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    Wed Apr 11 11:38:12 2018
    H Hedberg posted in Air Command.

    So I understand you've failed to do anything proper with the module? Alright so I'll get right down to it, with the very simple basics just to get it working, I'm not a pro myself. Doing this out of my memory:

    1. Spawn the module (I think near an airport you'd like to use), sync it to the Military AI Commander of that side. I never make the module spawn any AA, air assets etc. Never have I either messed with the ATO (TAORs) with this module, I don't find any need to. To the faction part I write the faction whose planes I'm using.

    2. Personally I always hand-place the aircrafts that the module will use, so do this: Spawn an EMPTY aircraft of your choosing, place it down to the airport. Sync the plane to the Virtual Profile module, when it's set to "Profile synced.." as it is by default. Important: If that aircraft is from another faction, set your Air Component Module to that faction and also ADD THAT FACTION INTO THE MILITARY AI COMMANDER MODULE!

    That'll do unless I forgot to add something. Turn the debug on, and start the game. If the airport has a flag on it, that means it's detecting that airport as the correct one. With the debug on you'll get notifications when there's a request for Air Components. When that happens, the plane will teleport to a location within the airport, alarm bell will go off and the pilots will run into the planes and take off.

    The reason I don't mess with Responsibility Areas with this module is that the groups actually request for CAS etc, it's not random, it's requested by real events going on. And it's sweet. If you want to edit what type of orders the planes can do, I'd guess that removing the ones from the field that you don't desire will do the trick, but I don't see why you would do that.

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    Tue Apr 3 11:27:58 2018
    H Hedberg posted in Asymmetric OPCOM troubles.

    @Hedberg How do I remove the Alive persistent save from a mission?

    Oh lol I think you already helped me with this one.. :D I'll try changing the mission name.

  3. Tue Apr 3 11:27:00 2018
    H Hedberg posted in Asymmetric OPCOM troubles.

    Back again. I've managed to do some great scenarios. But..

    How do I remove the Alive persistent save from a mission?

    Secondly, since I took your hint of placing Blufor in mil objectives without knowledge of anything, I've tried to move them as reinforcements via Operations tab. But they do not move, doesn't matter if I delete their existing waypoints and create a new one or add one after the existing ones they just don't move. Annoying.

  4. Sat Mar 31 10:25:59 2018
    H Hedberg posted in Does the AI use artillery?.

    So @thick1988 ,

    if VCOM is on, and I'd spawn a non-virtualized artillery unit somewhere in the map they should fire at distant enemies if an ally unit is engaged with them?

  5. Wed Mar 28 19:21:54 2018
    H Hedberg posted in Asymmetric OPCOM troubles.

    Thanks for all the support and advices, they're indeed very helpful :) I'll definetly check your scenarios asap!

    I hate that at least in Takistan keeping civ objectives at "ignore tiny" some of the rural villages that I'd like to get recognized are not recognized but if I don't filter they don't advance as fast as I'd like them to.. Of course that could be set according my wishes with custom objectives though.

    Just one more: I have 57 Opfor and 33 Blufor units at start. Is that even a near an okay amount, or should the Blufor exceed Opfor? Secondly, do you sync Blufor to LOGCOM or not for reinforcements?

  6. Wed Mar 28 18:01:36 2018
    H Hedberg posted in Asymmetric OPCOM troubles.

    I'll do that. Thanks for all of your replies so far!

    Now my Takistan scenario is almost ready to rock n' roll (spend three hours building a base, spend 10 minutes setting up the Alive modules, haha) but I'm having a hard time fine-adjusting things. I've got the same kind of Afghan insurgency going on with ANA/ANP being the Blufor and me being a Swedish ISAF force in the area.

    Everything else looks alright, but the Blufor is the question mark for me. I decided that Blufor should be kind of passive, more likely to just to hold on for the area they already have, so I set their readiness to 50% for mils and 25% for civs. I once read somewhere that a good idea is to let Blufor only know about the larger/bigger/more important civ objectives. This is to maintain that you're the first to patrol an area and not to be 1km behind of aggressive Blufor forces all the time. Bad thing though is that the presets for object filters kind of won't let me do that. I mean it would, but I'd have to include tiny objectives which makes so many little objectives. And that doesn't bother me anyway else than I figured that having five objectives in a 500 meter long road might reduce the progression of Opfor dramatically and maybe over-build installations? Or are the quantity of installations even objective related, don't know?

