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    Tue Jul 17 17:56:43 2018

    Yes we need updated vids for sure. Just make sure you not only show the process and clicks in detail, but verbalize everything for those times when we can only listen more than watch - like at work ;-)

    One issue I've never found in any vid, or anywhere really, is detailed info on how to set the mil/civ/custom objective modules internal settings properly.

    EX of what is never really explained;; I want to have an invasion setup. I have mil commanders synced to civ and mil objective modules, with module set to 'place units' and set to a TAOR that is considered the starting point or HQ, what have you. So now I have troops spawning in defined civ and mil locations. That part is clear.

    I have the above mil and civ objective modules synced to both AI commanders. So now each commander is aware of each others objectives .

    What is foggy is if I want my previously spawned units to move to and occupy another area that I have defined with yet another set of civ/mil modules with defined TAOR and the module set to 'objective only', so no troops spawn, but move to this defined TAOR. What is unclear is what should the other settings on these objective modules be set to? Do I put '0' (zeros) in the overide troop counts or leave blank? What do I set amount of troops to? Do I set modules to no HQ established or does it workout that if yes selected, troop will move then setup a HQ?

    Do I have to have motorized or armor units spawned in in order to receive reinforcements or it is fine to just spawn infantry and still get my reinforcements ( this was stated in one of these threads and never addressed, so not sure...seems like troops spawn just using light infantry setting, but I have not quantified it.

    What about cust objective module? Can I use that to have troop move to instead of just spawning? If so how is this done. If not possible then that should be stated.

    These types of specific and in depth questions are hardly ever addressed, yet it's a big part of the Alive system. There are hundreds of basic how to vids, which many/most are still relevant, but more in-depth vids are hard to find, that address the nuances of scenario setup.

    Sorry for bloviating...I just was looking for vids yesterday to address some of my questions to no avail. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

    Good day!!

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    Tue Jul 17 12:00:37 2018
    D DrDetroit posted in Faces of War Henderson Field Index .

    Prei and Da Krong spawn civs without any issues...I have 2 Unsung Alive campaigns on those maps and they both work very well...civillian placement, civ, mil and custom military placement modules work with these maps just fine.

    Keep in mind that Da Krong pretty much spawns civs in the big village in the middle, eastern part of the map...not much elsewhere. Prei spawns civs at most of the villages.

    I have these campaigns tweaked and balanced, finally to my liking. So might release them...we' ll see.

    Also, love Alive and the Tanoa map. There is a little bit of everything on that map. Alive runs silky smooth on Tanoa, for me, and it just works. Some unenterable buildings don't bother me.

    Good day,

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    Thu Jul 12 22:44:15 2018
    D DrDetroit posted in Logistics and respawn question.

    Thanks Heroes, once again, for your assistance. This will help!

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    Thu Jul 12 14:29:12 2018

    Sorry for the slightly OT question; what does dynamic simulation do exactly and when should I activate/deactivate it?

    Wondering if it causes similar issues I encounter with CAS/transports as well.

  5. Thu Jul 12 12:58:55 2018
    D DrDetroit started the conversation Logistics and respawn question.

    Hello ,

    Running a few Alive campaigns with Unsung Da Kr8ng and Prei maps; in regards to logistics and calling in troop reinforcements via helo drop. I'm getting troops dropped off with Ghosthawk and would like to only have the UH1 Huey for this task. How can I accomplsih this?

    Also, on the Prei map, when respawning at location of death, I can only spectate. I respawn, callout that I'm taking command, then I'm in 3rd person and can only watch. My Da Krong map respawn is fine...and I have same settings for Prei but it just does not function properly. Possibly a obscure/buried checkbox I'm missing somewhere?

    Thanks and good day!

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    Fri Jul 6 14:22:59 2018
    D DrDetroit posted in Server Save and Exit Hangs.

    Just a few threads below this one is the same question reg persistent save issues...and the answer

    In MP you have to enable rhe debug console, then input a short line of code, then do a server or local execute. That will allow for persistent save to actually save your mission status in MP.

    On my cell, so can't copy/paste the code. Just peruse the earlier thteads and you will find it.

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    Sun Jul 1 00:02:32 2018
    D DrDetroit posted in VCom and ALiVE.

    I notice this behavior too, where my AI are not responding to me and yet seem to be acknowledging orders. However, generally this behavior happens after I've been killed and respawn in.

    What usually works is to select F1 (yourself), then '0', then '1' which is "done". Sometimes I'll have to select my entire platoon, then F1, '0' and "done".

    75% of the time this works. I've noticed this behavior for years now, it seems.

    Good day!

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    Mon Jun 25 21:34:33 2018
    D DrDetroit posted in VCom and ALiVE.

    I use that code and it doesn't work all the time, nor most of the time. There is another code (prob located in the same thread you reference) that you can place in each AI in the A/C, which I use also, and that doesn't help either - at least not much.

    A work around; tell the hovering a/c to 'move' , or give a S&D mission, and give a location/waypoint. After a/c moves to the specified location, send a command to RTB. That usually works.

    Good day!

  9. Thu Jun 21 00:30:30 2018
    D DrDetroit posted in Vehicles falling from the sky.

    Yup, I've seen it from time-to-time, last weekend actually on Tanoa. They drop from about 10meters or so when I see them, some maps they drop far enough to explode.

  10. 4 weeks ago
    Fri Jun 15 20:33:57 2018

    I have been unable,thus far, to find any military object Alive recognizes as a military object for OpFor AI to setup HQ. I THINK I"ve gone thru the entire static object library!

    The one object class you posted a few posts prior to mine, I can't locate that classname in the editor. Where do I locate that HQ object?

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