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    Mon Apr 30 04:35:00 2018
    S Shamorshin posted in Mission not saving.

    Hey I've had this issue in the past (before this update). VCOM in its current iteration (2.94) is the problem. I fixed it and still was able to use VCOM by pulling the most up-to-date VCOM version from their github and running the script version only on my server. Pull the VCOM assets, place them in your mission folder with mission.sqm with [] execVM "VCOMAI\init.sqf"; in your init.sqf in the folder to enable VCOM.

    Before I did this, running either the modded version or scripted version, saving was iffy. The memory leaks from the current VCOM make it nearly unusable.

    After this, my missions save just as quickly and as thoroughly if the server has been running a mission for 5 minutes or 5 hours. No more hang-time until the server just crashes trying to do a server save and exit after running an operation -- and you still get to use VCOM! Everyone wins!

    This doesn't require you to run VCOM as a mod either server-side or client-side. Until the memory leaks are patched on the official VCOM release, this is the best fix.

  2. Thu Apr 5 08:20:20 2018

    Highly recommend navigating to the VCOM Github and pulling the updated files, which fix the memory leak issue.

    For the past week or so I have had the updated VCOM files scripted into my mission, and the saving has gone back to pre-VCOM levels.

  3. Fri Mar 30 23:21:58 2018

    I've thought about it, but at this point we're deep into a campaign on this map with the whole point being an insurgency. Granted Chernarus isn't the best map for an insurgency but we'll make due. I've tweaked the AI a bit to add in more mechanized groups so I'm going to see if just increasing the volume will increase the chances we actually engage the armor I want the players to be facing -- that and some tactical zeusing.

    Thanks for your feedback.

  4. Fri Mar 30 22:17:27 2018

    I guess what you're saying is that this is a feature -- not a bug. In which case I suppose there's not a whole lot I can do, and that's fine. The units will engage when players get close enough, but I wish they'd ride out to attack more and patrol the area a bit more. I suppose there's nothing that can really be changed to accomodate that, yeah?

  5. Fri Mar 30 21:30:43 2018

    I've been trying to add Headless Clients to the server in order to take the load off a little bit more, as FPS gets a bit hairy in heavily populated areas.

    What we've noticed is that just adding in the vanilla HC and modules causes the player support artillery to report that it's firing, but it never does. Same with transports which just don't seem to work.

    Is there a way to blacklist all friendly units from a HC? I've tried adding in Werthles's HC, and figure that it might work, but if I sync his HC Blacklist directly to the player support modules will that blacklist the units they then spawn from the HC?

    If I want to blacklist my friendly military commander, can I sync the headless blacklist module to the friendly military commander?

    IF I want to blacklist the support artillery, can I sync the headless blacklist module to the support artillery module, or do I need to manually place artillery units and sync them then to both the HC blacklist module and the support artillery module?

    Thanks for your help! I'd love to chat with someone other than through the forums as I think I have about a dozen silly questions which would be more easily answerable via a quick conversation.

    Thanks all!!

  6. Fri Mar 30 21:25:29 2018

    Thank you! Further, I get this error when attempting to give a manual move order to a unit set to stealth.-image-

  7. Fri Mar 30 21:22:45 2018

    There might be another issue at hand entirely, but I believe this is something which is affecting the movement and making my armor/mechanized/motorized units seem more like static defenses than actual mobile forces.

  8. Fri Mar 30 21:18:47 2018


  9. Fri Mar 30 21:16:11 2018

    Sorry Heroes for not being clear. Whenever I select the enemy "group" as Zeus, the enemies have default behavior modes set which can be manually changed.

    The options are: Careless, Safe, Aware, Combat, and Stealth.

    What I've noticed is that upon spawn-in from virtualization, many of the enemy vehicles are set to "stealth" mode for their group behavior, and thus won't move to do their set patrol routes.

    Does that help? I want to find a way to keep these vehicles from being in "stealth" mode, because despite having their engines off, my players keep popping them off with AT from a distance before they have a chance to engage, meaning the armor/mechanized threat in my missions is significantly hampered.

  10. Fri Mar 30 20:53:00 2018

    Hey guys. Playing a mission on Chernarus and have diligently spent a month tweaking it, but this one problem keeps happening.

    Vehicles are buggy in general, but I've found that often times I have to "nudge" the vehicles to get them to move, and am getting errors when attempting to tell the vehicle to move if it's set to "stealth" by default. Is there a way to disable enemy units from going into stealth mode altogether on the server-side?

    Mission is set to Insurgency so I'm guessing that might be one of the reasons they're "stealth" by default in many cases.

    I'm running a handful of mods but I feel like this is default behavior which I can (maybe) disable to make it so vehicles never go into "stealth" mode, and will appropriately respond to my players instead of sitting in a field not shooting.


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