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    Sat Aug 12 21:28:47 2017
    G Ghost-usml posted in Persistance backpack items inside box.

    the persistance is working correctly and all items in the box got restored except the contents inside vests backpacks and weapons any ideas to solve this problem?

  2. Sat Aug 12 09:21:24 2017
    G Ghost-usml started the conversation Persistance backpack items inside box.

    Hello i have a problem with persistance, my group is trying to implement a lokcer system in our sandbox using alive (last version) every time that we restart server the items inside in backpacks vests and weapons atachments doesnt save in pesistance.
    any ideas of how i can solve this problem? i cant find a way to do it or if alive even support it ;c
    thanks for your help and alive is such a great mod cx

  3. Sat Aug 12 09:16:16 2017
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