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    Sat Oct 27 12:19:23 2018

    Just about 7-8 posts below yours you will find this:


    Check the 2nd post.

    Good luck!

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    Tue Oct 23 22:05:29 2018

    Thanks Savage! Appreciate it!!

  3. Mon Oct 22 17:19:15 2018

    Yes, I'm certain it is in the C2ISTAR module. Could be Alive Required or Alive Data. Check thouse too if not in C2ISTAR.

    I set mine to pause when no players, but what is this server .cfg file? Can you explain where it should go (in mission PBO or server) and what code I need? My mission seems to run and save persistance pretty good, but maybe the server.cfg will help with some persistence issues.

    I just started running a dedi a few months ago, so still cutting my teeth on it abd learning. So I appreciate your help alot!!!

  4. Mon Oct 22 11:56:50 2018
    D DrDetroit posted in Group Size Question.

    Ahhh...thank you for the explanation. Much appreciated!

    On a side note; when setting up mil/civ obj. modules, set as ' objective only', do i set all the overide settings for troops (infantry, moterized, armor, ect) to zero, or leave blank?

    Thanks again BvB for your help!

  5. Mon Oct 22 00:31:19 2018
    D DrDetroit posted in Group Size Question.

    Yes, that is what I was thinking; min/max recruit setting. I guess this would have more to do with the insurgency than conventional forces?

  6. Sat Oct 20 02:07:40 2018

    I'm wondering why you have so many spawning in the first place to take an objective. Probably an improper module setup and maybe lacking appropriate TAOR?

    What I do is setup, for example, a mil obj. module set to 'placed units'. This will place your units within your BLUFOR sites/HQ and your BLUFOR TAOR.

    Then add another mil obj. module, set to 'objective only', with appropriate types of objectives set in this module, within the OPFOR TAOR. This will tell your 'placed units', which you set in the first mil obj. module described above, to move to take these assigned mil objectives.

    Otherwise, if you have no placed units, you have a million helos trying to place units, which give you the nightmare scenario you described. The way I describe, you already have a contingent of troops, within the friendly zone(s), that are ready to move and take objectives, instead of needing the tons of logistic helos cramming the skies trying to populate with your set troop strength.

    You will still get helo insertions, but they will reinforce the units killed. This is much more manageable way to get things going.

    Good day!

  7. Sat Oct 20 01:24:53 2018
    D DrDetroit posted in Group Size Question.

    I believe there is a min and max group size setting in one of the modules. Wouldn't that take care of the issue of small 2-man squads?

  8. Sat Oct 20 00:43:06 2018
    D DrDetroit posted in Military Logistics question.

    That is custom gear loadout when respawn occurs. Without it, you respawn with original faction gear.

    I have custom loadout, for my platoon AI and players, via Spyder Loadout manager, so it pulls the custom loadout gear when respawning.

  9. Sat Oct 20 00:36:19 2018
    D DrDetroit posted in Group Size Question.

    As I understand it, 200 profiled groups would be more like 400-600 actual soldiers. 1 Group could be 2-8 soldiers, as I understand it.

    If incorrect, please advise. I've always wondered about this.

  10. Sat Oct 13 12:00:28 2018
    D DrDetroit posted in Headless ai integration .

    Thank you good sir!! Much appreciated!

    Good day!

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