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    Mon Apr 2 19:37:47 2018
    A AccidentalRob posted in No Hostages Generating at Hostage Rescues.

    I always forget to mention mods.

    We're using ALiVE, CBA, ACE, CUP Vehicles/Units/Weapons, plus some of the Enhanced mods (Movements, Sling Loading, Rappelling). Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. The last couple of times this has happened, I have Zeus'd around and not seen anybody.

    I'll wait until the next time it happens again, and then will get more details and open a ticket. Thanks for your reply.

  2. Thu Mar 29 16:28:34 2018
    A AccidentalRob started the conversation No Hostages Generating at Hostage Rescues.

    I am running a private server using ALiVE – NATO occupation and CSAT invasion, with non-insurgent Civilians.

    I have seen, from time to time (and twice in missions just last night), that hostages are not always generating at hostage rescue missions. This seems to be somewhat random, as there have been times with hostage rescue missions popping up, and hostages actually being present.

    Is this a known bug? If not, are there any suggestions on what I could do to track down what the problem might be? If more information is required, let me know and I will post what I can.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Thu Dec 7 20:49:08 2017
    A AccidentalRob posted in Static Items Not Saving after Local Save.

    Thanks Hero... I'll have him give that a whirl. He set them up as automated turrets, accessible by UAV terminal, but I don't know if he actually got in them. I'll see what happens with that, and then report back here.

  4. Thu Dec 7 20:31:16 2017
    A AccidentalRob posted in Static Items Not Saving after Local Save.

    We have a Virtual Arsenal set up, so the player is pulling the turret items from the VA, tossing them into a vehicle, and then driving around our HQ to set them up. We've not yet called in items via logistics for setting up FOBs or supply depots yet.

  5. Thu Dec 7 18:58:44 2017
    A AccidentalRob started the conversation Static Items Not Saving after Local Save.

    Hello all... I'm relatively new to ALiVE, so I am still learning all the intricacies of how the mod works.

    I recently managed to figure out local persistence in ALiVE, and have confirmed it is working – after a server save and exit, upon revisiting the mission, SITREP markers are still visible on the map, and vehicles and equipment that were left scattered around by my messy players are still where they were left.

    One of my players had set up automated turrets around our HQ, however, and those were no longer there after the server save & exit. One of our plans was to take items to build FOBs elsewhere on the map, but if static items aren't saved on exit, there's no point in doing this.

    Is this activity normal, or should placed items like turrets be saved? Thanks!

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