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    Sun Oct 21 14:27:48 2018

    What is the number in max simultaneous attacks on your mission, how many objectives for each commander and the number of profiles?

    all influence on the OPCOM decision

  2. Mon Oct 15 19:01:53 2018
    A AngusDLX posted in Saved location.

    put init.sqf inside of your mission name folder in documents/Arma3, open the mission in editor and export again... Or Open the PBO and put the init.sqf inside.

  3. Mon Oct 15 11:06:09 2018

    And it just seems to happen to the MACC, I only saw it once when an A-10 attacked friendly troops near my position, I tried to repro but it's VERY random.

    From what I understand it's not a message that causes some kind of performance loss or anything. Looking more calmly at the B.I forums it seems like this message is old in the Arma saga and only alert to what might happen if you create a destroy waypoint without attaching a target...

  4. Sun Oct 14 18:06:39 2018
    A AngusDLX posted in Saved location.

    Humm... You created that mission or you downloaded somewhere?

  5. Sun Oct 14 00:38:23 2018
    A AngusDLX posted in Saved location.

    Create one file in your mission folder called init.sqf and put this inside:

    waituntil {(player getvariable ["alive_sys_player_playerloaded",false])};
    sleep 2;
    	if !(isPlayer _x) then {
    		if !(_x getVariable ["Persistent_Teleport", false]) then {
    			_x setPos (getPos player);
    			_x setVariable ["Persistent_Teleport", true, true];
    			sleep .5;
    } forEach units group player;
  6. Sat Oct 6 19:28:36 2018
    A AngusDLX posted in Headless ai needed?.

    @DrDetroit Client side - I think I may try enabling the HC and see how it goes.

    Just to clarify you run a dedicated server on another computer, right? If so, log in as adm using the password you specified for admin by opening the chat and typing #login password and then typing #monitor 5. This "#monitor" command will demonstrate the server's FPS every 5 seconds. If the fps is below 25 in populated areas with multiple enemies, HC may be needed.

  7. Sat Oct 6 15:57:41 2018
    A AngusDLX posted in Headless ai needed?.

    @DrDetroit Thanks for the explanation.

    If I'm runnung a quad core server (I rent one from Citadel), does that mean Arma will use more cores?

    Game runs pretty smooth under all conditions, with my main Alive campaign; 900 profiles and 870 objective and civs set to extreme (Spyder Addons), on Altis. But always looking for more fps if possible.

    It swings between 40-60 fps depending on where and what is happening

    Server fps? lol O.O

  8. Sat Oct 6 15:52:33 2018
    A AngusDLX posted in Headless ai integration .

    Yes all handled by ALiVE.

    All you need to do:

    1) Change in ALiVE (Required) the AI distribuition to Headless Client.

    2) Place HC located in virtual entities and set to playable and give a name HC

    Done! :D

  9. Fri Oct 5 20:41:07 2018
    A AngusDLX posted in Import/Export save.

    Thanks Marcel but how is this done? Simply by copying the PBO or server profile or is it something else?

  10. Fri Oct 5 16:22:08 2018
    A AngusDLX posted in Headless ai needed?.

    Headless Client is used to offload server load that is related to AI calculations. When bots go into combat they generate large calculations to make their decisions which in some cases causes the server to slow down in processing because of that load. With HC, you pass these calculations to another machine or core and make the server stay stable and fast, thus ensuring the fast execution of scripts.

    This situation where the server starts getting "heavy" because of the bots will only happen if many of them are on the scene and that is where the HC may be needed especially if the fps of the server gets too low as I mentioned above.

    ALiVE is extremely optimized in this case thanks to the virtual AI system so you notice little impact on performance but HC may be necessary if your goal is to create cities full of enemies to combat. One of the advantages of HC when it is in another powerful machine is that the bots react and move much faster since the processor is free just for that :)

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