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    Mon Oct 28 06:40:42 2019

    Okay, I'll try and pitch in on your ticket, thanks for letting me know. I already spent a bit of time on github looking through the code trying to see if there was a function to stop the sounds but I didn't look at the issues/features requests to see if someone had asked about the sounds aswell.

  2. Mon Oct 21 08:12:03 2019
    H Hoot started the conversation Turn Off Civilian Ambient Sounds.

    Howdy everyone, as the title say, I was wondering if it was possible to turn off the civilians ambients sounds? (voices, radios, music sounds, etc...). I really like this feature but I have a few Alive missions where the sounds don't fit the settings (mainly vietnam war missions). I didn't see any way to activate or deactivate in the civilian modules, but I thought maybe there is some command of function to run to turn on or off the ambient sounds.


  3. Mon Jul 15 07:34:57 2019

    @HeroesandvillainsOS Hey no problem. You mean fixed on Alive's end? If so then, to be honest I don't know much about scripting and configs, and I have no idea why putting the #define lines in the config.cpp, as per the instructions, would throw an error. I guess it used to work that way before (otherwise the instruction line would obviously not say to copy the lines in config.cpp) but I can't say if this error is due to the latest Alive or game updates as this was the 1st time I tried to create the crates with Orbat. Also I was running a whole bunch of mods, so it's hard for me to say if this error is only due to Alive.
    One thing's for sure, the CFP team put those lines in their cfgvehicles and not in the config.cpp, they will certainly know more about this than me, and will probably be able to tell why and what could cause this error.
    A small fix Alive could do I guess, would be to just change that specific instructions line in the "crates code" whenever it's exported from the Orbat tool. And change it to say "copy this part in cfgVehicles" instead of the config.cpp .
    I wish I could be of more help, pinpoiting the exact issue but this is way beyond my knowledge to be frank.

  4. Sun Jul 14 08:14:05 2019

    Found a solution to that error you guys are having. Been making 2 new factions with Orbat recently and I just ran into the same error as you with the crates code. I took a quick look over on the CFP github to see how their crates were setup and to compare with mine.

    The following lines are not in their config.cpp but they put it instead at the top of the cfgvehicles:

    // Copy this part to your config.cpp
    #define mag_xx(a,b) class _xx_##a {magazine = ##a; count = b;}
    #define weap_xx(a,b) class _xx_##a {weapon = ##a; count = b;}
    #define item_xx(a,b) class _xx_##a {name = a; count = b;}

    I removed that part from the config.cpp and put it on top of the cfgvehicles (which should be in your autogen.hpp) and the file load without error anymore, and the crates worked perfectly in game.

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    Thu Feb 28 10:44:49 2019
    H Hoot posted in CAS not working.

    I think I've run into the same issue as you not long ago. How are setup your CAS support choppers? are you using placed editor units (synced the the main support module) or are you using Alive's Combat Support CAS module to spawn them?
    A few months ago I had this problem of having CAS choppers and also Transport choppers dissapearing after I'd used them. My support choppers were pretty much all placed down units synced to the main support module (and with the codes in their init for the callsigns and such). I had one chopper that was setup with Alive CAS module though, and this one didn't seem to disappear. So I changed all my Support choppers to be Alive CAS module instead of being placed down units and the disappearing problem stopped altogether.
    Didn't try to replicate the issue vanilla though.

  6. Wed Sep 5 15:49:00 2018

    @DrDetroit , I'd be interested in the code to see how you got the unsung Hueys to work as logistics transports. I've had a lot of trouble trying to get the them to work as log. transport and could never get it to work properly. If you cold take the time to post your code (staticdata.sqf and such) I would really appreciate it, a Nam mission without seeing any Hueys flying isn't a good Nam mission.

