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    Thu May 3 17:04:46 2018
    B bradont posted in Mission not saving.

    Hey, Heroes asked me to post a link to the fixed pbo.
    This only fixes saving when playing as the server (ie. hosted environment) - if you use a dedicated server don't get this
    This is not an official release and is not signed - if you want to play MP on servers that check signatures, don't get this
    The fix or its equivalent will make it into the next ALiVE release, so if you don't know if you need it, don't get it.
    Download x_lib.pbo, replace the existing one in your alive folder.

  2. Wed Oct 11 05:26:19 2017
    B bradont posted in Complete Index of Tilos.

    Half the people in slack seemed to be seeing my name instead of nickname, so i figured id just use my name and save some confusion.
    (Seems it worked the other way round!)

  3. Tue Oct 10 18:59:13 2017
    B bradont started the conversation Complete Index of Leskovets.

    Index Link

    This map doesn't have any military areas with objects in them, so only civ mil placement will work here. The grass airfields could be suitable if you use mil placement custom objectives, or place units and buildings with the editor.

  4. Tue Oct 10 10:33:59 2017
    B bradont started the conversation Complete Index of Tilos.

    First index by me, and map has the black sky bug so I wouldn't generally recommend its use
    Zipped Index

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