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    Sun Dec 3 04:17:46 2017
    S Skyhntr6 started the conversation Mission Module Issues.

    Utilizing multiple ALiVE modules for persistence, AI Spawning (Civs via Civ placement/population combo), and realtime weather I have been running into issues with them functioning as they should be.
    Player Persistence - Player saving etc has been enabled, however no information is actually being returned to the alive warroom, it appears that no information is being returned to the ALiVE Warroom as a whole, inclusive of shots fired, and distances to targets eliminated etc for any group members (and non members within the mission).
    Utilizing the Civ Placement/Population modules on a 400m activation range with a max capacity of 400 civilians spawned at any one time, with Extreme Population, and High Ambient Vehicles, number of civilians appear to be in the low region of 5-10 in major towns.
    Real Time Weather - Frequently it is raining in server, however if i were to check the weather for the location in question (Kabul, Afghanistan to be precise), it would show as "mostly sunny".

    Currently, I am more than happy to increase/tweak how the civilians are placed, I am more curious as to whether I have incorrectly set up the module for entire map coverage or what the case may be.
    My primary concern is the Real Time Weather not functioning as it should, player persistence not existing, and no information being sent back to the alive warroom for use in AARs, as well as seeing who did what during the mission/operation.
    Any assistance with figuring out what is wrong, or what could be done better, and I will happily provide further information as needed with regards to mission file and or other pieces of information that may be required for diagnosing the issue.

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