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    Sun Jun 10 18:07:24 2018


    Follow up question, which map is best indexed for Assymetric Warfare/Insurgency… Is the list in the wiki up to date or is there another way to find out which map is working flawless with Alive...

    Or should i just stay with the BI Maps..?

  2. Sun Jun 10 15:52:57 2018
    Bedouin started the conversation Civs Hostile to Assym Commander.


    I want to do a scenario where the Civilian population is friendly to the occupiring commander, and have a high hostility against the Assymetric Commander, would this be possible or will it break the scenario..?

    And does the assymetric commander always have to be rebels etc. or could it be the Russian Armed Forces...?

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Fri Jun 8 08:35:46 2018

    Okay thanks a lot...!

  4. Thu Jun 7 08:50:06 2018
    Bedouin started the conversation Change loadout at fixed locations.

    Got some questions, maybe its me just doesnt understand or couldnt find the right tutorial...

    I making a SP persistent scenario, if i want my player to could go to several different locations to change weapon loadout and uniform, in between missions. How can i make this possible...?
    Is it also possible to make airdrops of weapon crates (so my player can change loadout via a air dropped crate)..?

    Thanks in advance for any help.
    best regards,

  5. Mon Jun 4 21:21:56 2018

    I am all new to Alive and was searching for an answer, and found this thread, so hope its okay to ask my question here…

    I wanna make 3 way war on a map in Single Player, but i only want play as a Lone Wolf, with missions such as Targeted Killings (assassinations), Sabotage bridges/buildings and finally killing patrols and clear villages, is the above the way to do this… Or do i have misunderstood something..?

    Any help and guiding is highly appreciated, so thanks in advance..

  6. Mon Jun 4 20:40:31 2018
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