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    Thu May 3 13:58:27 2018
    J JohnHenry posted in Mission not saving.


    Pull the VCOM assets, place them in your mission folder with mission.sqm with [] execVM "VCOMAI\init.sqf"; in your init.sqf in the folder to enable VCOM.

    Can you provide some clarification on this?

    I am running an Alive insurgency on Lythium and am running into saving issues. I am using ACE, VCOM, and RHS.

    After I made the mission I started it up on a local dedicated server for a quick test and had no problem. After fooling around for 15 minutes I was able to use "Server Save & Exit" and everything went normal.

    When I rejoined the mission, persistence was working normally. After playing for a few hours I tried to "Server Save & Exit." The tablet was showing that it was stuck on "ALiVE Persistence - Saving Data...Please Wait."

    I have the 2.94 VCOM AI script folder and init.sqf in my mission folder. Is there something else I need to do to apply the fix you describe?

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    Mon Aug 14 14:50:49 2017

    @Nichols Also need to make sure that your ALiVE mods are actually in the root folder for Arma 3 instead of just in any folder and "calling it".

    My mods are in the steam workshop directory. Calling the mods through the steam workshop directory will mess with ALiVE / persistence?

  3. Fri Aug 11 12:55:36 2017
    J JohnHenry posted in Persistance Problems [SOLVED].

    I have fixed the problem. Loudouts, player position, and markers are persisted between sessions.

    The problem was fixed after I added rules to my fire wall to allow ports 2302-2305.

  4. Tue Aug 8 12:19:12 2017
    J JohnHenry posted in Persistance Problems [SOLVED].

    Where are the quick start .pbo's? I'm guessing I will need to run it on a dedicated server.

  5. Tue Aug 8 00:11:06 2017
    J JohnHenry posted in Persistance Problems [SOLVED].

    Well I loaded up Operation Landlord with only ALiVE and CBA. I changed my loadout, moved my character, and set a SPOTREP. I used Player Exit then rejoined. Unfortunately when I rejoined by position and loadout were set to the default, and my SPOTREP was gone.

    I tried this again with a different Arma 3 profile and War room account, along with a redownload of ALiVE an d the accompanying AliveServer and alive.cfg files and I did not see any change.

    Looks like I will have to wait for update. Thanks for the help.

  6. Mon Aug 7 16:48:36 2017
    J JohnHenry posted in Persistance Problems [SOLVED].

    Ill test that once I get home from work. If I figure out I have the bug I might try to go through the whole ALiVE persistance configuration again to see if it fixes it.

  7. Mon Aug 7 15:35:48 2017
    J JohnHenry posted in Persistance Problems [SOLVED].

    @Tupolov Yes that is correct, however, we had 2 bug reports from last build where under certain conditions this would not occur. To check if you suffer from this bug, have the player exit and then rejoin. This has been fixed in the dev version (to be released soon). The marker issue should only be seen with JIP.

    So I do not have this bug if I select "player exit" in the ALiVE menu, rejoin, then spawn in the same location with the same loadout?

    What is JIP?

    Thank you.

  8. Mon Aug 7 12:15:31 2017
    J JohnHenry posted in Persistance Problems [SOLVED].

    Ok I will give it a go.

    If it is working, my position, loadout, and spotrep/sitrep markers should be continued from my last session, correct?

  9. Sun Aug 6 20:14:38 2017
    J JohnHenry started the conversation Persistance Problems [SOLVED].


    I am trying to setup persistence with the Operation Lythium mission. My player position, loadout, and ALiVE markers (SITREPS, SPOTREPS, etc.) do not save from session to session. I believe I have followed the instructions on the wiki correctly.

    I am using a local dedicated server via TADST.

    Here what I have done to troubleshoot:

    -When I enter the server, I get the message on the right of the screen that states my web profile has loaded. The mission will also appear on the War Room feed.

    -I will choose a loadout, set some SITREPS and SPOTREPS. Then "save server and exit." The ALiVE tablet appears and it performs the mission saving.

    -I will disconnect from the server and rejoin. My player position and loadout is returned to the default. My SITREPS and SPOTREPS are missing.

    I have tested this using the Operation Landlord sample mission, using only ALiVE and CBA (server has ALiVE, CBA, and AliveServer). I have the same issue.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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