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    Mon Jun 25 16:14:34 2018
    R RedeyeStorm posted in VCom and ALiVE.

    I am not xertra. Vcom does hijack your assets. But if you put in the code JD_Wang posts on 21st of may you should see a difference immediatly.

  2. Sat May 26 17:29:24 2018
    R RedeyeStorm posted in Downside of the MACC.

    Hi JD,

    I read somewhere on the forum (sorry can't find it again) that the ATO is used for CAP misions. Strike missions can be anywhere on the map.

    Haven't seen ejection seats but the roving pilots are deadly shots!

  3. Thu May 24 17:15:56 2018
    R RedeyeStorm posted in VCom and ALiVE.

    Yes that describes my experience as well. I only had an issue with the transport helicopter that stayed in loiter mode and did not execute the 'pick-up' command. Might have solved it if I had given it a 'move' command first but just thought of that one!

  4. Wed May 23 17:41:38 2018

    Thanks marceldev89. Lookjng forward to it.

  5. Wed May 23 17:35:23 2018
    R RedeyeStorm posted in VCom and ALiVE.

    Well I will try the script version then.

  6. Tue May 22 19:22:46 2018

    Oké thought so. Is it on the to do list?

  7. Tue May 22 17:49:41 2018
    R RedeyeStorm posted in VCom and ALiVE.

    Well a question. When the transport was taken over the base had been overrun by the enemy. It took off and loitered in the vicinity. So I. Figure it maybe the AI responding to the situation and then Vcom takes over. So was your base ever taken over or did enemy units close to it?

    Seriously swaging it here.

  8. Mon May 21 13:57:39 2018
    R RedeyeStorm posted in VCom and ALiVE.

    Checked. Vcom v3.0 does take over air assets. Not a problem. Per se for the CAS but the transport could get conflicting orders and refuse to pick you up.

  9. Mon May 21 13:54:57 2018
    R RedeyeStorm posted in allied OPCOM's?.

    I have no idea about the ground force aspect but your air component could be solved by putting empty planes and choppers on suitable locations. Those assets are then used by the MACC.

    This is the way I use Firewills airplanes who are under NATO faction with CUP units. That way you don't have to declare their faction to the ai commander. This way I have no other NATO assets show up.

  10. Mon May 21 13:41:04 2018

    I have been using combat support assets that did not have pylons per se. But is there a way to set pylons for MACC aircraft/heli's? I id try to set the pylons for manualy placed air assets but they didn't keep at spawn.

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