  7. Fri Aug 17 07:00:13 2018
    H Hoot posted in Need to play some nam.

    @SINS Personally, I haven't had too much success customizing the Player Logistics with Unsung. The objects blacklist/whitelist option never seemed to work correctly for me, at least with Unsung objects (haven't tested it vanilla to be honest). For exemple I could never get unsung ammo and weapon crates to work with the player log. , even if I whitelist them they are not available in the list (maybe due to how they're configured in Unsung which differs from vanilla crates I guess). Same goes for a lot of the Unsung stuff, the one thing that works the most properly for me I'd say is the infantry reinforcements.
    Though, I can only call in for "infantry" groups, if I try to call in a "SpecOps" group, the reinforcement transport will "get destroyed en route to destination" or so the dialogue in Alive says xD , And as I've said before, if using only Unsung helis for logistics transports, then the chances are you will only see the Chinook or the big choppers being used because of the "passenger seats" configuration of the Unsung Hueys.
    Unsung isn't the most Alive friendly mod out there I reckon, but I don't mind those issues.
    Though if you manage to get set up properly the player logistics with only Unsung stuff I'm all ears.

  8. Sun Aug 12 07:01:51 2018
    H Hoot posted in Need to play some nam.

    @SINS Getting the logisitics module to only use Unsung choppers is a little bit tricky, I had some problem getting it to work correctly.
    You need to whitelist/blacklist the logistics transport vehicles in a "staticData.sqf" file. At least that's how I got it working, I'm using custom Unsung faction made with the Orbat creator though, but I guess it should work with Unsung vanilla faction aswell.

    You should find an exemple of a staticData file in there.

    One thing worthy to note though, I've noticed that on the Unsung transport Hueys (the UH-1H, UH-1D and their slick variants), some of the cargo/passenger seats aren't considered by the game as "passenger seats" but rather "vehicle crew seats". If you look in the Orbat unit creation, you'll see that you can actually assign crew units to those seats (besides the 2 pilots and the 2 gunners seats). I guess the Unsung devs probably had a good reason for this, though it messes a bit with Alive and its logistics modules (both military log. and player log.), as the modules will exclusively use bigger chopper (if available in the transport vehicles list) since they believe that the Hueys don't have enough "real passenger seats" to transport a whole squad.
    I've actually managed to see a Huey bring in reinforcement once or twice, during all of my testing, and even then, only a part of the squad were dropped by the chopper, the rest just spawned on the ground a few miles from the landing zone and moved there on foot.

  9. Wed Jul 4 13:42:13 2018
    H Hoot posted in Save only works in SP/Eden.

    @GrizzlyBear83 , The save not working in Local or Lan is a known problem, I think the devs said it will be fixed in the next update.
    In the following thread you'll find a workaround:

    Here's my last post in the thread above, with the solution, though it requires you to have the debug console enabled

    @Hoot Just putting this here in case someone miss the solution in the top comments:
    //for manual save, type the following command in the debug console, be sure to click local exec to run the code
    1 call ALiVE_fnc_AutoSave_PNS
    //wait for the save message to appear, once it says saving is finished, type in the following command
    -1 call ALiVE_fnc_AutoSave_PNS

    Thanks a bunch for the help @HeroesandvillainsOS & @marceldev89 I really appreciate it :)

  10. Thu Jun 14 08:28:03 2018

    @xertra11 Yea I'm almost certain it is possible to have units from different factions in your own custom Orbat faction. Once you have created your faction (setting its name and classname and side and such), go into the Unit Editor of Orbat, and click on "new" and a window should appear. What you want to look for in the "create unit" window is the "unit type" part. There you will basically select on which unit your new one is based. You can base your new unit on pretty much every other unit that are in game (be it vanilla ones or units from the mods that you have loaded at that time). Though, in the "Ownership" part of the "create unit" window, make sure you set the correct Side and your new faction, this will define to which Side and faction the new unit will be a part of.
    Not sure if I explained this clearly, but the Orbat is fairly easy to understand how it works, anyhow, here's a tutorial that might help you more (that's also linked in the Orbat pages of the Alive wiki If I recall correctly):

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