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    Tue Feb 6 17:13:57 2018

    also not using the command line and using the tabs parameters tab in the arma 3 launcher might help. It helped me last time.

  2. Tue Feb 6 17:12:09 2018
    P pathoz posted in Getting Aircraft to register.

    @silentghoust What do you mean it doesn't recognize? are you requesting it to spawn them for you or are the placed, whats going on in the mission editor?

  3. Tue Feb 6 17:06:38 2018

    VCOMAI is also good and any the ambient battle effects script is great too if you wanna use that although so far VCOM has been the hardest AI I've messed with not from shot accuracy but just because they are intelligent.

  4. Sun Jan 28 07:07:18 2018

    I wouldn’t normally do it this way but I want the independent faction in open rebellion against the blufor forces and the op for to be an assymetric warfare against blufor.

  5. Fri Jan 26 09:22:40 2018

    Basically once you have the military ai commanders and their zones synced just set the force there to occupy and the other to invade one will win when the force pool becomes zero. If you aren’t just placing zones over towns vs putting zones over the entirety of the map you’ll run into the issue where there is no capturing of towns it’ll just be an all out fight, it’s up to you what you want but that’s pretty much going to happen anyways what you’re asking, checking for a winner will require some clever scripting though and if you haven’t already been doing scripts and working with Alive, I’d recommend either setting up a final mission scenario like killing someone or something like that that doesn’t appear till a certain time that you’ve figured out how long you want the mission to go.

  6. Thu Jan 25 23:14:41 2018

    Just curious if there’s scripts or any way to affect ai outside normal bounds.

  7. Thu Jan 25 03:54:46 2018
    P pathoz posted in MACC and placed assets.

    @Nablatidis Try out the ALiVE mission combat shock on altis. It's using rhs but not the factions that contains planes. It had a LOT of helicopters being used by macc. They were all placed by the placement modules or macc module. But I saw a lot of recce missions and CAS missions.

    The problem I was having is I couldn’t have them spawn helis due to something strange with the map and would cause all the helicopters to explode on spawning. I was avoiding having to script the helicopters to always spawn 2 feet above the ground but I ended up fixing it by just replacing everything and resyncing it all. And also sometimes it’s just fun to make your own mission and now I pretty much know the insides and out of alive after all the different things I had to do just to get this weird map working.

  8. Thu Jan 25 02:31:29 2018

    Also can I sync mission tasks with alive so like if I assassinate one person, it will cause the The military ai commander to pull back troops from that location?

  9. Thu Jan 25 02:26:42 2018
    P pathoz posted in State of RHS.

    I just built a massive mission rhs alive mission and it ran very well, especially for a high detailed map like kerama.

  10. 9 months ago
    Mon Jan 15 19:38:16 2018
    P pathoz posted in MACC and placed assets.

    I do. I've been doing mission making for a while just never used alive. I think it's working now but the MACC only calls air support rarely which is okay. I think if i wanted it to really work, using CSAT would work best so it wouldn't be using multiple factions or use ORBAT. Thanks for the help guys.

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