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    Thu Mar 29 12:55:09 2018

    VCOM AI and ASR running togheter will create so much conflict Yeti

  2. Thu Mar 29 01:56:13 2018

    Something is very wrong there. I play with a larger number of profiles on a HD Graphics (sad) with 45 fps

    Is this mission running with other mods? Try without them! Only ALIVE + CBA.

    How are the modules of your mission? Could you send a print from the editor or possibly send the mission PBO?

  3. Tue Mar 27 22:17:30 2018
    A AngusDLX posted in VCom and ALiVE.

    @AUTigerGrad So heads up folks....VCOM in its current state will ultimately wreck an ALIVE server after the server being up for 8-12 hours. By wreck I mean.... extremely long save times (or no save at all can be done) on server save and exit, extremely long spawn times for ALiVE units causing units to spawn in on top of players after several minutes, etc. I'm assuming this is due to some bad code that causes never ending loops and spam on the server.

    A VCOM user named MrLED has uploaded several fixes to VCOM's github but they have not been pushed yet to the main VCOM code. You can grab them off of github and replace the current version.

    I'm going to test to see if these new updates fix the VCOM issues. But I figured I'd let folks know who are running servers.

    I confirm also. Long time to save. VCOM and ALiVE compatibility looks like a marriage... Moments of peace and moments of fights!

    Let's wait for future VCOM updates, it seems Genesis is working hard on the mod and is aware of the FSM Leaks and other bugs in VCOM.

  4. Sat Mar 24 07:03:54 2018

    Heroes you are the man! Actually the problem was in the absence of respawnOnStart = -1 in the description.ext and our clan members pressing the wrong button thinking it would save the persistence of the player LMAO.

    This respawnOnStart = -1 and player options-> save player data clarification does not appear to be on the wiki in the multispawn part, it would be a good idea to put it there. Suggestion! (If it's already there, sorry I did not see)

    Thank you and Marceldev89 for the support!

  5. Sat Mar 24 01:54:01 2018

    I used before these days but got the same problem however was with mods installed. I will do the test in a moment and I will report soon

  6. Fri Mar 23 22:10:45 2018

    Hi Heroes, I did the test as you said and the result is the same. I did not go back to the position and neither my loadout come back.

    RPT Saving: https://pastebin.com/iMWJAESL

    RPT Loading: https://pastebin.com/KtLwJ1CF

  7. Fri Mar 23 16:30:11 2018
    A AngusDLX started the conversation Last player position does not persist (SOLVED).

    Hello, I'm unfortunately having problems with player persistence when I connect to my server. I use the ALiVE Data module in local mode, enable player persistence in the player options module and use TADST to create a dedicated server without persistent battlefield and auto-init checked.

    Using ALiVE + CBA only (BLU VS OPF), I noticed that only persistence of the player has problems. The rest works normally.

    If I move to another place on the map, go to the menu of ALIVE, enable save player data and then I close the server by Server Save & Exit, when and I come back and open the server again, my position is not saved. I go back to base in editor placed position.

    What I've noticed is if persistence fails and I leave the server and come back, the mission is loaded again and persitence works. Voila I'm in the place I was before.

    I use respawn=3 in Description.ext too and use player multispawn module.

    I removed any other script that might have influence and I also used "waituntil {(player getvariable ["alive_sys_player_playerloaded",false])};"

    But it still fails.

  8. 3 months ago
    Thu Mar 22 17:46:29 2018
    A AngusDLX posted in USS Nimitz.

    Thanks AUTigerGrad!

  9. Thu Mar 15 18:46:21 2018
    A AngusDLX started the conversation USS Nimitz.

    Is it compatible with ALIVE for AI use?

  10. Thu Mar 15 16:55:56 2018
    A AngusDLX posted in No RHS factions working?.

    It's good to know that, I'll switch for CUP!

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