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    Sat Jul 17 14:07:25 2021
    D Duke_161 posted in Persistence & Custom Objectives.

    [SOLVED] - for persistence, any custom objectives need to be within a TAOR.

  2. Sat Jul 17 13:35:33 2021
    D Duke_161 started the conversation Persistence & Custom Objectives.

    Hey, does anyone know if custom objectives are [meant to be] persistent ?
    Persistence is set-up correctly and is working. But if you're not using a TAOR/area marker at all, should custom objectives be persistent ? A group I'm playing with has set it up this way and seems that when we come back, after a save, that the ai spawn at the original objectives (even if in the previous session, they were killed/area captured) i.e. it doesn't appear persistent (although player position, vehicle, crates, markers, etc., all work fine, persistence wise). Can anyone confirm this at all ? Incidentally, the custom objectives are synched to the ai commander, with persistence running on it.
    Many thanks

  3. 4 years ago
    Sat Jun 22 21:29:18 2019

    Thanks @SpyderBlack723 yeah just tested that this evening and it's exactly as you state. When testing previously I only damaged wheels, etc. thanks for your help.

  4. Tue Jun 18 08:17:30 2019
    D Duke_161 started the conversation Vehicle damage persistance (SOLVED).

    Hi Guys,

    Been using alive for a while, so pretty confident of the set-up, etc.

    Have a persistent campaign set-up and persistence is all working as intended, a part from storing vehicle damage. Its saving position, fuel and ammo, but not damage status.

    Have only an opfor OPCOM, no blufor opcom. Not using player combat log or support.

    Any ideas? I'm I missing something ?

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    Wed Aug 23 09:54:26 2017
    D Duke_161 posted in AI triggering Enemy/Virtual forces.

    Ok I think I slightly misunderstood your question. I'm not sure that it's actually possible (I doubt it very much) to have ai trigger/spawn other ai units. But I could be wrong.

    What you would usually do in this circumstance is ensure that the units you don't want to profile (disappear from the map) i.e. the one's you put in your cage are editor placed. It then depends on how you have the virtual AI module is set up. If its 'virtualize synced units' then you sync the group leader of each group or individual unit to the virtual AI module. Or if you've set it up to 'virtualize all editor placed units except synced units' , place the group/individual unit and don't sync the group at all.

    This would mean, in a manner of speaking, that these units are not actually being controlled by alive and are simply editor placed units. Therefore, they won't 'disappear'.

  6. Wed Aug 23 09:32:22 2017
    D Duke_161 posted in AI triggering Enemy/Virtual forces.

    Can you not just use editor placed ai enemy, that are not going to profile ?

  7. Fri Jul 28 15:11:26 2017

    Thanks Tupolov.

  8. Fri Jul 28 14:19:21 2017

    Yeah ok, thinking about it, I may have been too hasty in my exiting. I also wasn't sure if I needed to 'player exit' as well, but have since learnt that I don't need to. Annoying, but it's all learning.

    Ok damn. So lythium as it currently stands, isn't fully compatible with alive ?
    Thanks for your help. At least it's making more sense now,

  9. Wed Jul 26 07:48:28 2017

    So I completely made a new mission from scratch - very methodical, ensuring everything was set up correctly.

    All working well initially, mission showing up in war room, stats, etc, mission itself functioning properly.

    I then invited a handful of people from my unit to test. Just engaging enemies, using adv. markers, etc. saved a few times, markers had saved, our position and load outs all good and then on the last save, our position/load out was fine, but we noticed adv. markers stopped functioning completely and connection with the war room was lost. This is exactly the same as what occurred before. At least it's consistent...not sure if it's a mod/server configuration causing the issue, no idea.

    Anyhow, here are links to the rpt and plugin logs of this particular mission.



    @Tupolov I understand you're away, so obviously, just when you get the chance to take a look at it and perhaps see what's going on, would be greatly appreciated.

  10. Tue Jul 25 14:19:35 2017

    OK, thanks for letting me know.

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