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    Sun Mar 25 23:21:05 2018

    What @thick1988 said! That was my understanding of that wiki section. Is that not the case? Does that control how many groups are sent to attack an objective, not how many objectives will be attacked at once?


  2. Wed Mar 21 22:23:08 2018
    D dsrtfx started the conversation How to make BLUFOR *actually* assault OPFOR?.

    The problem I'm having is that BLUFOR will only attack with 1 to 3 infantry squads at a time, every 15 to 30 minutes after each assault fails. Is there a way to have them assault with more troops? I'm not looking to make Pickett's Charge or anything, I just want them to actually assault the objective with force and aggression.

    Setup is BLUFOR and OPFOR each spawn using a Civ Obj with towns ~5km away, blue has 200 strength and red has 100 strength, both have 2 mechanized groups overridden to spawn. Red is set to Occupation and has no knowledge of Blue, Blue is set to Invasion and has the Red spawn synced to Blue commander.

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    Wed Jan 3 06:18:44 2018

    This issue was solved, I used a simple AutoHotKey script (ran the script as Administrator) to rebind Print Screen to the App Menu key:


    Simple two-line script, and now I can do stuff :D

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    Tue Nov 7 16:56:49 2017

    Awesome, good to hear, Friznit! Can't wait to finally use the menu :D

  5. Tue Oct 24 19:03:17 2017

    The default binding is still there, I have just added another keybind to it.

    When I delete my *added* keybind (Ctrl-9) and add a different keybind (Ctrl-8, for instance), then the previous *added* keybind ceases to work (Ctrl-9), and the new keybind (Ctrl-8) then works, but again, "works" meaning it's not displaying the ALiVE menu, just triggers the ARMA UI "can't do that" sound.

  6. Tue Oct 24 13:41:31 2017
    D dsrtfx started the conversation ALiVE Menu won't pop up, only hear a "bloop" sound.

    Hello! I'm trying to use the Combat Support module in one of my missions, this is the first time I've tried support assets. I have only tried the Artillery submodule, and it looks like my only problem is that the ALiVE menu won't pop up, all I hear is the ARMA "bloop" UI sound like it's saying "no, you can't do that, something else needs to happen before you can do that." I know it's bound, I have tried both Custom Action 20 and the Configure Addons / ALIVE MENU keybinds, same "bloop" sound.

    Let me know where I'm going wrong:

    * Mission is on the Summer Chernaurus map.

    * I inserted the main support module and the artillery submodule, and synced the artillery submodule to the main support module.

    * I have the main support module with "Laserdesignator" set as the required loadout item, which ingame is the Laser Designator "Sand", IIRC. When I start my mission, I grab it from a Virtual Arsenal, I don't have a custom loadout set for any units at the moment.

    * I am playing as the Russians, and the artillery units spawn correctly as the rhs_2s3_tv, the same units as I set in the Artillery Support submodule options. They are friendly to my units and to me, so that's good, means we're recognized as being on the same side.

    * Armed with the Laserdesignator item, I click CTRL-9 (my keyboard does not have the app menu key so I added this keybind in Configure Addons), but I only hear the "bloop" sound. Nothing happens other than that sound.


    I'm using ALiVE with RHS USA and AFRF, CUP Core & Terrain, and ACE3, all mods are subscribed from the Steam Workshop from the original authors, along with the dependencies which I believe is only CBA.

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