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    Mon Jun 18 20:09:53 2018
    xertra11 started the conversation Roadblock iteration time?.

    In my servers RPT I have following logs:

    22:09:47 ALiVE Roadblock iteration time: 0.148926 secs for 72 entries...
    22:09:48 ALiVE Roadblock iteration time: 0.166992 secs for 72 entries...
    22:09:49 ALiVE Roadblock iteration time: 0.0629883 secs for 72 entries...
    22:09:50 ALiVE Roadblock iteration time: 0.0209961 secs for 72 entries...
    22:09:51 ALiVE Roadblock iteration time: 0.0419922 secs for 72 entries...
    22:09:52 ALiVE Roadblock iteration time: 0.0209961 secs for 72 entries...

    Can anybody tell me what is going on here? Is it a normal info log or an error?


  2. Mon Jun 18 20:06:47 2018
    xertra11 posted in Limit Combat Support?.

    Are you sure on that? Does this still happen with the actual release of VCOM?
    And if so, how can I disable VCOM from using my lovely arty

  3. 2 days ago
    Sun Jun 17 14:01:33 2018
    xertra11 started the conversation Proceed to battle position.

    Hey Guys!

    I wonder what's the sense of those tasks?
    I have a Close Air Support Parent tasks. It consists of "Move to Battle Position" and of the actual "Close Airsupport (Factory)" Task.

    The positon where I have to move first, the battle position, makes totally no sense regarding the actual CAS target. I have to move to the north of the map - and call CAS in the south...

    Is this a known issue?

  4. Sun Jun 17 13:58:34 2018

    Awesome! When I find time I will look into this. Hopefully it solves my problem. So that Way I can have, like a Bundeswehr Squad and one unit of it is a takistani militant who will act as a translator? Looking forward to it

  5. 6 days ago
    Wed Jun 13 18:00:33 2018

    Well I actually found a solution to this. You can Update your Tasks through the "Tasks" Menu of C2ISTAR! Then they will be completed when reevaluated!

  6. Wed Jun 13 17:59:21 2018
    xertra11 posted in Limit Combat Support?.

    Alright thank you very much!

    Might it happen that VCOM hijacks my artillery units even tho they are bound to my combat support?

  7. last week
    Tue Jun 12 21:17:25 2018
    xertra11 started the conversation [ORBAT] Import Unit of another Faction?.

    I wonder if this is possible?
    I wanted to create a new Bundeswehr Faction because CUP_GER has Dingos but BWMod Faction has APCs the Pumas. I want to combine both units in one new Faction which also should be compatible with ALIVE but no luck on that because I can not figure out how to do this?

    I think it is not possible right?

  8. Sun Jun 10 16:38:15 2018

    Hey again,

    Sorry for these many questions but I really cannot find similar posts. What kinda is strange because I am sure it is a common issue.

    When I have "Clear the Area" Tasks generated and assigned I cannot seem to solve the task. I cleared the whole area of enemies. I activated the profile debugger to find enemies in the area and ghost mode and teleport to eleminate them. After the area was clear nothing happened to the task?

    Do I have to make a SITREP or PATREP to complete it or what?


  9. Sun Jun 10 11:03:13 2018
    xertra11 started the conversation Limit Combat Support?.

    I really browsed the forums but could not find an answer to this. Only a discussion from 2016 where I am sure there are already new approaches to this now.

    Three questions I have here:

    #1 Can I add a limited use or cooldown time for calling support?
    At the moment I am allowed to spam artillery the whole time. No resources are used from the Logistics and nobody is telling me to calm down ;)

    #2 Can I attach the Combat Support to the OPCOM?
    I kinda feel it is possible but could not find a wiki article to that. I want the support to be used by my OPCOM so I have to wait until he has finished (and I think he will use it more often than me)

    #3 Is the enemy or my own OPCOM actually using kind of hidden combat support (hidden: like scripted impacts)
    Why I am asking; I was attacking a village and as the enemy pushed into it suddenly artillery strikes came in. I did not ordered any. I am not sure if it was the enemy OPCOM or my OPCOM. If it was mine - did he used the Combat Support Modules I placed? Or does he spawn own ones or even use scripted strikes (because I never saw an option in the placements module to place artillery units)

    Sorry for these many questions but I really want to dive into ALiVE because it is the mod I always dreamed of ;)


  10. Sun Jun 10 10:54:30 2018
    xertra11 started the conversation Remove Combat Resupply from C2ISTAR?.

    Hey guys!

    I want to provide the following setup or better said constraints for the types of Alive support controls.

    To use Resupply and Combat Support you have to own a SEM 70 radio
    To use C2ISTAR functions you have to own the Alive Tablet

    Constrain setup (in the editor modules):

    Combat Support: ACRE_SEM70
    Resupply: ACRE_SEM70
    C2ISTAR: alive_tablet

    When the player only owns a SEM 70 he has access to Resupply and Combat Support. Exactly what I wanted.
    When the player only owns the Alive Tablet he has access to C2ISTAR functions BUT also to Resupply.

    Is there a way to kind of remove Resupply from C2ISTAR?

    I hope I was clear enough on that issue!

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