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  1. 3 weeks ago
    Thu Mar 28 21:09:17 2019

    Yea, no big deal. The campaign is running really well with no syncing of blufor objective modules to opfor enemy AI commander, and vise versa.

    Was just wondering why more action when I don't sync obj. modules to enemy commanders and what negative ramification I might run into - it's functioning better imo, so I guess time will tell as my campaign moves forward.

    If you wanted to test, just delete the syncing of objective modules to the AI enemy commander module in any of your Alive mission. In other words, just delete syncing Blufor objective modules to the Opfor AI commander module, and delete the Opfor obj. modules syncing to the Blufor AI Commander module.

    I assume this would mean that Blufor has no idea where Opfor is, and same for Opfor, so troop movement is enhanced. We shall see.

  2. Tue Mar 26 23:03:52 2019

    Hey HaV, hope you are doing well yourself! Thanks for your response buddy!

    Yes, that is usually how I setup the Alive campaigns. I adjusted my question above to make that part clear.

    In my example above; I still sync the module to the owners AI commander (blufor objectives to blufor commander, opfor objectives to opfor commander, ect) , but when I do not sync said modules to enemy commander, seems I get better results.

    Hope that make sense?

  3. 4 weeks ago
    Tue Mar 26 21:21:27 2019
    D DrDetroit started the conversation MIL/CIV OBJECTIVE MODULE SYNC QUESTION.

    In regards to an Alive mission I have made, persistent campaign, which I keep it running even when not online (dedicated server). I've noticed there is a strange AI attribute when syncing and not syncing objective modules to the enemy commander modules. Far as I understand Alive setups; all objective modules should be synced to the enemy AI commanders (as well as allied commander) for proper tasking.

    When I sync the objective modules to the enemy AI commanders, and let the campaign play out over a few days, all the units just hang out in their starting TAOR (yes, I have objectives only modules set so the troop move out and into the map), not really moving to other TAOR objectives. Just a static situation and very quiet - meanwhile INS factions are multiplying correctly and spreading over the map.

    When I don't sync the objective modules to the enemy AI commanders, all objective modules are only synced to CQB module and the respective allied AI commander; all my troops, and CSAT, immediately start moving across the map, taking objectives in their respective TAOR and doing their jobs. I mean LOTS of activity. When in game, troops are moving forward, tons of AI air support flowing, tanks, motorized units, ground pounders making tracks to objectives, lots firefights off in distance...really nice stuff.

    Is this correct setup; not syncing obj modules to enemy AI commanders? The Alive WIKI pages have it spelled out that you're to sync mil objectives to the enemy AI commanders. What ramifications am I going to run into NOT syncing the modules as described?

    Campaign is basically default units, no other mods, on Altis. Insurgency and CSAT vs US, with a fair amount of objectives and units - 200 placed for US and CSAT per side, 30 placed insurgents.

    Good day!

  4. Wed Mar 20 13:47:31 2019
    D DrDetroit posted in VCom and ALiVE.

    JD ; do you add this varable to the ini in the support module?

  5. 5 weeks ago
    Tue Mar 19 22:48:24 2019
    D DrDetroit posted in VCom and ALiVE.

    Thank you YonV! Much appreciated!

  6. Tue Mar 19 20:50:35 2019
    D DrDetroit posted in VCom and ALiVE.

    Now that I've been running a dedi server for my persistant Arma3/Alive campaigns, I'm going to try Vcom again, but as a script, loaded in my server this time.

    My question is, do I just copy past the script from Vcom into my server config files or just FTP the @vcom folder into my server game files?

    Thanks in advance!

  7. 5 months ago
    Sat Oct 27 12:19:23 2018

    Just about 7-8 posts below yours you will find this:


    Check the 2nd post.

    Good luck!

  8. Tue Oct 23 22:05:29 2018

    Thanks Savage! Appreciate it!!

  9. 6 months ago
    Mon Oct 22 17:19:15 2018

    Yes, I'm certain it is in the C2ISTAR module. Could be Alive Required or Alive Data. Check thouse too if not in C2ISTAR.

    I set mine to pause when no players, but what is this server .cfg file? Can you explain where it should go (in mission PBO or server) and what code I need? My mission seems to run and save persistance pretty good, but maybe the server.cfg will help with some persistence issues.

    I just started running a dedi a few months ago, so still cutting my teeth on it abd learning. So I appreciate your help alot!!!

  10. Mon Oct 22 11:56:50 2018
    D DrDetroit posted in Group Size Question.

    Ahhh...thank you for the explanation. Much appreciated!

    On a side note; when setting up mil/civ obj. modules, set as ' objective only', do i set all the overide settings for troops (infantry, moterized, armor, ect) to zero, or leave blank?

    Thanks again BvB for your help!

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