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    Sat Jul 15 16:58:27 2017
    O optyk started the conversation Dedicated Windows Server Persistence Issues.

    Hello everyone, need a little insight as I have hit a roadblock on what to try next.

    ALiVE is running on a supported Windows 'game server'. We're only using ALiVE and CBA. alive.cfg is located in ARMA3 root folder.

    What works:
    War Room player and group stat tracking. War Room 'Recent Operations' will show our info as well.

    What does not work:
    Mission/Task/Player persistence after a server reboot. Also, an error message on player login stating that their profile could not be downloaded because something is wrong or they are not signed up.

    All the required and correct ALiVE modules are in place on the map AND set for persistent --on the ones that allow that option. The mission is the basic quick start one from the Wiki tutorial.

    When I do the ALiVE Admin Save and Exit option, I see the tablet show up, some messages scroll down the screen about it saving and it kicks me to the games lobby. But, after a server reboot and re-login back to the server -everything is reset as if it were a fresh start.

    Server and Plugin Logs

    Hoping someone can help!

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