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  1. 2 days ago
    Mon Apr 16 18:59:56 2018
    T thick1988 posted in Help on indexing PMC Terrains maps.

    I've been interested in these maps too, they look pretty cool. Perfect for some large scale armored maneuvers with combined air support. I wish they'd release versions without the buildings so that proper buildings could be placed.

  2. last week
    Wed Apr 11 15:20:30 2018
    T thick1988 posted in Fore Size & Weighting.

    Thanks @HeroesandvillainsOS for the info, I'll check into the script and see what I can make of it.

  3. Wed Apr 11 14:27:30 2018
    T thick1988 started the conversation Fore Size & Weighting.

    So I understand via wiki: Force Size and Composition Weighting choices will influence the overall force composition. ALiVE will attempt to emulate realistic combined arms battle groups using equipment and vehicles available to that faction. Mission editors can overwrite this by forcing unbalanced groups in the Overrides if they choose (e.g. infantry only).

    My question is with regards to it being explained in more detail if possible. When I choose 'Company (100)' from the list. Does that mean that there are 100 profiles on the map? Or is this some other measurement? For example, if I've got a faction like Syndikat or Takistan Militia that has weird groups of like 2 men, 4 men patrols in some cases, do those groups count as much as a 12 man squad?

    Also, say I choose 'Light Infantry' for force weighting. Is it going to purely spawn Light Infantry? Or is there some ratio breakdown on what it wants to spawn like 75% Light Infantry, 15% Motorized, 10% Mechanized?

  4. Tue Apr 10 14:38:29 2018

    No worries, I just switched over to using Insurgency missions for now. Thanks anyways

  5. Mon Apr 9 17:57:17 2018

    @GrizzlyBear83 If you don't mind me asking, were you able to get your saves to work properly? I use vCOM via Steam Workshop, can you let me know how you implemented the updates to vCOM to your mission?

  6. Mon Apr 9 16:26:19 2018
    T thick1988 posted in VCom and ALiVE.

    Thanks AUTigerGrad, maybe I'm confused on how vCOM works. As of now I've got vCOM subscribed to on the Steam Workshop. If I clone the repository, how would I overwrite the files the vCOM download from Steam applies? Or have I been using it wrong all along?

  7. Mon Apr 9 03:24:03 2018
    T thick1988 posted in VCom and ALiVE.

    How exactly do you replace the existing vCOM files with the updated ones from the github? my vcom is packed into a pbo, do i need to replace and repack it all or is there a pbo avail?

  8. 2 weeks ago
    Thu Apr 5 14:48:33 2018
    T thick1988 posted in Custom Random Camps.

    Afraid I haven't seen one myself, and I'll admit I've never tried my hand at it either yet so my knowledge of it is severely limited.

  9. Wed Apr 4 15:00:28 2018
    T thick1988 started the conversation Editing my factions after creation.

    So, I have made dozens of factions successfully with ORBAT tool, really love it and have got it down without a problem now. The only issue I've run into is how to edit my factions after I've already created them, packed them into a PBO, etc.

    For example, if I want to go back and add additional units or groups, when I load up the game go into ORBAT tool, find my faction in the list > Edit and make changes and export it, overwrite and repack the PBO it errors out on trying to load the game. The only thing I can ever end up doing, is create a whole new faction from scratch and just replace the original. There has to be a better way of simply editing one of my existing factions right? It seems like when I do this though, it wants me to have an ADDITIONAL PBO for the edit, on top of the original pbo for the faction.

  10. Mon Apr 2 19:17:28 2018
    T thick1988 posted in Replacer.

    This video is what I learned how to use the ORBAT tool from:

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