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    Thu Feb 8 13:44:19 2018

    I also wish that when an order/message/etc was popped up on the bottom left such as when requesting a helo/receiving a mission it would play some inaudible radio chatter. I think Arma has such a sound effect available in the defaults.

  2. 2 weeks ago
    Wed Jan 31 18:06:08 2018

    That UCW mod looks really cool. Would be really neat if they had a military version of it. Where Corps of Engineers or something are building firebases, FOBs, defenses, etc and you can provide overwatch.

  3. Wed Jan 31 00:28:28 2018
    T thick1988 started the conversation How do you guys add immersion/detail to missions?.

    Ive got Spyders addons, and the ALiVE modules in place. Mission works great! But how do you all add that extra layer of realism/immersion to maps? Any specific othet mods that play well? Any scripts or things you use? Interested in seeing what others do with this.

  4. Tue Jan 30 18:04:30 2018
    T thick1988 posted in Strategic C2ISTAR.

    Thanks Easy, I'll give that a shot!

  5. Tue Jan 30 04:00:01 2018
    T thick1988 started the conversation Strategic C2ISTAR.

    So, I've got the item required set to 'ItemRadio' and in the C2ISTAR module I've set the auto-tasking to persistent. But I never get tasks, and it seems like some sort of error is being given when it usually would assign a task. Has anyone had success using the C2ISTAR module with Strategic tasking yet?

  6. 6 weeks ago
    Wed Jan 3 02:17:30 2018
    T thick1988 started the conversation ALiVE on unindexed map.

    I've read you can setup ALiVE missions even on maps without indexes by using the Virtual AI System Module, syncing units, and using the custom objective module. But I'm having a hell of a time getting it figured out. It seems like no matter how I set it up, or how few modules I put in, the game loads once and I'm moving around the game for a second, then another loading screen appears and never goes away. It ends up forcing me to kill arma with the task manager. Are there any example missions or tutorials on setting up a mission on a map without an index?

  7. 7 weeks ago
    Fri Dec 29 20:58:50 2017

    I know only custom objectives work for Military Objectives, but will placing a 'Military Objective (Custom)' module and setting the force faction to a civilian faction do the trick? Will it even spawn civilians?

  8. Fri Dec 29 17:03:17 2017

    I'm trying to setup an ALiVE mission that takes place on a map which is totally blank as far as structures. I know I'll have to sync units to the Virtual AI, etc. My question though is, is it possible to have civilian placement handled by the module? Can I use Custom Objectives somehow to spawn and handle civilian areas? Or will I have to sync all Civilians to the Virtual AI System Module? I just have 1 small town with a number of outlying farm settlements that I need to do this for.

  9. 3 months ago
    Tue Nov 14 21:48:54 2017

    Thanks Friznit, so I see a lot of mention of that being in relation to the MACC. But, if I'm understanding your post on the other thread correctly, I should be able to just look in the C2ISTAR module's options, I should expect to see an option to set it to 'Strategic' which would generate tasks based on actual battlefield needs and data?

  10. Tue Nov 14 19:54:55 2017
    T thick1988 started the conversation Virtual AI Commander Issue Orders to Player.

    Is it possible, with the player being a squad leader, for the Virtual AI to give the players team waypoints? Move here, for example. I know there are auto generated tasks, but those are sort of just generated at random with no real tie in to the overall battle.

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