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    Sun Aug 12 21:18:57 2018
    A AngusDLX started the conversation Destroy waypoint not linked to a target.

    Destroy waypoint not linked to a target: Near target acquisition is slow and may even select friendly unit.

    I noticed this gigantic spam in the RPT. Is this kind of message something I should be worried about?

  2. Sun Aug 12 21:14:35 2018
    A AngusDLX posted in ORBAT Trouble.

    I solved the problem, it was my inattention (It's complicated when someone is talking to you ... Like for example... Girlfriends lol)

  3. Sat Aug 11 15:56:37 2018
    A AngusDLX posted in ORBAT Trouble.

    I also have the exact same problem. Copying factions is something that is not working in some cases in ORBAT Creator especially if you copy the something from RHS to your new custom faction.

    The way is to create from scratch but oh God, complete all maybe in the Arma 5 lol

  4. 2 weeks ago
    Wed Aug 1 17:45:52 2018

    Did you put the Player Command / Control C2ISTAR module on your mission in the editor? If not, that's why!

    By default, ALiVE requires you to have a Laser designator to access the tablet. If you want to change which item will give access, you can change the module settings. :D

  5. 3 weeks ago
    Tue Jul 31 18:51:39 2018

    This new version of VCOM seems to have serious problems with ALIVE as well.

    Unfortunately I was not lucky. Some errors even selecting only the enemy side to be commanded by VCOM.

    No chance, I'll wait for Genesis fix some bugs...

  6. Mon Jul 30 12:11:43 2018
    A AngusDLX posted in ALiVE_SpawnSources.

    Thank you Spyder! I'll try

  7. Mon Jul 30 12:10:49 2018

    Does this script version solve the problem with air vehicles?

  8. Sat Jul 28 21:15:44 2018
    A AngusDLX started the conversation ALiVE_SpawnSources.

    Is it possible to create a way to spawn only the profiles related to air tasks?

    One of the problems of setting a spawn radius for airplanes is that the number of profiles that spawn can drastically knock the FPS or create multiple spawn / despawn stutterings if they are many as you move.

    If you set 4000 (which is a minimum good value, you can see enemies at a good distance on airplanes / helis but the number of profiles can be huge sometimes!) If you set lower values, you will have to get very close to the enemies and you will have to be very, very fast to prepare the pos of aircraft for the attack or it may mean your death to MAA, MANPADS etc.

    I used a script placed on an invisible drone to teleport it to anywhere on the map with a simple mapclick, but only works on the single player.

    But why?

    I use the MRH Satellite in ALiVE to monitor insurgents. As only a drone can spawn profiles beyond players, I use that drone to create the spawn of the area and after pass my satellite to observe the insurgents and civilians, it's really cool!

    And unfortunately the drones in A3 are bugging a lot, sometimes spending 20 min to leave the base and go lol

    Now I ask, Is it possible to fix it? I saw something about the new spawn sources and wanted more details to think of something better than my script. Something not only to improve spying with satellite but also to improve for those who play aerial vehicles in ALiVE.

  9. 4 weeks ago
    Tue Jul 24 01:13:48 2018
    A AngusDLX posted in Spyder Incognito .

    Hey spider, knowing that you develop for ALIVE could you clarify me about the spyder addons? Is it safe to use it after so many updates that Alive had? Mainly the civil interaction? I find it suuuuuuuuuuuuuper necessary and immersive in the asymmetric war and from what I know, I have not seen anything similar that can replace it. :(

  10. Mon Jul 23 15:20:15 2018
    A AngusDLX posted in Some questions about MACC.

    The Alive as far as I know seems to still not have something that makes distinction of the type of vehicle you are boarding to give you specific tasks.

    The only solution I found was to use C2ISTAR to generate static tasks manually. Usually they will be generated where there are enemies in control but these specific targets are created on time only for the task by what I see, it is something fictional.

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