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    Mon Jan 8 00:20:25 2018
    P ppavia posted in is the IED working ...?.

    Eid dont work, i dont think i have done something wrong... personally i thing a lot of thing is break. But as you say, cqb and ennemy spawn work if you use orbat to select a working faction. For the Civilian, i have abandoned and use another script.

  2. Tue Jan 2 18:06:57 2018
    P ppavia started the conversation is the IED working ...?.

    i try to make work ied on fallujah map... no way.
    The debug show me red zone, with the center and a ai spawn point. But no way to have ied or else.

    i have tried all the combinason. Somebody have tested this recetly on fallujah ?

    Mayebe a class object probleme...

  3. Tue Jan 2 17:54:26 2018
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