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    Mon Jul 16 19:25:59 2018
    xetra11 started the conversation SitReps - a game chaning feature?.

    I came across those SITREPs and PATREPS where you can write down information about enemy occurences etc.
    Does this affect OPCOM/TACOM behaviour anyhow? Or just for multiplayer purpose like having a commanding player in the base to coordinate squads?


  2. 5 weeks ago
    Fri Jul 13 10:49:45 2018
    xetra11 posted in So have an idea.

    I have a similar plan.

    I have my own squad that is deployed in the map and can play alongside BLUFOR OPCOM.
    And then I want to drop another squad for "guest" players where they can take part in the campaign but are not bound to our groups tasks.

    You meant something like that?

  3. Fri Jul 13 10:48:30 2018

    The problem here is that I cannot exclude "Resupply" from the options the C2ISTAR has. It always comes with "Resupply". But I want to separate both Options into two objects.

    SEM 70 for Resupply and
    Alive_Tablet for C2ISTAR

    atm. the Alive Tablet has C2ISTAR and Resupply because C2ISTAR does always come with the "Resuppy" option

  4. 7 weeks ago
    Wed Jun 27 19:29:27 2018

    What is actualluy not working? Maybe you can provide a few infos or steps to reproduce

  5. Tue Jun 26 15:55:21 2018
    xetra11 started the conversation Long running mission with winning side?.

    Did anybody achieved this yet?
    I am struggling to balance my missions to finally have a long lasting battle between two sides until one side wins by taking over all objectives and leaving the other side empty.

    I would love to see the setup of such a mission and test it by myself!

    Any chance sb. could share this?

  6. Mon Jun 25 15:48:54 2018
    xetra11 posted in VCom and ALiVE.

    Discussion for that up again tho? I am not sure if VCOM is hijacking my pilots.

    I had two issue. The Reinforcement Helicopters sometime stalled in the air not moving. And the other part was my transport pilot not reacting to my landing command. For the last issue I am not sure if it was an issue which telling the transport to have Rules of Engagement on FIRE AT WILL. I kinda think the transport searched for a fight rather than dropping units.

    So I am still unsure about VCOM

  7. Sun Jun 24 18:35:11 2018
    xetra11 posted in Best Mods to use with ALiVE.

    Question: VCOM adds some ragdoll effects as well - but they look sometimes stupid like enemies make a wheel move ha. Is this Realistic Units Ragdoll Mod overriding VCOMs ragdoll effect?

  8. 8 weeks ago
    Fri Jun 22 05:21:01 2018
    xetra11 posted in CFP!.

    Completely revamped/overhauled German CUP KSK (Desert and Woodland factions)

    Like that part! As a former german soldier I kinda am upset of onlt having recond and commandos available :D

    (yeah I use BWMod but it is not complete for AL!VE)

  9. Thu Jun 21 20:33:20 2018

    Yea I have debug on but thought its some kind of log I have to worry about like the ones telling me my server performance can not handle the amount of profiles!

    Well since it is nothing bad I am good here!

    Thank you

  10. Thu Jun 21 20:32:07 2018
    xetra11 posted in Limit Combat Support?.

    thx will try that out!

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