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    Fri Oct 19 00:55:08 2018
    S Seagull posted in Anizay Indexed.

    Yeah i tested with no filter and max civs, and they only spawn in the green area (even then there are some dead zones there) and none spawned in brown zone

    I also got the error when starting the mission:
    [ALIVE_griddata, "1_10", |#|_sectordata] call ALIVE_fnc_hashset;
    Error undefined variable in expression: _ sectordata

  2. Tue Oct 16 03:15:43 2018
    S Seagull posted in Anizay Indexed.

    Everything works well in the green zone, but there's no civ spawns in the desert area

  3. Mon Oct 15 23:28:41 2018
    S Seagull posted in Anizay Indexed.

    Where do i put the file to use it?

  4. Wed Jul 18 08:47:32 2018
    S Seagull posted in Favorite Map for ALiVE?.

    You need cup core and terrain for the A2 sangin map, that might be causing errors

  5. Fri Jul 13 05:15:29 2018
    S Seagull posted in Favorite Map for ALiVE?.

    @Shizak Hows the spawning? I know there's problems with insurgency and civ spawns, but are traditional occupation/invasion spawns working properly? I would love to do a campaign on that amazing map, but having kilometers without any enemys makes a mission really boring.

  6. Tue Jun 5 01:42:37 2018
    S Seagull posted in Compiled mod not working..

    Did you do the cfg patches export?

  7. Fri Jun 1 19:53:07 2018
    S Seagull posted in ORBAT Creator General FAQ.

    Does anyone know how to make random uniforms/headgear for a faction?

  8. Wed May 30 21:06:16 2018

    Unless there's something I'm not seeing, the index for Kunduz seems pretty good. I'm running a campaign on it now and everything works fine minus 1 or 2 deadzones and the civlians not spawning in, but the civilians thing happens on every map I've tried. The AI pathing is good compared to sangin and FATA. And with the door fix, the it seems to play really well as a green zone style map. Just wondering whats wrong with the current state of the map.

  9. Wed May 30 04:13:18 2018

    Kunduz. I have filtering to none and civs set to high. Theres quite a few profiles, its just they aren't spawning in when I'm near them.

  10. Wed May 30 03:53:13 2018
    S Seagull started the conversation How to force spawn civilians? (SOLVED).

    In my missions, it seems that only some civilians spawn in around me, while a lot of them are left virtualized. Like I walk into a relativity small town, maybe 5-10 civilians living in it, and only 4 spawn in. I've changed the max civilians to 35 and the radius to 1000m already, but it never seems like there are that many spawned in. Is there a way to force civilians to spawn within a 500m radius?

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