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    Fri Jul 28 00:06:17 2017
    L Ltdann started the conversation Multiple Orbat Factions.

    Had a quick question. Is it possible to have 2 factions that have been made compatible in the ORBAT editor in the same mission? I'm getting a "CfgFactionClasses: Member already defined" error after I have copied both of my factions information and pasted it into the description. Is there a way to get around this so both of the factions work? (One of these factions is a Blufor and the other is a Opfor faction)

  2. Thu Jul 20 10:03:39 2017

    Thanks turns out I'm just that stupid lol. Changed that and got them to spawn on mil and civ objectives. right in front of me and i didn't see it.

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  4. Sat Jul 15 03:51:47 2017
    L Ltdann started the conversation ORBAT Incompatible Faction Troubles.

    Been using ORBAT for a while now and have had a new issue with making missions as of late. I've done as you said in your video about making incompatible factions with alive, compatible. I've also followed the wiki to the letter and customized my groups for an ALIVE compatible OPTRE (Halo mod) faction. Once I made the groups that I wanted, I copied the full faction and pasted it in the description.ext. BUT when i put the faction class name in the ALIVE modules it tells me it can't find them and that the faction maybe faulty. How can it be faulty if I just made the groups compatible as you did in your video? I'm probably missing something very simple and just can't see it.

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