam? Will that be a problem? Or no as long as I dont change the source code

  3. Sun Jun 18 22:23:57 2017
    J jettfiremachine started the conversation Spawn and sync artillery.

    Hi, first of all I wanna point out that all the things I discovered when trying to debug were usign tools from the editor. I DÍD NOT UNPBO OR EDITED ANY OF THE FILES.

    Im editing the liberation mission in an effort to integrate ALiVE combat support module. What Im doing is adding an script to sync the vehicle when you buy it. So far I managed to create and sync units for transport and CAS usign the ALiVE_fnc_combatSupportAdd. However when trying to add an artillery piece, it doesnt work. I looked into the combatSupportAdd function usign the function bowser in game and noticed that the code related to "arty" is commented.
    My question is: is there any special reason for it to be commented?
    Since Im actually not allowed to open your code and edit it, even when this is going to be for personal use only, could you guys uncomment those lines and reupload to workshop so I can use it?

    Thanks in advance

  4. Sun Jun 18 19:56:33 2017
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