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    Fri Mar 30 02:51:38 2018

    Fixed it. Faction mismatch somewhere with the RHS WD and D units :)

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    Sun Mar 25 04:36:50 2018

    Note- I can controll enemy forces through it just fine.

  3. Sun Mar 25 04:33:19 2018
    X xanxth started the conversation Why can I no longer control AI groups in Operations?.


  4. Sun Mar 25 01:46:57 2018
    X xanxth posted in How many troops is enough?.

    Also does anyone know a script, similar to warfare where when you recruit a vehicle, ai come with it?

    -Also anyone have a good addon that will have AI work with you better?(i just need them to walk around me without breaking after a while)

  5. Sun Mar 25 01:42:50 2018
    X xanxth started the conversation How many troops is enough?.

    My missions I am making are for me to teach my dad arma 3.
    What would be the ideal troop count for BLUFOR and OPFOR?
    I was doing BLU(Battalion 400) OP Civ- (Battalion 400) OP Mil (Battalion 400)
    and then blufor had 1 attack while the opfor OPCOM had 2 simultaneous attacks.

    However I can never seen to have a decent infantry fight, it all happens too fast/while im waiting around/assembling infantry.

    How exactly should I use the attacks to focus one town at a time?
    Should I spawn in forces and sync them to the Virtual AI to ensure the enemy has infantry in the city already?

  6. Sun Mar 25 01:37:11 2018

    has this update been pushed?

  7. Sun Mar 25 01:36:02 2018

    Do not rely on it soldier! They need to be "safe"..... literally have not fired a bullet in 2 seconds.

    I noticed the settings need to be super perfect for it to work half the time but when it does....

    AI will bandage/morphine themselves, and the ones in your group(sometimes) will come and bandage you. They will never give blood or morphine to you.....

    Sometimes it takes a long time for them to realize you need help and cruise over to give a band aid, but idk if this is because they dont think it's safe.

    use the following. i think in Spyder's Recruit Ai, the "code field" you put _this instead of this
    this setVariable ["ace_medical_medicClass",2,true];

  8. Sat Mar 24 03:35:22 2018

    Yes someone helped me find the proper init code. I will add it into this post. Now when I recruit medics, they actually do their job!

  9. Sun Mar 4 01:12:43 2018
    X xanxth started the conversation ACE options and recruitable medica help.

    How do I change when I recruit AI using spyder addons, the medics have ace options -medic

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