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  1. 4 weeks ago
    Mon Dec 23 17:15:07 2019

    I solved the issue. I had selected 'faction and side' and seems it should have been 'faction only'. Now I see airdrops and truck transports.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Fri Dec 20 16:41:56 2019
    D DrDetroit started the conversation How To Disable Helos in Mil Logistics?.


    I'm working on a WW2 Alive campaign using IFA3 LITE mode. Campaign is working well, however, I'm seeing troops being reinforced via helicopter transports. I have the logistics module and player logistics module helo set to off, yet there they are!

    I'd like to only have sides reinforced via on foot or ground transports (I think air, land and sea are the three BCR actions with the logistics module).

    Far as I can tell, I'll have to remove the Mil Logistics module, in which case there will be no reinforcements unless I call them in.

    Thanks and good day!

  3. 6 weeks ago
    Wed Dec 4 21:45:44 2019

    In regards to #1, I usually setup missions in this manner, works well and troops will take and hold objectives, then move to the next one, ect, if you setup the modules to do so. Troops will move on, leaving a few units behind to hold and maintain the objective just captured.

    I also assist in the effort by doing some LRRPs way behind known enemy lines and calling in troop insertions (logistics request - air drop or helo) to maintain the objective.

    #2: I'd like to know this as well. My main issue is I have two platoons in a campaign, one is US Marine recon and the other is CIA w plain clothes (much smaller unit size too); if join as recon and save, then next time join as CIA, my CIA starts at the location of where the recon squad saved at in previous playthrough. I'd like each platoon to persist at its own location.

  4. Wed Dec 4 21:34:37 2019
    D DrDetroit posted in AI won't recognize player as enemy.

    I too have this issue at times, on certain maps. I usually just teleport a few km away and back again; seems to fix the issue. No idea though, I just chalk it up to Arma logic.

  5. 2 months ago
    Mon Nov 4 23:26:52 2019
    D DrDetroit posted in Roadblocks.

    It's there, just buried and sometimes unreachable. I noticed if the roadblock is damaged (grenade, arty,ect), that will disable the remove function.

  6. 4 months ago
    Tue Sep 3 19:13:49 2019
    D DrDetroit posted in Player persistence not working.

    Yup, that's the one, with the pulldown for 'Store Position'. Hmmm...not sure why it's not working for you.

    I can send you one of my ALive missions and you can take it apart to see the files I have and test the persistence. I noticed that I have some settings in my description.ext that triggers the sqf files.

    Anyhow let me know I'll shoot a campaign over. One that me and a few buddies have been 'testing' for the past 30-days or so has no issues with persistence, and I think about 4 in-game campaign days where we save progress where ever we happen to be on the map.

  7. Mon Sep 2 12:18:11 2019
    D DrDetroit posted in Player persistence not working.

    Don't forget the setting in Alive that spawns player at last position. I think it's in Alive Data module...can't recall at the moment exactly which module. There is a checkbox.

    I'll check my persistence settings when I get home later today. Works flawlessly for me.

    BTW: if you find the checkbox in the module, check that, keep the three files loaded in your mission file, and get rid of the lines you put in the description box. I'm pretty sure that's my setup for persistence, and it works great. Again, if no joy, I'll check my settings later today.

  8. Sun Sep 1 14:35:01 2019
    D DrDetroit posted in Player persistence not working.

    So you loaded in the new location, but spawned with original loadout? I think I have the code set to load with initial setup when you start the mission, and save new position, when you start the game.

    So when I load into the game, I'm at my new location, but I load in with equipment that I started the campaign with.

    I got these code from the wiki and poached some code from other missions. Check that out if you want to save loadout to your current loadout at Alive save. It's kinda hard to locate stuff in the wiki but it's there.

    Good luck~

  9. Sun Sep 1 12:14:41 2019
    D DrDetroit posted in Player persistence not working.

    You need a init.sqf file and two more sqf files below, for your position and gear - create then place these files in your mission file:


    all compile preprocessFile "staticData.sqf";

    if(isServer) then {
    waitUntil {!isNil "ALiVE_STATIC_DATA_LOADED"};
    call compile (preprocessFileLineNumbers "staticData.sqf");

    addMissionEventHandler ["entityKilled", {
    _victim = _this select 0;
    if (local _victim) then {
    [_victim, [missionNamespace, name _victim]] call BIS_fnc_saveInventory;
    _victim setVariable ["MGI_ammo1",_victim ammo (primaryWeapon _victim)];
    _victim setVariable ["MGI_ammo2",_victim ammo (handgunWeapon _victim)];
    _victim setVariable ["MGI_ammo3",_victim ammo (secondaryWeapon _victim)];
    _victim setVariable ["MGI_mags",magazinesAmmoFull _victim];
    _victim setVariable ["MGI_weapon",currentWeapon _victim];

    addMissionEventHandler ["entityRespawned", {
    _unit = _this select 0;
    _corpse = _this select 1;
    if (local _unit) then {
    [_unit, [missionNamespace, name _unit]] call BIS_fnc_loadInventory;
    {_unit removeMagazine _x} forEach magazines _unit;
    _unit setAmmo [primaryWeapon _unit, 0];
    _unit setAmmo [handGunWeapon _unit, 0];
    _unit setAmmo [secondaryWeapon _unit, 0];
    if (((_unit getVariable "MGI_mags") select _foreachindex select 3) <= 0) then {
    _unit addMagazine [_x select 0,_x select 1]
    } forEach (_unit getVariable "MGI_mags");
    _unit setAmmo [primaryWeapon _unit,_unit getVariable "MGI_ammo1"];
    _unit setAmmo [handGunWeapon _unit,_unit getVariable "MGI_ammo2"];
    _unit setAmmo [secondaryWeapon _unit,_unit getVariable "MGI_ammo3"];
    _unit selectWeapon (_unit getVariable "MGI_weapon");
    removeAllWeapons _corpse;
    removeBackpackGlobal _corpse;
    removeVest _corpse;
    removeAllAssignedItems _corpse;
    removeAllItems _corpse;
    removeGoggles _corpse;
    removeHeadgear _corpse;
    {deleteVehicle _x} forEach nearestObjects [(getPosATL _corpse),["WeaponHolderSimulated","groundWeaponHolder"],5];
    waituntil {(player getvariable ["alive_sys_player_playerloaded",false])};
    sleep 2;
    if !(isPlayer _x) then {
    if !(_x getVariable ["Persistent_Teleport", false]) then {
    _x setPos (getPos player);
    _x setVariable ["Persistent_Teleport", true, true];
    sleep .5;
    } forEach units group player;

    Then the two other SQF below:

    player setVariable["Saved_Loadout",getUnitLoadout player];

    removeAllWeapons player;
    removeGoggles player;
    removeHeadgear player;
    removeVest player;
    removeUniform player;
    removeAllAssignedItems player;
    clearAllItemsFromBackpack player;
    removeBackpack player;
    player setUnitLoadout(player getVariable["Saved_Loadout",[]]);

  10. 5 months ago
    Sun Aug 18 17:33:17 2019
    D DrDetroit posted in Capture Markers.

    I have my missions setup so that once a zone is captured by my blufor units, the map shows this (green circle marker same as seen in debug) and any suspected insurgency installations in that zone is also marked.

    This is accomplished by a setting in the virtual ai module, I believe (not at my 'puter right now to confirm module). I set intel to high in this module so the blufor markers show on map. You will also see limited intel of allied troops in your vicinity.

    Hope this helps!

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