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    Wed Jan 3 06:18:44 2018

    This issue was solved, I used a simple AutoHotKey script (ran the script as Administrator) to rebind Print Screen to the App Menu key:


    Simple two-line script, and now I can do stuff :D

  2. 3 months ago
    Tue Nov 7 16:56:49 2017

    Awesome, good to hear, Friznit! Can't wait to finally use the menu :D

  3. 4 months ago
    Tue Oct 24 19:03:17 2017

    The default binding is still there, I have just added another keybind to it.

    When I delete my *added* keybind (Ctrl-9) and add a different keybind (Ctrl-8, for instance), then the previous *added* keybind ceases to work (Ctrl-9), and the new keybind (Ctrl-8) then works, but again, "works" meaning it's not displaying the ALiVE menu, just triggers the ARMA UI "can't do that" sound.

  4. Tue Oct 24 13:41:31 2017
    D dsrtfx started the conversation ALiVE Menu won't pop up, only hear a "bloop" sound.

    Hello! I'm trying to use the Combat Support module in one of my missions, this is the first time I've tried support assets. I have only tried the Artillery submodule, and it looks like my only problem is that the ALiVE menu won't pop up, all I hear is the ARMA "bloop" UI sound like it's saying "no, you can't do that, something else needs to happen before you can do that." I know it's bound, I have tried both Custom Action 20 and the Configure Addons / ALIVE MENU keybinds, same "bloop" sound.

    Let me know where I'm going wrong:

    * Mission is on the Summer Chernaurus map.

    * I inserted the main support module and the artillery submodule, and synced the artillery submodule to the main support module.

    * I have the main support module with "Laserdesignator" set as the required loadout item, which ingame is the Laser Designator "Sand", IIRC. When I start my mission, I grab it from a Virtual Arsenal, I don't have a custom loadout set for any units at the moment.

    * I am playing as the Russians, and the artillery units spawn correctly as the rhs_2s3_tv, the same units as I set in the Artillery Support submodule options. They are friendly to my units and to me, so that's good, means we're recognized as being on the same side.

    * Armed with the Laserdesignator item, I click CTRL-9 (my keyboard does not have the app menu key so I added this keybind in Configure Addons), but I only hear the "bloop" sound. Nothing happens other than that sound.


    I'm using ALiVE with RHS USA and AFRF, CUP Core & Terrain, and ACE3, all mods are subscribed from the Steam Workshop from the original authors, along with the dependencies which I believe is only CBA.

  5. Tue Oct 24 13:28:10 2017
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