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    Mon Jan 15 19:38:16 2018
    P pathoz posted in MACC and placed assets.

    I do. I've been doing mission making for a while just never used alive. I think it's working now but the MACC only calls air support rarely which is okay. I think if i wanted it to really work, using CSAT would work best so it wouldn't be using multiple factions or use ORBAT. Thanks for the help guys.

  2. Mon Jan 15 11:41:20 2018
    P pathoz posted in MACC and placed assets.

    I did that but I don't think he's using it. I'm not sure if i'm doing enough to warrent a helicopter though. i was hoping that the macc would use assets from another faction but i can always just add it through the orbat later if that's the case. The helicopters are the same faction but the jets aren't

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    Sun Jan 14 17:38:00 2018
    P pathoz posted in MACC and placed assets.

    @HeroesandvillainsOS I don’t know a ton about MACC but since the forums are slow I’ll try to help. Fairly certain it’s mandatory that an air zone marker be placed and defined. Try placing one and setting it in the module (making sure the air assets are inside it) and see if it works properly.

    so it looks like it just places pilots in a building near all of the helicopters but not the planes, that may be just because their might not be pilots for planes in rhs vdv though. never seen the pilots get in the helicopters though but im not sure what i would need to spawn for the macc to deem it necessary to use them

  4. Sun Jan 14 02:27:58 2018
    P pathoz started the conversation MACC and placed assets.

    How do i sync placed assets to the MACC. MACC has no flight zone marker so it should be the entire map but i don't see any people manning the empty assets i've placed

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    Fri Jan 12 18:39:05 2018
    P pathoz posted in Is spawning messed up or RHS?.

    cool thank you for your help

  6. Fri Jan 12 16:59:10 2018
    P pathoz posted in Is spawning messed up or RHS?.

    alright thank you, when you manually place them does the military air combat commander see them automatically?

  7. Fri Jan 12 03:41:10 2018
    P pathoz started the conversation Is spawning messed up or RHS?.

    I am having an issue where alive is spawning too many of the rhs helicopters and they are spawning on top of each other and blowing up. if you walk around you can see 4 or 5 helis next to each other and all destroyed. happens every time with the rhs vdv forces. i checked my index and the building is not under rotary wing anyways so that's even more confusing. I've looked around and this was a problem with stratis as well where the wrong thing would spawn inside the half circle hangers normally there. any suggestions or is this just a bug?

  8. Mon Jan 8 19:36:49 2018

    so i got it to work, i had to turn on all the things inside the launcher by each vs using the command line and i also named the mission index which i missed and it worked immediately, thanks for the help!

  9. Sun Jan 7 16:42:16 2018

    very strange. well the static data file is there but it's not named data.kerama it's kerama_staticData.sqf unless that is a different file. this is my x folder

  10. Sun Jan 7 09:24:54 2018

    it looks like data.kerama.sqf just doesn't exist in the first place not sure if that's a bad index or not

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