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    Sat Dec 2 01:48:16 2017


    So I made a custom faction for a custom campaign I'm working on for my squad.

    I just finished most of the missions and got my units created successfully using the ORBAT tool. However, when I ported my missions over to my dedicated server, I noticed that when playing as any ORBAT-generated units, players do not get to see the mission briefing before the mission starts - they just load directly into the scenario.

    From researching the problem, I suspect that this has to do with:

    1. The fact that unit loadouts assigned through ORBAT are not applied immediately.
    2. In order for a briefing to show, a player must possess a map upon mission initialization.

    Does anyone know a workaround for this?

  2. Sat Dec 2 01:39:39 2017
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