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    Sat Jan 13 04:22:21 2018
    B Bokecoit started the conversation Alive Headless Client Question.

    So i have been looking at alive to start an campaign with my group and i have a quick question about headless clients. So with setup of the HC, if it is running on the same machine as the server will the HC only use a single core naturally or would you need to build a script to designate HC-core (for example using a 6core cpu, cores 0-1 would be used for server/arma then 2-HC1,3-HC2, ect.)

    My main goal is to have a server running Alive, Ace, Tfar, RHS, Cup, and maybe blastcore ect.,est 20-50 players, and hopefully 300-500 active AI (bases and ambiance mostly) is that possible with a Good dedicated box?

    for reference est server specs are i7-8700k @4.6-5ghz, 32gb ram 2400-3200, and all SSD for storage. 1GBPS network speed(400mb up).

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