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    Sun Jul 1 01:42:22 2018
    D da59fifty1 posted in Combat Support Question/Help.

    I figured out my issue. I needed to put two sets of quotations around the items I am adding. Code . This fixes the issue with the helicopters not landing and just hovering. Also the scripts continue to work when a player re-logs from the server.

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    Hi, I'm having troubles with the combat support module code section. I have code to remove and replace the transport vehicle's inventory and then some code to prevent the AI from moving when rappelling. This works when I put the code in the init of a vehicle I placed down (player placed vehicle's Init ). I am having trouble converting it to a string so it works with the combat support function: this setvariable ["CS_CODE","persistent _code as 'string';"]. I tried to use the setvariable function and create a separate file to call in the code section of the module and nothing it working. I linked all the code I am using. How would I convert this player placed vehicle's Init to a string for the module to read?




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    Thu Apr 26 22:50:41 2018
    D da59fifty1 started the conversation Support Module Code Not Working When User Re-logs .

    I am using four helicopter transport support modules in my mission and I have each module run code within the code line of the module. The code is meant to call a file and enable a scroll wheel option to fix the rappelling in that specific helicopter. The code works however once a user re-logs from the server, the code no longer works and is called. The only way to get the code to work again is to restart the server.

    Pasted in transport module code:

    [[[this], "AddAction.sqf"], "BIS_fnc_execVM", nil, false, true] call BIS_fnc_MP;

    AddAction File:

    _object = _this select 0;
    _object addAction ["<t color=""#33CCFF"">Tell Pilot To Hover</t>","HoverCall.sqf",nil,1,false, true, "", "true", 5, false];

    HoverCall File:

    _object = _this select 0;
    _object disableAI "Move";
    vehicle player vehicleChat "Get Ready To Fast Rope";
    sleep 3;
    vehicle player vehicleChat "You Will Have 20 Seconds To Rappel";
    sleep 3;
    titleText ["<t color='#ff0000' size='2'>GO GO GO!", "PLAIN", -1, true, true];
    vehicle player vehicleChat "GO GO GO";
    sleep 20;
    vehicle player sideChat "ALL Ready to Move";
    _object enableAI "Move";
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