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    Sun May 20 08:58:51 2018
    H Hedberg posted in VCom and ALiVE.

    @RedeyeStorm I will check soon. I have Vcom through Steam so it should update automatically.

    There's a line of code in the wiki that you need to place in init-file, which is accessable inside the "general" tab within Eden editor. It has worked for me (or I've been lucky), haven't noticed any CAS or Transports being controlled by VCOM. Here's the code, down the page:


  2. Sat May 19 11:13:27 2018
    H Hedberg posted in VCom and ALiVE.

    @JD_Wang After about a week of testing it as I built our lated campaign, I can safely say this is the best AI script hands down. Genesis did an amazing job with the rewrite.

    Totally agreed.

  3. Wed May 16 10:16:19 2018
    H Hedberg posted in VCom and ALiVE.

    3.0 seems stunning to me. I'm fairly experienced with leading an AI group, and I've had VCOM on always but 3.0 just blew my mind off. The AI with its movement, using covers and everything seemed so brilliant. This might be my imagination but @JD_Wang seemed to enjoy it aswell, so maybe it's not lol. Really made my day and I found out leading AI to be actually fun and interesting for a change.

  4. Wed May 16 10:06:20 2018
    H Hedberg posted in How do you guys set up your AOs?.

    @HeroesandvillainsOS Well unless you enjoy that type of thing, I typically don’t want friendly AI constantly interfering with my operations too much, so I do what AuTigerGrad does and usually limit them to medium or larger objectives only. Or for another example, I’ll sometimes let them do whatever they want even at smaller military objectives and leave the civ objs to me. That kind of thing. But as he said, balancing takes time and experimentation.

    I discussed previously about duplicate objectives and this filter issue. How do you manage to make friendly AI aware of "medium or larger objectives only" without having duplicate objectives?

  5. Wed May 16 10:01:27 2018
    H Hedberg posted in syncing asymetric objectives?.

    @FireDragon76 I'm still a little confused about the nuances of syncing objectives.

    So was I, and I was very worried about syncing them because I didn't completely understand this stuff. And f.e I actually thought that "blacklist marker" meant that the troops spawning via that placement module won't proceed to the blacklisted TAOR, lol.

    Well to simplify; syncing an objective into AI Commander makes the Commander aware of the objectives the objective module you just synced has. So if you'd want a scenario with BLUFOR attacking OPFOR positions, you wouldn't want to sync OPFOR AI Commander into the Blufor placement modules, but you would want to sync OPFOR placement modules into BLUFOR Commander. Comprende?

  6. 8 months ago
    Wed Apr 11 11:38:12 2018
    H Hedberg posted in Air Command.

    So I understand you've failed to do anything proper with the module? Alright so I'll get right down to it, with the very simple basics just to get it working, I'm not a pro myself. Doing this out of my memory:

    1. Spawn the module (I think near an airport you'd like to use), sync it to the Military AI Commander of that side. I never make the module spawn any AA, air assets etc. Never have I either messed with the ATO (TAORs) with this module, I don't find any need to. To the faction part I write the faction whose planes I'm using.

    2. Personally I always hand-place the aircrafts that the module will use, so do this: Spawn an EMPTY aircraft of your choosing, place it down to the airport. Sync the plane to the Virtual Profile module, when it's set to "Profile synced.." as it is by default. Important: If that aircraft is from another faction, set your Air Component Module to that faction and also ADD THAT FACTION INTO THE MILITARY AI COMMANDER MODULE!

    That'll do unless I forgot to add something. Turn the debug on, and start the game. If the airport has a flag on it, that means it's detecting that airport as the correct one. With the debug on you'll get notifications when there's a request for Air Components. When that happens, the plane will teleport to a location within the airport, alarm bell will go off and the pilots will run into the planes and take off.

    The reason I don't mess with Responsibility Areas with this module is that the groups actually request for CAS etc, it's not random, it's requested by real events going on. And it's sweet. If you want to edit what type of orders the planes can do, I'd guess that removing the ones from the field that you don't desire will do the trick, but I don't see why you would do that.

  7. Tue Apr 3 11:27:58 2018
    H Hedberg posted in Asymmetric OPCOM troubles.

    @Hedberg How do I remove the Alive persistent save from a mission?

    Oh lol I think you already helped me with this one.. :D I'll try changing the mission name.

  8. Tue Apr 3 11:27:00 2018
    H Hedberg posted in Asymmetric OPCOM troubles.

    Back again. I've managed to do some great scenarios. But..

    How do I remove the Alive persistent save from a mission?

    Secondly, since I took your hint of placing Blufor in mil objectives without knowledge of anything, I've tried to move them as reinforcements via Operations tab. But they do not move, doesn't matter if I delete their existing waypoints and create a new one or add one after the existing ones they just don't move. Annoying.

  9. Sat Mar 31 10:25:59 2018
    H Hedberg posted in Does the AI use artillery?.

    So @thick1988 ,

    if VCOM is on, and I'd spawn a non-virtualized artillery unit somewhere in the map they should fire at distant enemies if an ally unit is engaged with them?

  10. Wed Mar 28 19:21:54 2018
    H Hedberg posted in Asymmetric OPCOM troubles.

    Thanks for all the support and advices, they're indeed very helpful :) I'll definetly check your scenarios asap!

    I hate that at least in Takistan keeping civ objectives at "ignore tiny" some of the rural villages that I'd like to get recognized are not recognized but if I don't filter they don't advance as fast as I'd like them to.. Of course that could be set according my wishes with custom objectives though.

    Just one more: I have 57 Opfor and 33 Blufor units at start. Is that even a near an okay amount, or should the Blufor exceed Opfor? Secondly, do you sync Blufor to LOGCOM or not for reinforcements?

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