    But I look upon you as kind of a professional here, don't know whether you're part of the Alive-team itself or not, but I'd like to hear your advice on this. You probably get the idea of what kind of scenario I'm dreaming in my head right now. What do you do like to do with the Blufor in an Asymm mission?

    Some questions which would also get me through my problem here: If I'd set two civilian objectives in one TAOR, one having "ignore tiny" and the other having "ignore small + medium", then there'd be duplicates of objectives larger than medium. Is this OK, do they actually make duplicate objectives, can I use them even though the same objective is registered twice, does it lower performance? Btw. The filtering is kind of silly, since I figure "medium + small_er_" would mean medium, small and tiny. So "Ignore small (no -er here) + medium" means tiny objectives are still registered? Although I suspect it's a gramattical error and it should read "smaller" thus tiny objectives would not be registered.

  7. Wed Mar 28 13:35:29 2018
    H Hedberg posted in Asymmetric OPCOM troubles.

    I do use the Alive-menu function to reveal OPCOM installations and the profile counter aswell, they're quite essential for proper debugging. Aliabad mission is working great now, although I'm going to work on Takistan because it's much larger, Aliabad's downside is how tiny it is, sadly.. I also tried Spyder's modules for the first time only to find out it's absolutely stunning. The ability to talk to civilians makes depth into these scenarios.

    Thank you very much for taking the time to answer, you've been a great help at understanding Alive a bit better!

    Although there's one thing I'm wondering. I haven't had any persistent scenarios, ever. I've played with couple of friends and as we have quit the game we've just started the scenario again. I'm thinking having a save game might make things a bit more interesting, but I've got no idea how to do so and I actually just came across to this ability not too long ago..

    I know I should change some of the modules to persistent, is that correct? And how to actually save the game and then open the saved game? We're playing on a local server hosted by me via Hamachi (It does work well actually)

  8. Wed Mar 28 11:29:18 2018
    H Hedberg posted in Asymmetric OPCOM troubles.

    I got the basic understanding that Asymmetric OPCOM uses civilians to gain manpower etc, not the traditional Military Logistics module, but the deeper mechanism of that was a question mark for me.

    Right now I have civilians set at "high", simultaneous objectives set at default value 10 and insurgents start with 30 profiles, setting up HQ's and depots quickly and proceeding freely without engagement. So things are running normally if no OPFOR profiles are being made within an hour? I was totally unaware that it takes that 'long' to actually finish the recruiting process. So if they do manage to recruit civilians, they'll spawn eventually as a new OPFOR group/profile?

    And thanks for describing the "civilian hostility". I think that's what explains why 10 mins into my Lythium scenario in a non-insurgent area a civilian shot me from behind with a gun from vanilla ARMA :D

    And also, I got the IED module synced to the Asymmetric OPCOM. So is it IED module making civilians wear those suicide vests?

  9. 4 weeks ago
    Tue Mar 27 19:50:13 2018
    H Hedberg posted in Asymmetric OPCOM troubles.

    Yeah I got the custom objective right, thank you. Although I did exactly as I did before, only difference being that now I succeeded. Perhaps I F'd up something last time.

    Okay, Aliabad seems nice and does work fine with Asymmetric so thanks for your help and I suggest you to try Aliabad, it's actually a neat map!

    But but but, as I'm still quite a newbie about Asymmetric OPCOM, I'm wondering: About 45 minutes into the game, insurgents are way overpowered and have established plenty of Weapons depots and Recruitment HQs. Their profile count hasn't raised not even by one (Shouldn't it?). Plenty of civilians with ...get_weapons according to debug and as I ghost/teleported near them to do some debugging of my own most of them are wearing suicide vests. So when do/should they turn into opfor units, or should they get weapons somehow? The faction I'm using is LOP_AM_OPF = Project OPFOR's Middle Eastern Militia. Inside the weapon depots there are two supply boxes with explosives and detonators etc.

  10. Tue Mar 27 16:14:18 2018
    H Hedberg posted in Asymmetric OPCOM troubles.

    Well I downloaded bunch of maps that are Alive compatible, came across Clafghan and Aliabad. Clafghan was a bit too deserty with very low amount of rural villages and too much forest. Aliabad is actually looking neat, although it's small I'm doing a scenario for it right now. This is the best time to stop me from what I'm about to spend time on in case Aliabad isn't working neither etc.. :D

    Btw, little unrelated but is it possible to make a custom objective without a composition? I once tried placing a custom objective and leaving the composition field blank but the debug gave me no object to be seen in-game. I'm building an FOB on my own and I'd like that to be an objective.

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