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    Fri Aug 11 20:36:58 2017
    A AndyB1580 posted in Trailing spaces on TAOR name.

    @Friznit Use Notepad++

    Thanks, but it also happens when you object copy names from on-line ALiVE tutorials.

  2. Fri Aug 11 20:06:28 2017
    A AndyB1580 posted in Vehicles falling from the sky.

    Happens to me when using Camp Rogaine as a base almost every time if civilian ambient vehicles are enabled (even low) and frequently even if not enabled. Using only CBA and ALiVE mods and in the Eden editor.

    Helicopters are also rendered above ground level in Camp Rogaine and explode if they drop more than a few feet onto the helipad.

  3. Fri Aug 11 18:57:02 2017
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    Trailing Spaces. I just started using Alive and I noticed an inconvenience. Many text editors will append a trailing space to words when you copy them to be pasted. I had trouble with a Alive mission that I was testing because I put the object names into a notepad and a trailing space was appended to my TAOR name and cause mismatching names with and without the trailing space. It would be really nice if trailing spaces were trimmed in the module dialog boxes if possible. Thanks.

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