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    Tue Nov 7 16:54:23 2017
    O Oceans posted in Streamline and adjust request.

    Well working, playing and enjoining the same amazing mods.. At least trying cuz still noob in arma stuff..

    Anyway if usefull..

    In my mission i am using at the moment 5 different factions... The Exile "Indi" faction as player faction and 4 cup factions. Setting BLU_F enemy to IND_F. Using 2 CUP_O factions 1 CUP_B faction and 1 CUP_I faction. I am trying not to overload it, i use only 4 AI commanders, one IDE+CQB and 2 x Air.Commander. 3 Mill.Obj. 5 Civ.Obj. and CIV placement + SpyderAddons few modules.. No Mill.Logistik, no persistent yet (dunno how to set it up the right way) and no player logistic at all. A bit lagging cuz still no active HC.
    I have only one faction each AI.Commander cuz other wise they shoot each other. Also that is why i can not use vanilla factions.

    Since i have started to build own mission and a server,"month ago xd" i start to understand there is no limit in Arma. Thanks for ALiVE btw, as player you do not always see the great and lovely done but
    also hard work. Also all the guides, without them.. most people like me would be lost trying to make server running xD
    Thanks for this great one!

  2. Wed Nov 1 22:06:13 2017

    Well yea make Arma not war right :D

  3. Wed Nov 1 20:50:35 2017

    No. I did not try to run ALiVE and CBA only.. Was never on my plan so that's why i did not start there. Did not think about to try cuz i think why should this not working, atleast ALiVE need to run CBA. Or whats on you mean?

    i am running

    its allways only this kick, only one:

    Value Restriction #0 "ALiVE_clientIdRequest" = R Alpha 1-1:1 (Oceans) REMOTE

    Edit: And yea it run without BE fine, but this was never the problem. I'd like to share my server with every one out there.. Its non donations perk server, just gonna be fun server with out any donations or monetasion or how it calls.. Thats why i need BE, this server gonna be open for every one to enjoi. I want just to make an amazing mission with it and share it with armaverse.. So how hard it could be to manage one BE kick restriction :'D .. . :'(

  4. Wed Nov 1 20:44:04 2017

    Well thanks atleast for a answer from admin site, does not really help to pass the problem :(

    Everything works as it should and it was not hard to make Exile mission with Alive running in editor, if i turn off BE filter it runs good on my server without problems. After i have turned off BE, i was been able to join my server and to play..

    My question is: What is ALiVE_clientIdRequest and how can i make BE filter working without to kick me for // Value Restriction #0 "ALiVE_clientIdRequest" = R Alpha 1-1:1 (Oceans) REMOTE ?

    Cuz this is the only problem i see, to run EXILE and ALiVE together in one mission on a server with BE filter.
    Any help would be nice.

  5. Wed Nov 1 10:36:49 2017

    Well still the same problem, no one can tell me why do i get this BE kick from server:
    Value Restriction #0 "ALiVE_clientIdRequest" = R Alpha 1-1:1 (Oceans) REMOTE

    I did put filters inside script.txt and inside publicvariable.txt and still same Battleeye kick..
    Guys, ALiVE devs. Please help me someone, i do not know how to set it up right way, i do my best to do it by my own but for now i can not pass this battleye kick..

    Somebody, please tell why do i get this BE kick.. i am alone and i am not a c++ pro. First time in my life i see such things as Battleye Filter or Scripts and all the stuff. Cuz trying first time to run an Arma server.. For me and my friends. No one of us was doing such "HowtoArma""Script" things. Now i start slow to understand how it works and i tryed my best but this BE kicks me all the time from server just for one Restriction and no one knows something about? No one can help me?
    I dont wanna give up ALiVE on my server just cuz BE filters, also i would not like to turn off BE filters. I know many say BE is not good and no one need it. But its all i have, i am noob and would love to ride and rock a server with ALiVE on it. Also WARROOM, but for now still the same battleeye kick..

    I NEED A HERO he dont need to be smart and not to be strong but just help me with this :'D
    Any help would be amazing ...

    Edit: i found this on google https://github.com/ALiVEOS/ALiVE.OS/blob/master/addons/x_lib/preinit.sqf What does it mean and what should i maybe change for not being kicked cuz "ALiVE_clientIdRequest"

  6. Tue Oct 31 22:38:14 2017

    Hi all, as first ALiVE is amazing, can not stop thinking about all the different missions you can do easy cuz of ALiVE.. But someone pleaase help me, i am sitting since some hours on this BE kick:

    Value Restriction #0 "ALiVE_clientIdRequest" = R Alpha 1-1:1 (Oceans) REMOTE

    could some one help me, get kicked cuz Value Restriction #0 "ALiVE_clientIdRequest" it want let me join the server: i have addet the filter to "publicvariable.txt" :

    7 "" !=ALiVE_clientIdRequest

    Still get the same kick massage, not being able to join the server

    (what is this filter about? cuz i am running exile server and have done everything like i should to install ALiVE on it.. btw atm without @AliveServer cuz i try as first to become to run ALiVE on Exile.

    -mod="@Exile;@CDAH Mod Pack;@CBA_A3;@CUP_Units;@CUP_Vehicles;@CUP_Weapons;@ALiVE;@Spyder_Addons;" -serverMod="@ExileServer;"

    My rpt says things like:

    23:21:53 OPC DATA [2.5771e+008,"ARMAID","Oceans",true,3]
    23:21:53 BE protection kicked in for player id=257710119, name='Oceans', msgType=285
    23:21:53 No player found for channel 1802174592 - message ignored


    23:21:55 NetServer: users.get failed when sending to 257710119
    23:21:55 Message not sent - error 0, message ID = ffffffff, to 257710119 (Oceans)
    23:22:03 OPD DATA [2.5771e+008,"ARMAID","Oceans",true,3]
    23:22:03 PlayerInfo
    23:22:03 PlayerInfo
    23:22:12 Client: Remote object 3:0 not found


    0:28:46 Server: Object 2:8215 not found (message Type_275)
    0:28:48 Unaccessible
    0:28:48 Error a1 reading file 'config\\squads\oc's\prug8trmon.paa'
    0:28:48 "ExileServer - Player Ocean (ARMAUID ) connected!"
    0:28:48 OPC DATA [3.03644e+006,"ARMAID","Oceans",true,3]
    0:28:51 BE protection kicked in for player id=3036439, name='Oceans', msgType=10
    0:28:51 OPD DATA [3.03644e+006,"ARMAID","Oceans",true,3]
    0:28:51 Client: Remote object 3:0 not found
    0:28:51 "arma3/BIS_fnc_log: HandleDisconnect : 84952040# 1709295: invisibleman.p3d"

    What could this be :( Please any help would be nice. My mission: link text thanks for any help

    Edit: tryed to figure it out and changed the filters but still same kick.. What do i miss? Any one please help me, i have never done this before.. I am setting up my first Arma server and stuck on this. No where on google i can find something about this Value Restriction #0 "ALiVE_clientIdRequest" :(

  7. Tue Oct 31 22:19:15 2017
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